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Cleanmymac3 Chinese version v3.9.9 version activation code register

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-08-12
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Cleanmymac3 Chinese version v3.9.9 version activation code register
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Cleanmymac3.5 Apple is currently the most practical computer on a simple and lightweight MAC cleaning software has strong cleaning ability, can quickly clean up junk files Mac, stale data, restore the Mac original performance, maintain the best state of computer. As long as people click on the intelligent cleaning, the software will automatically scan and clean junk files, very simple and convenient.

Basic introduction

Cleanmymac is called the apple computer in the strongest cleaning tool, now 90% of Mac users want to clean your computer will operate using this software, it is easy to operate, so for users is also very extensive.
From the software interface can be seen, its structure is very simple, but did not affect the function of it, by virtue of the unique way of calculation, can accurately convert junk files and cache Apple Computer in all clear, the following advantages at the same time it contains:
(1) the volume of software occupies a small amount. The size of the software about 32MB, does not occupy too much space in the apple computer, compared to other software to save more space.
(2) simple design style. When we want to operate a project can immediately find the list of options, we will not waste too much time.
(3) powerful. As a special MAC cleaning tool, the purpose of is to help Apple Computer releases more space available, if you have used this software will find it to this point, also can quickly release space at a critical time.
(4) a more thorough uninstall software. Cleanmymac uninstall function, can help us to solve many difficult problems at the same time, the application will create uninstall, install the software to remove all binary files.

The software features

A safe and reasonable intelligent cleaning
The 3.5 itself has a secure database, it is a list of items, with certain specifications, software can be determined to correct selection and cleaning of the Mac junk files, more safe and reliable.
Two, other functions
1, cleaning system
Clean the inside and outside the Mac driver in 11 different types of garbage
2, uninstall program
The application of management and uninstall Mac, completely remove the residual uninstall file
3, health monitoring
Automatic detection of garbage and the space available, reaches the set value that cleaning
4, file shredder
Permanently delete the file, the safe removal function ensures that the file cannot be recovered.
5, expand the management
Easily extend cleaning difficult to remove the management, automatic grouping plug-ins
6, system maintenance
Can be set every Monday and more time to prompt you to clean up Mac
Usage method In the process of using the computer we often encounter such a situation: when we use a large amount of memory for the software, the software will not run smoothly caton. Encounter this kind of situation is likely due to the lack of available memory in computer software, can use normally. Cleanmymac software can help users to quickly release the memory, if you already use this software, you will find that when we put the software installed in MAC, then in the top of the MAC menu will appear a shortcut button icon, click the icon to use button will appear a series of disk memory and battery, when we the mouse moved to the "RAM" memory when there will be a small part of the "release" button, click it to enhance the available space.

The way to release memory without starting the software can help us to solve the problem, directly reduce the MAC system pressure, can also use Mac to monitor the system disk, make timely adjustments. At the same time, we can also start the interface through this shortcut, click "3" quick start. It is because this software has many advantages, so it has become the preferred tool for cleaning up the MAC user.

Cleanmymac3 now available larger, it can fully support the macOS 10.12 (Sierra) system, so if you have your own MAC system upgrade, as long as the use of the latest version can.

Update log

CleanMyMac 3.9.7 update
Improve the software's privacy policy, fully meet the requirements of GDPR.

Repair of the small error and known collapse.
Add: temporary holiday theme.

Improved: iDrive uninstall.

Fixed: mail is not actually removed from the privacy module through e-mail application.

Repair: unable to change the color profile after cleaning system.

Fixed: CleanMyMac cannot uninstall Airmail application components.

System requirements: OS X version 10.9 or higher.

PS: for copyright reasons, to clear the system aspects of the software suggest that you support genuine, after all is related to the stability of the system and the security of our!

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