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Modify the file time attribute () v3.36 Green Edition

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  • Update: 2019-01-16
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Modify the file time attribute () v3.36 Green Edition
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Chinese version is a batch file time modifications, you can modify the multiple files and / or folders at the same time. You only need to drag and drop or add files from the folder to import , can let you change the file modification dates according to the proportion, or you can set a specific date and time, can send a new file at the same time, through a simple drag and drop or by imported from in any case, it will open in a different way and to do so as soon as possible. You can make the archives of the proportion of young or older, or for a specific time of need, do not miss a friend!

The use of Newfiletime method:

1, after running the software into the "set time" interface, you can set the time in the "new folder & FILETIME".
2, after the mobile file or folder in the middle of the blank area, click the "set-time" can be modified.
3, the setting time is now relatively push before or you can also set up their own delay.

Through the Newfiletime software, we can conveniently and efficiently batch modify the file (folder) creation time, modification time and access time

Update records:

The new version of the 3.36 / January 15, 2019
A small adjustment - , improvements and new languages: Spanish (Espa n olLatinoam ricaColombia)
Thanks to Carlos A Medina R - Latin American spanish.
New in version 3.35 December 2018 / 18
Bug fix: For Unicode files with special characters added via program arguments
Updating the of language files in
New in version 3.33 November 2018 / 4
Some small fixes in for Windows 10
Bugfix: In the file filter when you add Windows files by drag & drop

Updating of the language files in
1.66 / 04 Mar 2012
1. Update the language files and small adjustments.
2. New language in "": Romanian.
Thanks to Adrian Gabor for the Romanian language.

1.64 / / 04 Mar 2012
1. New language in "": Czech
2. Update the language files and small adjustments.
Thanks to Vaclav Sadilek (Czechia) for the Czech (ESK y) language.

1.61 / 07 Feb 2012
Update the language files and small adjustments.

1.55 / 06 Jan 2012
1. Small adjustments in
2. New language in "New File Time" Polish.
Thanks to: Viana for the Polish language. e lson

1.52 / 28 Dec 2011
Small adjustments and updating the language files in the "New File Time".

1.51 / / 07 Dec 2011
1. Small adjustments in .
2. New languages in "New File Time": Traditional Chinese and Spanisch.
Thanks to: Taglife for Traditional Chinese (traditional Chinese)
Thanks to: Javier Richarte for Spanisch Espa n ol (Argentina)

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