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7-Zip 18.06/16.04 Final/9.38 landscaping combo and beautify the optimized version of a single file

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-31
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 7-Zip 18.06/16.04 Final/9.38 landscaping combo and beautify the optimized version of a single file
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7-Zip is a free file compression / decompression software, with a high compression ratio. 7-Zip features a high decompression rate, is difficult compared to other compression software. Xiao Bian here not only update the latest version, and version and optimized version, you can download the spare love!
1, landscaping: beautify the toolbar, compressed package icon, SFX module package icon. The main interface toolbar uses the software package Faenza Street theme, using the Greg's Icons icon icon
2, optimization: the removal of the right key to compress and send the email option, set the toolbar icons for large icons.
3, delete redundant language files in him.
4, please use Vista system in the above, or the black bottom shadow toolbar icons, cannot correctly display 32 bitmap icon, beautify the feeling effect is very poor.
5, 32 bit and 64 bit 7-Zip combo, automatic identification of operating system, the release of the current system installation file.

Single file version:

Contains more landscaping and optimization options, streamline command SFX module, multi language file, no Explorer right-click option.
Note: please do not install version in use, because the single file exit will lead to clean up the registry, installed version of some option is invalid. Only for the installation of the Winrar decompression, and want to use the portable 7-Zip shoes offer.


7-Zip 18.06 Final update log
The speed for LZMA/LZMA2 compressing was increased by 3-10%, and there are minor changes in compression ratio.
Some - bugs were fixed.
The bug in 7-Zip 18.02-18.05 was fixed: there was memory leak in XZ decoder.
7-Zip 18.02-18.05 used only one CPU thread for bz2 archive creation.
7-Zip 18.05 Final update log

The speed for LZMA/LZMA2 compressing was increased
By 8% for fastest/fast compression levels and
By 3% for normal/maximum compression levels.
7-Zip - now shows Properties (Info) window and CRC/SHA results window as "list view" window instead of "message box window."
Some - improvements in zip, HFS and dmg code.
Previous versions of 7-Zip could work incorrectly in "Large memory pages" mode in Windows because of some BUG 10 with "Large Pages in" Windows 10.Now 7-Zip "doesn t use" Large Pages "on Windows 10 up to revision 1709 (16299).
The vulnerability in RAR unpacking code was fixed (CVE-2018-10115).

Some - bugs were fixed.
18.04 beta 2018-04-25
- LZMA / LZMA2 compression speed
The fast / rapid compression level increased by 8%,
In normal / maximum compression level increased by 3%.
7-Zip will now attribute (information) and CRC / SHA results window window display
For the list view window, rather than "message box window".
Zip, some improved HFS and dmg code.
Since the Windows 10 in the "page" has some BUG, the previous version of the 7-Zip in Windows 10 "big memory page" mode does not work properly.
Now, 7-Zip does not use Windows 10 in the "page" revision 1709 (16299).
Fix some errors.
18.03 beta 2018-03-04
The speed for single-thread LZMA/LZMA2 decoding
Was increased by 30% in x64 version and by 3% in x86 version.
7-Zip now can use multi-threading for 7z/LZMA2 decoding,
If there are multiple independent data chunks in LZMA2 stream.
7-Zip now can use multi-threading for XZ decoding,
If there are multiple blocks in XZ stream.
New - localization: Kabyle.

Some - bugs were fixed.

7-Zip can now use LZFSE compression decompression method DMG archive.
Not allowed to have the read-only attribute of the file update operation now - 7-Zip.
BUG - this is fixed:
No time stamp set directory extracted from tar with -si switch.
- some error has been repaired.
7-Zip can now extract rar5 file.
Type 7-Zip is not sort the file and add solid 7z files.
The new MQS type sort file switch and add solid 7z files.
In the 7-Zip file manager the bug is fixed:
Open the 7z file of the "mobile" operation does not delete the empty file.
- 15.05 is a fixed error:
The console version to stdout at the end of the stream is to add some text, so switch.
- 15.05 - 9.30 the bug is fixed:
7-Zip cannot open the self extracting rar files. Some bugs are fixed.

The optimization version features:

Beautify the associated icon (original)
Beautify the toolbar icons
Beautification program icon
Optional file type Association
The installation of automatic identification system x86/x64 version
Keep only the traditional English Chinese simplified language pack

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