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One poem poetry creation software 3.22018 official version of the green free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-02-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The little boy poem poetry creation software 3.2 2018 official version of the green free
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The little boy poem poetry creation software is a simple and useful tool is not poetry, feeling poem lyrics people forced full? Feel particularly talented? While their brains did not write? The little boy poem poetry writing software can help you solve this problem, this is one that everyone can easily make the original poetry of the software, and you do not need any knowledge, without any skills, you can easily make beautiful poems, but also to improve their mastery of poetry can be subtle, his poetry, software no need to install, decompression can be used, love friends quickly to try!


Usage method

1, unzip the package.

2, the establishment of a C: disk (C:\ poem child folder.)

3, the installation package in the DBF folder and all the files are copied in the past.

4, the software executable file:.Exe one poem

5, the software from the language program, so the need to support.Net4.0 framework of Microsoft. You can download. Can also install a software package for the incidental have downloaded a good net40.exe.

6, for the convenience of beginners installation. In the software package has done a (1.bat installed) it will be a place for you in front of automatically according to said.


Some of the rubbish antivirus virus. So please rest assured false positives!

Update log

1, increase the other commonly used keywords and keyword input with small tips. (for example, you enter [] days for keywords, and did not choose the right words. According to this prompt transmission: wind, frost, rain, snow, lightning, equivalent to astronomical small class words.

2, add to the [world] soft sales registration link.

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