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The tragic events of Korean entertainment HD BT seed thunder

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 The tragic events of Korean entertainment HD BT seed thunder
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The tragic events of the Korean entertainment industry originated in 2011, in this year, the Korean entertainment industry exposed more than a female artist Dutch act events, the cause of the incident with the burst of videotaping the event, according to netizens, the large scale video artist out of a total of about 107G, divided into 39 series. A number of South Korean female star line of the second being photographed, many female stars in the popular Korean TV play an important role. In addition, the economic competition and social public opinion pressure of reality, some artists lead to excessive pressure and those who are unable to resolve the shadow, that is the so-called unspoken rule. South Korea's showbiz candid event opened a Korean entertainment unspoken rule fig leaf, caused the majority of Internet users attention.

 South Korean showbiz tragic events BT seeds

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Brief introduction of "Korean showbiz tragedy"

Before the South Korean media have repeatedly reported price tag actress nurturing event, is a well-known and popular actress per month at a cost of one hundred million won or more nurturing. The female artist hostesses costs another operator, regardless of whether the transaction, are required to pay an additional 3 million to 5 million won the hostess fee.

The day before, online Jing Bao entertainment of Korea tragic events, and out of a number of South Korean actress pornographic video and unspoken rule, "the tragic events of Korean entertainment complete 107Gbt load", "South Korean actress unspoken rule video full version and have a list of who" also became the focus of attention.

After being exposed, South Korean actress unspoken rule video has become the focus of attention, and set off bursts of hot debate among netizens. Many people feel incredible, but after watching the video and used to love the actress disappointed, said that on the screen so innocent people have this side, it hurt the hearts of fans, but also a great blow to the South Korean showbiz.

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