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(Android remote control and screen cast artifact) 1.9.6 version Win/Mac/Linux version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-09-10
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (Android remote control and screen cast artifact) 1.9.6 version Win/Mac/Linux version
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is a can let you control Android mobile phone / tablet computer in free software! Its practicability is high, the screen projection can not only real-time synchronization of the Android mobile phone display on the computer screen, or even directly on the computer of mobile phone remote control operation! It is a Chrome browser plug-in application, cross platform support Win / Mac / Linux, is widely used, is absolutely essential artifact mobile phone control.

Function introduction

free ROOT, compatibility, support Android 7 (Nougat), sensitive operation, display characteristics and a series of super smooth, has aroused wide interest of users. Only the free version has ads, and picture display is poor, you cannot use the Pro version of the advanced features. I love the forum has a number of enthusiastic friend introduced the method of crack. Because each automatic upgrade, will need to re break. In order to facilitate, for Windows, macOS and Linux are three crack assistant, all versions of V1.6.6 to V1.7.7 between the crack.
jailbreak assistant Windows version, interface as shown below. Run Pro.exe, wait for the search file (dependent Search artifact Everything, double-click the file list to crack). version of the official test


1. through the we can not only see the synchronous real-time dynamic screen mobile phone on the computer, but also through the keyboard and mouse to directly control the mobile phone!!

2. can be used in many scenarios, such as for the working people, no longer need to secretly bow holding a mobile phone at work, you can direct the computer to send and receive WeChat, play games, download and install or use a variety of stocks, APP and so on.

3. also has a lot of advantages, is the mobile phone does not require ROOT permission, do not need to install any APP. You need, just a USB cable and installed on the computer.

Installation instructions

1. add ins

Start - tools - development program. Add point. That success has been added.

2. mobile phone open USB debug mode

You need to enter the "setting" on the mobile phone, find the "version" column and click it for many times, the system will pop up "open developer options" message. Then find the "setting options" developers can open the USB debugging.

3. install ADB Driver driver

If you use in the Windows system, you need to install a ADB Driver driver (Mac not required), Android developers should be very familiar with. If you are ordinary users can download Universal ADB Driver provided by the author (universal ADB driver) can be installed, the measured Windows 10 system available.

4. mobile phone connected to the computer through the USB data line

Start . If your mobile phone or tablet is not listed on the interface, then press the interface of the Find Device (search equipment) button to brush out.

5. installation is complete

Selected in the list and press the mobile phone name "select" button to connect. can support a connection on a Android mobile phone or tablet device.

jailbreak assistant macOS version, as shown below. Run command" Chmod a+x./vysorProcaM "And" . /vysorProcaM "To complete the crack.
jailbreak assistant Linux version, as shown below. Run command" Chmod a+x./vysorProcaL "And" ./vysorProcaL "To complete the crack

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