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Beijing subway map update 2019

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 Beijing subway map update 2019
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Map of Beijing subway line 2015 is the latest version of a capital Beijing 2015 new subway lines. Use this picture query images can help you query the right solution to traffic. This includes new segment to be opened by the end of 7, line 6, line two, line 15 and line 14 of the western part of the eastern section of welcome to download.

 Beijing subway map website version 2015

Beijing subway

As of December 28, 2014, a total of 18 Beijing subway lines in operation (including 17 subway lines and 1 airport rail), which covers 11 in Beijing municipality, has 318 operation station (transfer station double counting, no double counting station for 268 stations), a total length of 527 kilometers of rail transit system operation line.

Line description

Beijing subway line profile (excluding vision line)


Beijing Metro Line 1 Beijing Metro Line 2 Beijing Metro Line 4 Beijing Metro Line 5

Beijing Metro Line 6, Beijing Metro Line 7, Beijing Metro Line 8, Beijing Metro Line 9

Beijing Metro Line 10, Beijing Metro Line 13, Beijing metro line 14, Beijing metro line 15

Beijing Metro Batong line Beijing subway Changping line Beijing subway Daxing line of Beijing Metro Line in Fangshan

Beijing Yizhuang subway line of Beijing Metro Airport Line

In the construction of

Beijing metro line 16

Beijing Metro Line S1

(Mentougou line)

Beijing Metro Line West

Beijing Yan room line subway

Is about to start

Beijing Metro Line 3, Beijing Metro Line 12, Beijing metro line 17, Beijing Metro Line 19

Beijing Metro Airport Line


Beijing Metro Line 11, Beijing metro line 18, Beijing metro line 20, Beijing metro line 21

Beijing Metro East Link Beijing subway line Jade Spring

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