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Crossover MAC 16 Chinese cracked version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-07-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Crossover MAC 16 Chinese cracked version
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Crossover for Mac 16 is running Apple's MAC system in a virtual machine software, its biggest feature is: in the Mac platform to run thousands of Windows procedures, from office software, practical tools, game design software, users simply press Mac dock can run. Simply put, for running Windows software on Mac MAC lets you easily, and the user can switch Windows and Mac programs, and all this without the need to restart, no virtual machine, there is no need to buy Windows authorization. Windows software like Mac software running, to achieve cross platform interoperability, copy and paste files, shortcuts and window management.

 CrossOver for Mac (Mac installed window application)

Basic introduction

Crossover for Mac is not a virtual machine you need to install the Windows operating system a whole, thus occupies a G and a G of disk space. There is no need to restart the switch between Mac software and Windows software. Crossover MAC takes only 90 MB download, can efficiently make Windows your application running on Mac. In our compatibility database has more than 13000 Windows procedures, Mac can not only meet your daily needs, but also can meet you in the office or the needs of the school. Crossover supports Microsoft Office such as Quicken, it can also support the commonly used software, such as Steam game software.

major function

1, run Windows applications no longer need to restart
Like running native applications, directly run your Windows application from your Mac or Linux system.
2, a key installation
CrossOver a key installation technology of Windows program to use more simple.
3, running at full speed
There is no performance loss, the application you are familiar with using in the system on your love.
4, seamless integration
With the desktop environment, copy and paste files and cross platform interoperability.

The software features

Crossover by the virtual machine software developed by codewaver company, the purpose is to make the Linux and Mac operating system and window system. Wine is used by the CrossOvers engine, it is an implementation of Windows APIs in the UNIX system of open source tools.
Crossover like the Parallels or the VMware simulator, a software it is running on the Mac. Crossover can directly run the Windows software on the Mac, without the need for a virtual machine. It is Windows software to provide the resources needed to run the Windows program in Mac OS X system on purpose.
Crossover in a compatible program directory, not only Microsoft Office, AutoCAD Windows, Media Player 9, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver MX, Internet Explorer and other well-known software.

How to use for Mac? Use the following tutorial:

1, please download the installation, after successful installation of the interface is as follows:

2, to build a container, you can be understood as a simple WINDOWS virtual machine, all programs are installed in it;

Open it like this
A new container

Here you can choose the type of container, you can also choose a name for it

Choose a good after - create

Then later, the container built

Next, select the application tab
Here you can see the current container installed in the process

Then, we need to install some container expenditure components, installation software to facilitate better future.
I love playing games, so I can install DX9.

What will the next step, the installation process, the installation of a small demonstration DX9:

A, select the type of setup
That is the top part of the,
The program ----CROSSOVER can be the perfect operation of the program. The installation process if you need three party software components will automatically help you download.
Without the support of the program -- official did not say, but the actual use program
Security patches and updates the ---WIND patch, not much to say.
When running the expenditure components. Many software need to install components before operation. If in the list, then you choose, it will own things, you do not need to find the installation package.

The system will display the corresponding program information after selection

Select the B. package installer location
A single installation file first
If it is a folder second

Choose to install C. container.
The total program should be installed in a place. All of us here to choose just the container, you can also create a container,
After confirmed, the lower right corner of the installation will become blue, click Install to start

The progress of the race is installed well.

Install the following way and WIN.


Crossover for MAC (2017-1-4) 16 update log
Based on CrossOver 16 Wine 2, Windows compatibility is thousands of times improvement.
CrossOver now supports 64 bit Windows applications, with new templates and 64 bottles of dependency management.
Bug repair:
Accelerate the 2014-2016 update will now automatically during setup application.
Fix in Microsoft Excel 2010 block file very big mistake
Repair stop at Microsoft Office 2010 in the open document hyperlink error.
When the file will be imported into the CrossOver bottle, will now update the Shell folder link.
Fixed a bug in audio, may lead to Blizzard games from the speaker to make unnecessary noise.
Fixed a bug in the QQ, cause the application to add new contacts to hang in.
Download address
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