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VideoStudio X10 Almighty master V18.04.08.64 version of the green free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-04-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 VideoStudio X10 Almighty master V18.04.08.64 version of the green free
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VideoStudio X10 Almighty intelligent search optimization master VideoStudio installation path, automatic segmentation of 32/64 program and version number, suitable for all versions of X10 (X10.0.0.137, X10.1.0.14, and X10.5.0.60). This small series brings For the 33 Edition
It is not installed will affect the X10 in the system, in order to prevent misoperation, related functional tools in the button will be disabled.
Optimization and setting - this tool focuses on VideoStudio's do not circulate freely, for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


    No, (there is no accident, it will be the last update):
1. "check for updates" function optimization:
(1) modify the program automatically detects updates for manual testing ("check for updates" button), the removal percentage of starting schedule, shorten the start-up time, start more smoothly.
(2) increase the network failures.

2. according to the "VideoStudio 2018 Almighty master" experience in the production of a comprehensive optimization.
1. replace the starting logo, change as a percentage of progress, and shorten the start-up time, start more smoothly.
2. modify the code to solve the operating system using word amplification program interface display failure problem.

3. modify all message box text and button name, make a more accurate description, and shielding all pop tone.

Revised version in the shadow will not installed when the function button does not disable BUG, netizens pointed out that thanks to MingKing.

Increase the function of custom version number:
You can customize the personalized version number 1.

2. modified version number is greater than or equal to the latest X10.5.0.60 can remove the upgrade prompt.


1. "re write start logo display -3 second /5 second /7 second" program, get rid of the original start logo VideoStudio X10 (start screen) to the front, bullying can't carry on other operations.
Features: (1) not sticky, startup does not affect other operations.
(2) to automatically hide behind VideoStudio X10 after the start time to quit.
(3) show a different logo start and quickly when VideoStudio video.
(4) put forward a proposal for 7 seconds.
2. optimization "initialization (CACHE cleanup)": instant project template, the title material, filter, path 4 small functions, enhanced stability.

A key to start the "optimization", can remove the trial function limit.
1. replacing the off / recovery welcome page "code, the function will reduce the impact of shadow program, improve the operation stability.
A key to start the "2." optimization, function and method of adjusting open professional edition.

To further optimize and improve the function of a key to uninstall.
1. click one click uninstall button after the Cancel button, exit the unloading process.
2. modify the unloading process of silent mode for visible mode.
In 3. when a key VideoStudio is not installed, uninstall button function is no longer disabled, then it can on X10 uninstall clean residue videostudio, Can be solved by unloading is not complete, resulting in unable to reload VideoStudio X10 problem!

4. optimization steps to uninstall uninstall cleanup, clean more thoroughly, with a shorter time.
5. after completion of unloading continue to clean up the content including the registry cache, such as desktop icons, residual files.
6. modify multiple text message box.
Bitter sweet strongly recommend that you use this tool to uninstall X10 VideoStudio will let you uninstall this tool, VideoStudio X10 process cool to burst!
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