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V3.61 official version of Chinese green version (the fastest file copy tool) 64

  • Software size: 0.44 MB
  • Update: 2018-11-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  V3.61 official version of Chinese green version (the fastest file copy tool) 64
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Chinese edition is a fast file copy tool! After the test, a 424MB movie copy time is only 21 seconds, the transmission speed can reach 21MB/ seconds, Chinese version supports UNICODE and MAX_PATH (more than 260 characters) file path name! Xiao Bian here brings green portable version, no need to install, need to download it quickly!
First, Nullsoftcopy such as the first choice of the source directory, and then select a target directory, point [run] button to start the copy;

Second, registration menu. "I set the menu right click extension" pop-up "right expand dialog box, then click [installation] button to register the right menu. You can directly on any file or folder on the right-click pop-up menu, then select "copy ()", "delete (), mobile ()" command to start, copy, delete or move a file or folder;

Third, registration menu. The right button drag and drop to the target directory, the pop-up shortcut menu commands, then select "copy ()", "delete (), mobile ()" command to start, copy, delete or move a file or folder.

Function introduction

Open the main program window, can be found in the interface is very simple, active directory, directory, the specified text box at a glance, they can click on the corresponding folder specified respectively. There are seven kinds of mode of operation, are displayed in the drop-down list, the default is "copy or duplicate names, only the size of time is different file replication". Why copy fast? The key is in the "cache", so it can be a self computer configuration can adjust the value, the default is 32M. In addition, in the process of replication can be set by wildcard filter content.

The basic parameters of editing

/cmd= (noexist_only|diff|update|
Noexist_only replication - such as repetition, do not copy
Diff replication - such as repetition, only the magnitude and time of different file replication
Update copy - copy such as repetition, a relatively new source file
Sync synchronization - such as repetition, copy the magnitude and time of different files.
Force_copy copy duplicate file cover
Move mobile coverage and forced to delete the source file name file
Delete to delete - delete files and directories specified
A copy of the /auto_close after the automatic shutdown
/force_close if the copy after the error occurred, is forced to close
/open_window display window interface
/estimate forecast copy completion time
/no_exec sets the parameters of window interface, but does not perform
/no_confirm_del when using the /delete parameter, does not display the confirmation screen
Stop motion error occurred when /error_stop (/error_stop=FALSE inhibitor)
/bufsize=N (MB) MB unit to specify the buffer size
/speed= (full|autoslow|9-1 (90%-10%) |suspend) speed limit
The /log output file (fastcopy.log) (/log=FALSE inhibition)
/skip_empty_dir enabled filtering, not copy the empty folder (/skip_empty_dir=FALSE inhibition)
/job= perform the tasks assigned to the task name
/force_start in the other copy of FastCopy, and is executed, execution immediately (/force_start=FALSE inhibition)
/disk_mode= (auto|same|diff) / identity / other specified automatic HDD.
/include="..." Specify the Include filter
/exclude="... "The specified Exclude filter
/overwrite_del before deleting the file, delete mode, re named repeat & recover, invalid (/overwrite_del=FALSE inhibition)
A copy of the /acl access control list (ACL) (NTFS (effective) in inhibition of /acl=FALSE)
A copy of the /stream second line (only NTFS side flow (effective) in inhibition of /stream=FALSE)
/junction junction - mount point (not copy junction mount point ') (/junction=FALSE's copy)
/symlink uses symbolic connection (but not essential) copy the symbolic connection itself (copy nature in /symlink=FALSE

Use help

1, specify the source and destination directory
Click the "source directory", "directory" can be respectively assigned to copy the contents and target folder. Copy the contents of a folder or file can be. At the end of the target directory type "\" said to include copies of the source directory itself and its contents; the end type "\" said the only copy the source directory content.
Using the drag method can also specify the source and destination directory. This is very convenient, you can browse with finalized copy object in the explorer. In addition, through the "Settings" menu in the "shell" right click menu for the established "copy" and "delete" command.
2, choose a different mode of operation
Through the "target directory" text box under the drop-down menu button to select seven different operation modes. Here, the copy is relatively more, approach when copying often encountered.
"Move" is "the source directory content moved to the target directory" to the source directory content disappeared; "delete all" closed "target directory", only the source directory content processing. For a fixed copy operation can establish a task from the task menu menu "add / update / delete command to create a convenient, a key can be copied or deleted.
3, general settings, hard disk mode definition
Can the size of cache space defined in "Settings - General Settings menu, it is directly related to the replication speed, now the machine configuration is very tough, here the set value high is not a problem. The definition of I/O cache settings, I/O settings, copy and delete, log writing and other projects.
Drive mode is designed to read and write to the cache in the operating mode, the default for automatic drive mode, the other two are the same disk mode and different drive mode, can own the configuration of the machine to choose. The same pattern refers to the hard disk read using a large cache until the cache quota, and then transferred to a large cache write mode is different; the hard disk read and write multi-threaded parallel cache.
4, after the implementation of the query results
Read, write, display time, file transmission efficiency, speed and other information in the implementation process, display the current copy of the content in the text box below. Copy and then click "display list" button to view the content and copy error files, directory information.
Software to copy and delete small files or folders, may be a bit put fine timber to petty use. For large files and folders is different, it can be done very quickly to copy the contents by setting can not simply content filtering. Small volume, convenient carrying, quick operation.


Fast copy 3.61 update log
Repair the enable ACL / AltStream not properly replicate the problem. (V3.60 only)

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