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Piaoyun Ge Baidu SkyDrive speed crack patch Vip supports the latest version of the 6.8.0 unlimited speed

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-26
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Piaoyun Ge Baidu SkyDrive speed crack patch Vip supports the latest version of the 6.8.0 unlimited speed
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Often use Baidu SkyDrive client the people should know, with Baidu cloud users more and more, in order to promote the VIP membership profit, began to join the speed limit strategy in the client program, and now there are a lot of Daniel crack download speed limit patch, You can crack the download speed limits, so that ordinary users login is SVIP super membership, automatic speed download, breakthrough speed trial privilege, let download speed time unlimited! Cool burst!
High speed download this patch Baidu SkyDrive open channel (not VIP oh), you do not have to worry about. The trial time limit.
Please download from the official Baidu cloud housekeeper original file, does not support the other modified version!!

Usage: after the installation of the original accessories, will replace into it!!

What is the speed of privilege?

1, speed is Baidu cloud membership privileges exclusive privilege. Baidu cloud provides download channel exclusive support for members of the user, enhance your download speed.

2, after the trial, the highest speed can enhance the speed of the system, gives the theoretical value, the actual effect of the speed depends on the specific circumstances of the network.

Speed privilege can break through the bandwidth limit?

Not. Bandwidth limit refers to your consultation with the operators, the current line can reach the highest bandwidth. When you have reached the upper limit of bandwidth, speed privilege will not give you extra acceleration.

Patch features:

By CUG (source: zd423 compiler source code)

A patch to start without any personal information prompt box!

A crack of the SVIP super affiliate, any user login is SVIP distinguished identity;

Automatic speed download files, automatically enter the high-speed download channel, unlimited speed;

Software introduction

Because Baidu cloud in the server to verify the user account now, so the speed limit will soon break the basic harmony.

Another idea, Baidu SkyDrive provides 5 minutes of free trial super membership function, by modifying the probation time, can be used indefinitely high speed download.

Empathy is really good guidelines.

Usage method

Must be used according to the procedures, otherwise invalid

* first open Baidu cloud SkyDrive
* re open this patch

Other instructions

* second days later to download later will try out
* as long as you don't quit Baidu cloud, Baidu cloud acceleration is available all day long
* Download set number of 5 parallel tasks can play a maximum download speed

Download address
High speed download download download address: the need for priority
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