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Thai map downloader v5.2.9 crack version Fillmore + Crack Patch

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-03
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Thai map downloader v5.2.9 crack version Fillmore + Crack Patch
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Before cracking the software, first saw the crack area has two of post, after seeing is the.Net program, I'll try to break down.
Found the core DLL anti aliasing will appear abnormal, so in the end can only write RI, but after registration and network detection, so finally to Patch and KeyGen of it.
PS: interested can try Unpack about Fillmore me, oh surprise! Or directly to the register information box to remove try ~



1. map download. Support for Google, Baidu, NOKIA, sky map, soso, Bing, ArcGIS Online, Gao De, YAHOO's cloud services, hypergraph street maps, satellite maps (satellite), high-speed download label / Satellite Hybrid Map, topographic map

More than 2. downloads. According to administrative support to download, download, download, import polygon frame KML Download

3.Web map service publishing. Support will download the map for the release Web map service (WMTS), ArcGIS, SuperMap and Openlayers for remote access client directly, support Openlayers/ArcGIS API For Javascript/Flex GIS and a variety of client offline browsing, support and release TPK, released ArcGIS cache for the WMTS map, help you easily build their own LAN offline map application!

4. seamless splicing into single picture. Support lossless compression, block splicing, can be opened directly in ArcMap, Erdas Imagine, contains the coordinate range \ projection information etc.

5.ArcGIS slice cache format conversion. Support will download the map into ArcGIS slice cache format can be opened directly in ArcMap, can also be used for ArcGIS Server released for map service

6.Google format conversion section. Support will download the map format conversion of Google slice can be derived directly in the browser called Google API offline browsing

7.OruxMaps offline map conversion package. Support will download the map into OruxMaps offline map pack, Android map OruxMaps offline software for outdoor call, to support the export offset free satellite map, with its own perfect superposition of Kml data

8.MBTiles offline map pack format conversion. Support will download the map format conversion of MBTiles offline map pack

9.SQLiteDB offline map pack format conversion. Support will download the map into a SQLiteDB format for offline map pack, RMaps, BigPlanet and other mobile phone map offline browsing

The elevation of 10.GoogleEarth download. Support for GoogleEarth elevation data download and support call tools for spatial interpolation analysis on download elevation, thereby generating contour, for 3D terrain map production.

11. map rectification. The exclusive correction algorithm, the perfect solution to map the problem of the migration correction with perfect vector data overlay, and support the seamless splicing correction, ArcGIS correction, correction map service cache

12. coordinate batch rectification. For its own support deviation or partial coordinate data processing, the coordinate data is converted to Kml or Excel format support

13. image coordinate transformation. Support any projection between the image coordinate system, such as Google will have the projection map to WGS84, xian80, china2000 etc.

14.B/S C/S variety of ways for offline browsing. Support ArcGIS format to download the map cache, Google Pyramid section format, Baidu section format, our own azdb format for the machine offline browsing, and support Google map, Baidu map offline offline API API B/S offline browsing

15. Pyramid image building. Faster browsing in the big three party software

High speed download 16. support multi tasking, multi-threaded, HTTP support tasks.

17. support geographic annotation, support ranging, route and track information support read GPX.

18. to support the export KML. Support the national export provinces and counties administrative divisions for the Kml format

19. satellite viewing history. Support the history satellite download Google satellite map.

20. more simple Win8 interface, more convenient map download process, super good user experience!!!

The 7 step fast download Google GoogleEarth 3D terrain map
Thai map downloader version is map application a set map download, GoogleEarth download, POI download, elevation service publishing and many other professional functions, provide a variety of data types to download the map for you at the same time, can help you quickly build a variety of map applications. Support download Google, Baidu map all online world map market: street map, satellite images, aerial map, topographic map, chart, three-dimensional map, elevation, interest point data and so on, you can think of can, you can not think can! For a variety of industries to download the data format conversion, map correction (Mars coordinates, Baidu coordinate support), coordinate transformation (the 2000 national geodetic coordinate system, WGS84 etc.); can be downloaded into WMTS, ArcGIS, map publishing TMS, Google standard services, access for local network offline, this small series of the map is very download, including registered machine and detailed installation crack graphic tutorials!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station to download and install the software
2, run the software, the machine code is copied to the registered machine, choose the type of Enterprise Edition, calculate the registration code, and then save the registration documents.

In 3, making the map Downloader, click Register, select save the registration documents.

4, successful registration

Common problem

1, how much is the highest accuracy of software to download the map?
The highest level of map to 20 (from 0 to calculate the corresponding level 21), scale 1:560, resolution of 0.15 meters
2, after the start of software error how to solve?
Unable to start or can not find the file, usually by anti-virus software or computer housekeeper for manslaughter caused by file, please. AZMap file in the ghetto antivirus or housekeeper recovery and add trust. If the isolation file not found. Please shut down antivirus or computer housekeeper, then uninstall reinstall the software.
3, the issue of copyright download map
If you need to download the map for the Internet or commercial use, need to do a copyright statement on the map:
If it is a single picture please attach the license file that map source (link to the map makers website);
If the browser is map application, please in the copyright control that map source (link to the map makers website).
4, time of update download map
Different maps, different regions, different levels, the update time is not set, usually several times a year, or more remote mountain map update frequency to a low point.
The shortcut F5 can remove the software cache, to get the latest map from the server, if there are updates, download the map.
5, how to view satellite images of the shooting time
You can view the Google earth satellite image shooting time, specific settings shown below:
6, download the real task is what reason?
Usually no data which download task will retrieve all the specified level / designated area if there is data, if no data will cause the download rate is 0, but the task is not to download. Wait for the task to download it, download the data rate will be up to the regional.
7, how to determine the error information download task position in the presence of data?
1. determine the error message:
Open the download task selection task, click on the window, see, confirm the error information in the XYZ section, information (for example: error X=1876Y=40Z=11 download section).
2. confirm the existence of data:
Open the downloaded map, the map bar click [display] grid, using the shortcut ctr+l open position in local window, enter the XYZ section, the location (e.g. X=1876Y=40Z=11), click on the slice number positioning. If the location is not normal, indicating that this region without data.
8, are very slow what is the reason?
Is a large amount of data will be relatively slow, with the machine configuration, disk IO, a map library of IO, integrated factors. If the export is tile format, because the tiles are discrete storage, the disk read and write very frequently, more on the disk IO.
If the final format is proposed for direct download tiles, tile format, so as to avoid the two export.
9, can issue VAT special ticket?
Sure。 The default invoice for VAT invoice, if you need to go to the IRS on behalf of special ticket, need to fill 200 yuan, tax is the same 3 points. Billing time within 1 weeks after opening for delivery.

Use help

Map download
Thai map downloader support for map frames, draw polygons, Kml into graphics, choice of administrative divisions, framing and other means of multi task and multi thread high-speed download, to download the map, please select on the map download panel download map, and then operating according to different download mode.
1) select the map
Open the map software panel, select the map:
2) picture download
Open the map download panel, select the picture button, then select the download frame range on the map, double-click the polygon configuration download task. (support rectangle node adjustment)
3) polygon Download
Open the map download panel, select the polygon drawing button, then paint a polygon on the map, click the right mouse button on the end of description, double-click the polygon configuration download task. (support polygon adjustment)
4) Kml Download
Open the map download panel, select the read Kml button, and then browse your Kml files, the system reads the Kml polygon and automatically list list, please click on the arrow button below to read the Kml, select a range, and then double-click the scope of configuration tasks.
5) according to the administrative area to download
Open the map download operation panel, the red box part after the confirmation of administrative divisions, double-click the administrative divisions of the download tasks. (to support the scope of administrative divisions)
6) picture download
Open the map download operation panel, the red box part of the framing selection, after confirming the double-click administrative divisions of the download tasks.
7) configuration tasks
Here you can set the interface of latitude and longitude to adjust download range, change the storage directory, and select the display level download, attention task name cannot be empty. (the number of threads to download configuration support (support) direct download into the specified format) (support download compressed)
Note: the level and scale of each map has a corresponding, for example Google street map display level is 0-19, if you are not sure that level of download, can refer to scale.
8) download task view
Click OK after the download tasks window will automatically open, download task begins execution:
Offline browsing
Once the Internet problem, the task will become red, and lists the number of slices failed to download, the download is completed, select the task, can download failed [section]:
1, when the intelligent prompt download failed slice, the system will prompt the Windows in the lower right corner of the window intelligent:
2, when the download is successful, the system will prompt intelligent export:
3, when some sections do not exist that can not be downloaded, the system will automatically pause intelligent recognition and download, avoid the user to wait indefinitely.
9) import task
In the download tasks window, click on the [] button into the task, browse the download directory (the default installation path for the Download directory (.Azdb) in the historical tasks, you can import the file suffix format).
2.5 format conversion
The task after the download is complete, you can change the format of the download map, click the Export button, the corresponding settings, click [] can be derived.
1) derived types
2) map rectification
Type of deviation support including: mosaic, tile -ArcGISServer. For the very exclusive development of correction algorithm algorithm based on the offset correction database for different coordinates, the perfect solution to the problem of domestic migration map. Please in the export when the choice can be in the advanced settings] [correction in:
The big picture - stitching: respectively all sections seamless each level into a big picture. If the [block] intelligent system, according to the number of start tile intelligent computing, then a larger split into a plurality of small. Tile - Google: export Google slice Organization (z/x/y.png, origin in the upper left corner) slicing. Call GoogleAPI support offline browsing, click Browse offline after the export [see]. Tile - Baidu: export in line with Baidu slice Organization (z/x/y.png, in the center of origin slicing). Support call Baidu API offline browsing, click Browse offline after the export [see]. Tile -ArcGIS: export to ArcMap or arcgisserver directly available cache slices. Map service directly released to support the ArcGISServer server, call Openlayers support offline browsing, click Browse offline after the export [see]. Tile -TMS: derived according to TMS specification (z/x/y.png, origin in the lower left corner) slicing. Tile: export package -OruxMaps OruxMaps compliant slicing (which can be used to map the OruxMaps mobile phone software offline browsing, please copy directly to the export after the success of mobile phone oruxmaps/mapfiles directory can). Tile: export package -MBTiles MBTiles compliant slicing. Support computer / mobile terminal offline browsing, map service directly support SuperMapiServer/GeoServer server. Tile: export package -SQLiteDB SQLiteDB compliant slicing (can be used for mobile phone map software RMaps and BigPlanet offline browsing). Tile: export package -Geopackage GeoPackage compliant slicing. Support computer / mobile terminal offline browsing, support ArcMap10.2 directly open, map service support ArcGISServer/GeoServer server directly.
Offset fine: if corrective effect is not satisfactory, you can manually set the correction based on horizontal offset, can be set up according to the actual offset of (unit: degree), can not change the default settings. Sample correction:
3) coordinate transformation
Download the map is Google Mercator projection coordinates, you can include any export to other coordinates: WGS84, Xian80, Beijing54, Gauss Kruger, UTM and other common coordinate system.
Please click on the [[settings] Senior selection coordinates] button to select an arbitrary coordinate system, click [Select coordinates] the right choice of common coordinate system. For example: the coordinate transformation of the original image are Google WGS84 (GCS_WGS_1984) coordinate system:
4) are examples
Browse the exported ArcGIS cache in ArcMap10.1 (Google map)
In the first 1. export interface options for export;
2. after the export will be generated in the output directory folder, stored inside the ArcGIS corrosion
Deposit and related files; 3. open ArcMap, select [AddData] button in the toolbar, and then click the button to specify the cache directory in the pop-up window:


[Updated] November 29, 2018
1, support boundary cutting, more beautiful, more elegant.
2, enhance the graphics rendering capabilities, support style editor, support for a key export.
3, the area of calculation is more accurate.
3, the default open higher filling ~
4, increase the use of the wizard, a map, Wubuchengshi.
5, other details of the optimization, defect repair.

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