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3.4 Sinicization Chinese version - liunx self start U disk production tool win10 boot disk

  • Software size: 0.37 MB
  • Update Date: 2018-12-06
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  3.4 Sinicization Chinese version - liunx self start U disk production tool win10 boot disk
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is a compact and easy to use self start U disk production tool, its volume is only 400KB, and is a single file green edition software, double click can be used immediately. So if there is no system installation disk or CD burning, then using can help you install the system.
Although this tool is very small, but powerful, in addition to using it to install windows system, it can also be used to install Linux system.

Functional characteristics

1, completely free.
2, the interface is simple, easy to get started.
3, comprehensive functions, and support windows and Linux system.
4, the speed is fast. This software is faster than other software when starting U disk.
5, the software also has free DOS version. Personally, I think this should be useless. Making a Linux boot disk on a random basis is hundreds of times better than DOS.
Finally, it should be explained that the USB disk after can still be used to store files. You can run the software on XP, vista, Windows 7, win 8 and other systems.

Use help

1, download the ISO image file of the operating system.
2, connect the U disk to the computer, run the software, and select the disk of the U disk in the drop-down menu of the device.
3, create a startup disk using: select the "ISO image" later, select the ISO mirror file after clicking the icon behind it.
4, click "start", the software will format the U disk and make the operation of the boot disk. But before that, you need to back up the important data to the computer. After all, you can't find anything after it is formatted.
Is it very simple, for anyone, it is not difficult, so in the same software is also one of the best software!


- set the default image selection directory to Downloads instead of My Documents.
- add ARM / ARM64 automatic update support.
- improving UEFI:NTFS compatibility
- update.Appx to include all architectures and request enhancement.
- repairing some EFI based image destruction detection.
- repair updates for damage caused by new servers.
- user interface and accessibility repair and improvement

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