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Ant card number generator v1.0 Green Edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2016-11-26
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Ant card number generator v1.0 Green Edition
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 Ant Po card mobile phone number generator v1.0 Green Edition

This lightning bar brings the ants treasure card phone number generator. It is a convenient and fast way. Ants treasure card application work It can help users quickly generate the application link of the ants treasure card, so that users can apply to the ants treasure card as quickly as possible. Welcome friends in need to download and use!

Usage method

1. First download the software and open it.

2, if you are WeChat, you can directly scan with WeChat and generate links.

Note: specific numbers can only be generated once.

3, if you don't like WeChat, Alipay can also be used.

Activation method for ant card number

Step 1: locate the activation entry.

You can authenticated real name in Alipay service window [ant treasure card]. Please click on the Alipay service window menu of "ant treasure card".

You can also click the corresponding link in the activation prompt message after sending the mobile card to the activation page.

Step two: input information

The number of reserved phone calls and USIM cards after ICCD is eight.

Step three: real name verification

Taking photos or uploading photos according to the prompts, confirm that identity information is consistent with the order, and the picture is clear. You need to upload the front card of your ID card, the back of your ID card, and I am holding an ID card.

Step four: audit activation

The system automatically reviews the information you uploaded. After the audit is passed, it will activate your phone card automatically and send SMS to your reservation phone when you place your order. If the audit fails, you can choose to enter the "manual check list" process.

Ant treasure card welfare

1. line down payment flow

The user pays the 20MB flow per line using the Alipay client (the amount is more than 1 yuan).

2. experience privilege

Activate the first month free monthly fee.

3. recharge privilege

Recharge 19 yuan and 50 yuan.

4. traffic privileges

The new card will give the 2GB nationwide flow at a time. The 1GB will be donated every month and the next month. The donation will only be delivered in the month of the month.

5. flow benefit

The domestic flow beyond the package is charged at 0.1 yuan /MB. When Dabao card reaches 10 yuan (i.e. 100MB) in the month, it will get 924MB free flow (i.e. 10 yuan /GB). When the small treasure card reaches 20 yuan (i.e. 200MB) in the month, it will get 824MB free flow (i.e. 20 yuan /GB). The month is effective, and so on, using automatic overlay, no use no charge.

That is, the ant Dabao card exceeds the domestic flow 1M-100M of the package. It charges 0.1 yuan /M, no charge at 101M-1024M, or 10 yuan /GB; the ant little treasure card exceeds the package domestic traffic 1M-200M, charges 0.1 yuan /M, 201M-1024M does not charge, that is 20 yuan /GB.
 Ant Po card mobile phone number generator v1.0 Green Edition

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