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Server Platinum v15.1.6.25 special edition simplified Chinese | FTP server

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-09-25
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Server Platinum v15.1.6.25 special edition simplified Chinese | FTP server
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Very good FTP server software, it set up a simple, powerful, stable performance. You can build your own FTP server now. Set up a simple, but the functionality is good. Personal FTP server is a good choice. It is not simply provide the file download, also provides a comprehensive protection for the system safety of users. For example, you can set a password, set a variety of user level for your FTP access permission etc.! For example: FlashFXP , Crossworld CrossFTP Pro , WinSCP , FileZilla , CuteFTP Pro , Cyberduck , Serv-U File Server etc.
Windows is now the most popular FTP server software, it may be the best, it set up a simple, powerful, stable performance. FTP Serv-U is now on the market the most powerful, use one of the most simple FTP server software, solutions can be applied to the Internet within the scope of file sharing. You can build your own FTP server now.
FTP Serv-U, one of the most widely used FTP software to support a FTP station, it is very suitable and convenient to use, FTP Serv-U allows you to easily set up under Windows, a powerful FTP server, which provides the security settings include passwords, user permissions, user login to the set IP.
Typical applications include: with the sales staff or other remote users to share centralized company files. Sharing large files, such as through the FTP chart, the draft, the backup file, without using email attachments, reduce e-mail congestion.

Functional characteristics

1. flow control bandwidth limit, support for the upload and download traffic, disk space and network bandwidth limits, to ensure that the bandwidth is not exclusive to FTP users.
2. HTTP download can effectively reduce the duplication.
3. remote management users from anywhere in FTP Server management, work efficiency.
4. security mechanisms through strict access control, provide system security and stability.
Especially for the 5. support "host" IP site for a single server to support multiple IP address site.
6. anonymous user access.
7. as the service operation system.

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, SU-FTP-Server-Windows-v15.1.6.exe setup and Patcher v2.3.1.exe patch
2, double-click the SU-FTP-Server-Windows-v15.1.6.exe operation, installation language simplified Chinese, click OK

3, I choose to accept the agreement, click next.

4, click Browse to select the software installation directory, click Next

5, continue to click Next

6, click Install

7, software installation, very fast, wait a moment

8, continue to click Next

9, software installation is complete, click the finish button

10, will be installed in the patch package is copied to the software installation directory, double-click to run, click the patch button

11, cracked completed, run the software
Tip: find and open the installation directory of the method is very simple, you open the start menu or on the desktop to find program shortcuts, and then use the mouse to click the right button to select the attributes in the pop-up shortcut properties window below click open file location button. ^_^
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