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8.16.08 simplified version of 64 win10 Chinese

  • Software size: 23.7 Mb
  • Update: 2018-12-18
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  8.16.08 simplified Chinese version 64 win10
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The old good screen screenshot Tools, new interface, not only can grasp the standard desktop program can crawl DirectX, 3Dfx or Glide video game DVD Screen map. In 20 a variety of graphic formats (including: BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX etc.) save and read the picture. You can use shortcut keys or from automatic timer Screenshot . Its features include: display the mouse trajectory in image capture, collection tools, Edit pictures (with special effects, color, etc.) can choose from TWAIN devices (scanners and digital cameras capture). There are still a lot of good screenshot tool, we do not only choose this one, FastStone Capture Is a great tool screenshot.

Installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, HS8Setup.exe setup and .v8.Patch.exe program and .v7-8.KeyGenerator.exe registration procedures

2, double-click the HS8Setup.exe operation, as shown in Figure next, click

3, enter the user license agreement interface, click the Yes button

4, the user can choose to install, default, click the Browse button to select the installation path and click Next

5, continue to click Next

6, click Finish to complete the installation

Crack method

1, registration crack running software interface, as shown in the picture, click to enter the registration code

2, the installation package found in the .v7-8.KeyGenerator.exe run, as shown in the figure selection software version number, and click the generate button

3, the machine just registered software generated registration code can be copied into the registration window

Functional characteristics

Hypersnap Super Screen capture screenshot function, intercept any area, window, button
You can capture images in any desktop, including desktop virtual machine, also supports the capture area and the last area to capture the same size.
You can capture the active window, expand the active window, you can also capture a borderless window window.
Ideal button capture technology professional - writers, for those who need a large number of professional and technical document capture button.
Support video screenshots, continuous screenshots
Capture video, support DVD screen image, DirectX, 3Dfx, Glide full screen game screenshots.
Support for the interception of the image, the image displayed in the window after the interception of the work area, through the window one by one to see the thumbnail view.
A variety of ways screenshots, non rectangular window capture image
Can the shape and size of free screenshot area can be defined, oval, round or unarmed circle screenshot area size, and edit "function in" image, the image into more effect.
Support the image stored in a variety of formats, and can support image format conversion
The edited image interception can be stored in a variety of 20 graphics format (including: BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX etc.) and reading, but also can be converted to other image format to format.
Hypersnap Chinese version Hypersnap green version Chinese image editing powerful image editing function
Editor: new powerful image capture, editing, annotation and processing tools. The object image rendering, is now available at any time, edit, display and hide, move, delete.
Unlimited undo / redo. Object to save a new local file format for further editing of images, or remain a standard and object "mark". Hypersnap Chinese version of a variety of image effects modification: image cropping, modification ratio, resolution, you can also add image watermark effect;
Rotate: rotate and fixed left rotation, right rotation, you can also set the rotation angle;
Effects: can shear, sharpen, blur, mosaic, add shadows, borders, can make the relief effect;
The color in the image: you can edit the resolution, color correction, more can be a key to replace color, can make black and white, can color etc.;
The user tools: configured and started for editing images and other tasks of the external program. Hypersnap Chinese version more humanized settings FTP server upload, the interception of the pictures uploaded to FTP and other location.
Image automate repetitive tasks MS Windows clipboard closely -- even can be trapped in local need the automatic paste!
Set hotkey, use automatic timer timing to capture the screen; set whether to display the mouse trajectory, support capture in the scanner camera!
Fully customizable user interface. Rearrange menus and toolbars, in any way you want; you can set any love of the keyboard shortcut distribution mode; create instant toolbars; even using voice commands to control !

Chinese finished version updates

The new 1. interface, use the Ribbon menu mode - category list icon, it is more convenient to use, of course, you can also switch directly to the old version of the menu mode. However, we recommend that you try to use the new interface, because in the old version of the function is not very convenient to use.
2. more powerful graphics editor - all shape drawing can be saved as separate objects. You can choose, at any time to move, modify and delete them, can at any time in the image permanently retain them.
3. graphics editor adds new effects - different types of annotation, arc, closed and open line. When necessary, can directly switch to "draw" directly in the picture mode. When editing small icons for each pixel, the number of the function is very useful. Then according to the image, we recommend the use of a new mode of drawing shape.
4. new local file format.Dhs - retained as independent objects draw the shape function, convenient for later editing.
Support 5. opacity (alpha channel) - any part of the image can be drawn as completely or partially transparent.
6. functional areas "Edit" bar under the function of the color of choice to do a lot of optimization - from the standard color palette and choose, as many as eight kinds of user defined color in the foreground color and background / line / fill color switching between, from any place to pick color screen, through the slider or enter the numerical value or to set the RGB HSL color display code, and provide quick copy HTML color code such as #E6C01A, "Pin" color, use the same color in all edit images or for each image or more images choose different colors.
7. optional thumbnail preview, capture, or open the window in the image, click on the thumbnail image of the switch to the big window. To select multiple images in thumbnail view window, then click the application of batch processing in the selected image on the right, for example, an operation can adjust them, print and save them in a multi page file (TIFF or PDF) or independent image file.
8. save the image for the PDF file format created by 7 - can open the PDF file, but you can't open the other PDF files
The aspect ratio of capture region 9. update region - select capture function without limit or the predefined (e.g., 4:3, 16:9, or user-defined) for fixed size capture a predefined region selection, such as 640 x 480 pixels, and it can move freely on the screen.
10. support for Firefox 4 and Firefox plugin update with capture the entire page.
11. compatible with windows8.
12. more details update.


2018.02.15 8.16.05
Fix: Customize ribbon function did not work.
2018.01.17 8.16.02
Fixed: very slow sprogram start after the recent Microsoft patches for Windows system vulnerabilities. Note: the old menu and toolbars interface still present in as option could not be fixed and may be slow. Please use the default modern ribbon interface.
Fixed: saving image as JPEG would convert the original image in window from 32bpp to 24bpp, breaking the automatic save ONLY if the new capture is different feature. "
Fixed: if window was maximized and Edit as new image command - Paste used, the window would restore to smaller, non-maximized size.
64-bit - version only - removed unnecessary dependency on msvcr120.dll.
No longer support the XP system software.

English version: 32          64

Fillmore: Hypersnap.keygen.rar

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