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Ontrack Enterprise Chinese crack finished version of the green enterprise

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-06-13
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Ontrack  Enterprise Chinese crack finished version of the green enterprise
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The is a safe and affordable DIY data recovery solution, aimed at all types of media (such as hard disk, flash memory, CD-ROM undelete media drive, and multimedia or mobile device files.
The from the command line, an application program, the file system, or from the recycle bin to recover deleted files.
In addition, can recover, formatted or lost driver, has seriously damaged the logical file system driver, can even rebuild the lost RAID!
The will scan the drive and give can be saved from the scan driver file list
In order to keep the documents have been lost or the driver has been deleted, all recovered files must be saved to another storage device or system in another drive. is a non - destructive read-only applications, does not change the writing or recovering drive
The email recovery module is used to recover deleted email.
Operating system and file system support

The PC version of the machine to run on Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Win7 operating system, all partitions and support the use of FAT 12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file system.
The Mac version of the machine to run on the Mac OSX file system version 10.4 or higher, and support all the partition using the HFS/HFS+ file system.

Function introduction

The easy to use wizard driven interface
The PC or Mac on the same work
The local computer is able to scan all the volumes and generate lost files and directory tree has been deleted
The search conditions, the file name lost and deleted files
The rapid scanning engine allows rapid construction of file list
File manager, simple file and save the typical dialog box
The security data recovery: will not on the scanning drive write operation
The data can be saved to any drive, including network drives, mobile media etc..
It supports Windows NTFS file compression and encryption
The email recovery allows the user to view the selected e-mail database. The existing and deleted e-mail messages are displayed, can be used to print or save to disk.

system requirements

* Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Win7
The operation of 10.4 or higher version of Mac OS X
The 512 MB memory (recommendation 1 GB)
The application requires 25 MB of free space
For the extra storage space to save the recovery data


Do as mentioned above, you can access all Windows or Mac OS X file system in any operating system environment.
The system uses API standard preparation, will minimize the possibility of damage to the disk.
The program associated with DOS files and driver based on no size restrictions.
It can access the network installation and other peripheral equipment, such as USB, flash drive, and external hard disk.
The band set and the mirror driver compatible with RAID.
It is easy to use and fully automated guide, which will guide the user to complete the program.


This software can not find the physical damage on the drive data!
It is not each file can be deleted: a small amount of anti debris (if the media are not fully used) will increase the recovery rate, since the beginning of the data is stored in the first cluster of the file. The relative file size, the smaller the disk capacity, the lower the likelihood of recovery.
The overwritten data can not be fully restored.
If the FAT cluster chain has been cleared, will not be able to recover the Windows FAT drive on pieces of data
The damaged or missing index information data can not be fully restored.

Speaking note:

1, this is the Chinese crack Enterprise Edition, without registration, after the installation of the first run of the selection of "Chinese" can be used.
2, thanks to the members of the cjteam friends of the crack, without his help is not the finished version of crack.
3, the installation package to remove the other language pack, retaining only English and simplified Chinese.
4, because of the relationship, part of the text is not in the language pack, so there will be a little English.
5, the finished without bound.

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, OntrackTechnicianforWindows.exe installation procedures and crack files

2, double-click the OntrackTechnicianforWindows.exe operation, click Next

3, I choose to accept the agreement and click Next

4, click Browse to select the software installation directory, click Next

5, continue to click Next

6, click on the install installation

7, software installation, very fast, wait a moment

8, software installation is complete, do not check the software options, click Finish to exit the wizard

9, will be installed in the crack file to copy package software installation directory, click Replace in the target file

10, the software has the perfect break, the operation can be used

Software introduction

Ontrack allows you to save the scanned information, so that the recovery process in the later stage of recovery from the same point. It can also choose to create a complete hard drive or partition on the drive roll / image. Even if the actual disk is not available, the image file can also be used to recover lost data. This image is very useful to prevent the possibility of hard disk failure in the recovery process, or have a lot of hard disk bad sectors.

Listed below are some of the new features of the product and the main function.

This version of the new features

User friendly interface.

Support a variety of DPI (100%, 125%, 150%).

Including the Windows operating system (OS), many of the previous Windows 10 support.

Support Unicode.

Support in the logical drive / folder specific search for specific file types.

Support the search for specific folders and delete data missing.

If the rapid scan results to find you want to search for data, please automatically to scan from the depth of fast scanning switch.

Faster, more efficient scanning engine.

Scan multiple file systems on the logical drive at the same time (NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFat).

Better and more rapid scanning engine, search for lost partitions.

In the scanning process can choose to open / close the file preview.

With the progress of information enhancement scanning and scanning the elapsed time and time remaining.

In the advanced settings: enhanced support for adding new title / edit the title.

Improved preview support.

Raw-Recovery support HD-MOV (Cannon camera).

The original file recovery is finished automatically by using advanced search.

Main features

Scan classification

Preview before recovery file

The original recovery volume and hard drive data search based on signature

To recover the data from accidentally deleted volume

Recover data from formatted volume

Recover deleted files and folders

From the hard disk and removable media (such as USB drive, memory card recovery etc.)

To restore the options for later data recovery

Support 300 or more file types

Support all types of CD / DVD, CDFS, UDF, HFS + file system

Tabbed view scan tree file type / tree view / delete list

The user can add / edit their file types, making it more robust

The user can create a disk and volume image to be restored

Using the tutorial

The existing volume scanning
Use Ontrack , you can recover lost or deleted data from hard drives connected to the system or external storage media. Based on the selected volume or removable media recovery, you can find almost all the volume data. The application supports NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFat file system.

The existing volume scanning:

Run Ontrack it.

From the select to restore the contents of the screen, choose to restore the data types, namely "all", "document", "folder" and "email" or "multimedia files".

Click next.

From the select location screen, select a location from the "public place" or any "connected drive". If you want to scan a specific folder, select the position from the general position. Browse to any location, select the one you want to scan the folder and click Select folder.

Click on the scan. Will display a display screen of the scanning process. Click stop to stop scanning at any time.

The scanning process is complete, detailed information to find the files and folders will be displayed in the dialog box, as shown below:

The depth of scanning the existing capacity:

Run the depth scan, you can not find to restore the data, can thoroughly scan the selected volume.

Run Ontrack it.

From the select to restore the contents of the screen, choose to restore the data types, namely "all", "document", "folder" and "email" or "multimedia files".


Click next.

From the choice of location on the screen, choose a location from the connection in the drive.

The depth scan enabled the bottom left of the screen.


Click on the scan. Will display a display screen of the scanning process.

The scanning process is complete, detailed information to find the files and folders will be displayed in the dialog box

Note: you can select only one volume recovery. The depth scan applies only to drive connection. If you want to perform a quick scan, you can disable the depth scan.

Scan CD / DVD
The CD / DVD disc may be due to a variety of factors (such as heat, dust, disk scratch) become unreadable or damaged. Ontrack software can restore the damaged CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD and DVD-RW data in the optical disk. Ontrack application support from Windows, Linux, optical disk damage UNIX and write on the Macintosh system to recover. The application of scanning optical media selected for recovery.

Scan CD / DVD:

Run Ontrack it.

From the select to restore the contents of the screen, choose to restore the data types, namely "all", "document", "folder" and "email" or "multimedia files".

Click next.

From the choice of location on the screen, select the connection CD / DVD drive from the connection in the drive. Click on the scan. Click stop to stop scanning at any time.

Note: you can only choose one of a CD / DVD recovery.

Save the scanned information
You can use any of the scanning process scans saved as DAT files. You can save the scan of the complete or incomplete recovery process.

Save the scanned information can save time. You can recover by selecting the DAT file, and no need to re scan driver.

There are two options can save the scanned information:

menu bar

After the scan is complete, you can use Restore button to save the scan.

Click the button in the menu bar.

The two option will be displayed

Save the scan - so you can scan the information stored in the location you want. You need the location and name of the input file, and then click save.


Resume scanning - this option allows you to restore previously saved scan.

Return key:

In the scan results window. Click the back button or close the application.

You will be prompted to save the scanned information.

Click yes.

In the "save the scanned information dialog box, browse to the location of the image file should be preserved. Type the name of the image file in the file name in the text box. Click save.

Scanning information file extensions will be saved in DAT.

Note: if you stop the scanning process, you can save the scanned information of the point. However, you should perform a full scan, and then save the scan results.

Note: it is recommended that you use the correct name in a different location to save the information file 'scan' and 'hard disk image', so that you can easily retrieve the required DAT file.

Preview scan results
Ontrack scan shows a preview of the physical volume or the existence of mobile media files and folders. All files in the scanned volumes or can be found in the mobile media and to display the folder pane structure three. The three pane is left, upper right corner and the right pane below.

In the left pane, will create the folder according to the tree structure.

The right pane displays the software support file preview.

In the lower right pane, select a list of all the files and folders in the folder tree view.

Preview file:
The scanning process is completed, all files are listed in the preview window, as shown below:

A tab click in the left pane.

File type: in this view, according to the type of file / folder lists, such as documents, audio, video, file etc..

Tree view: in this view, a list of folders to hierarchical arrangement.

The list has been deleted: delete all files and folders from the driver are listed in this view.

Click in the left pane of the folder, the folder to list the files in the lower right pane.

Double click the folder to move deeper into folders.

Right click the file pane to preview files below. Only supported file preview.

Note: if the file / folder was not found in the scan and detect the list of files, you can select the options for the selected drive depth scanning position or the implementation of a comprehensive scan.

Recovery file
All the files Ontrack it can restore the file format support. You can preview the following part of the file and folders are kept in the location of your choice.

Recover lost files:

In the preview window, select files and folders to restore. You can only select a specific file or file type to view the file types tab or recover from the file types tab to narrow the search results or recover deleted files, select the file has been deleted from the list.

Search for specific files

The input file name in the file search field, and then press Enter. To find the entry to next, please click or press CTRL + G

Save all files

Check the root node in the left pane, and then click restore or from the File List pane in addition to check the file name tab of the box, and then click restore.

To save a single file (s)

Click in the left pane to view the folder is stored in the file.

Check the lower right pane of the file, and then click restore.

To restore a single file

Right click on the file in the list and select the file recovery options.

Recovery of specific categories of documents:

Click on the file type list tab. According to the examination of your files folder type categories. The selected file type 'folders' file will be listed in the file list pane. You can select a single file in the list.

Click the restore.

Display dialog box recovery. Click Browse to select the target location to save the data, or click Advanced settings to configure advanced recovery options. Specify the destination and select the option in accordance with the requirements of.

Click start to save to save process. If the target file with the same name, you can cover, rename or skip. According to your preferences.

The selected file will be restored and saved in the specified location. Navigate to the target file to view.

Recover lost partitions
Ontrack software allows you to search and recover the data from disk lost and deleted partition. You should use this option to recover data from accidentally deleted partition. This option will search and list all the hard disk has been removed and lost partitions and the existing volume.

Recover lost partitions:
Run Ontrack it.

From the select to restore the contents of the screen, choose to restore the data types, namely "all", "document", "folder" and "email" or "multimedia files".

Click next.

In the select position "screen, select" cannot find the drive from other locations".

Click on the scan. The following screen display:

In the choice of the drive part, all connected to the hard disk drive system will list the detailed information. In this section, select the options you want to scan the missing partition of the disk, and then click search. Scan lost or deleted partitions will be executed on a disk or drive in selected.

Any "lost partitions" detected will be listed in the Partition Found section, as shown below:

Select the desired partition from found partitions in the list, and then click the scan to continue the recovery process.

Note: if the "find the partition" to the desired partition does not find part, you can choose "deep scan" option to choose the driver to perform a full scan to find the lost or deleted partitions.
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