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Thunder VIP exclusive edition crack version v2.0.12.258 streamline modified win10 flash back perfect logon limit

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-08-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Thunder VIP exclusive edition crack version v2.0.12.258 streamline modified win10 flash back perfect logon limit
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Thunder members exclusive edition is designed for thunder platinum member design client version simplified thunder member bloated plug-ins and advertising, reduction properties of the fastest, smallest thunder. This product is a biggest feature, both from the technical resources, popular fast download software to shorten the response time of opening, and the opening of the resource occupation. Thunder VIP exclusive version 2, a new architecture of the exclusive version with thunderbolt 7.9 kernel, lighter, faster and more noble. Here is the small series of lightning caused crack version, this integration of local VIP6 members can upload! Integrated high-speed channel crack, non members can also enjoy the acceleration! High speed channel crack download acceleration privilege that you download speeds on the tip, thunder VIP exclusive version can also download "copyright request, the file cannot be downloaded" some sensitive resources, such as shielding, movies, television dramas, software, seeds, magnetic and so on are recommended in words. The latest revised version of integrated modified Windows 10 system thunder flash back collapse patch, we directly download decompression can be used, no longer occur incompatibilities!

Cracked version features

  • 1, to the excess application of reserved space and can add default offline;
  • 2, go to the general account login permissions are displayed;
  • 3, go to the landing at the right side of the window opened membership tips (closing);
  • 4, local VIP6, can use simple, upload;
  • 5, the bottom edge broadcast, the player must add the path, modify the player path in your Program\Xmp.ini file will not be modified using SkyDrive's potplayer version installed;
  • 6, go to the settings menu, the extra redundant projects, the lower right corner of the extra window;
  • 7, go to the message box and click on the button response, compact mode message box;
  • 8, join the high-speed channel and offline crack, anti kick patch;
  • 9, keep the compressed package preview and sidebar. Keep the runtime (in system operation, no runtime XP SP3 can be measured, other);
  • 10, application center to retain only the happy tree (be opened manually);
  • 11, harmony XLLiveUD.exe;
  • 12, based on the K green version exclusive edition revised, batch add and modify the exit option to create a shortcut to the imperfect place;
  • 13, divided into transparent and opaque version version, gold and blue optional static skin;
  • 14, to solve the Windows 10 system is not compatible with flash back problems, integrated flash back collapse patch;


V2.0.12.256 updates are as follows:
The new version of the interface style:
The tree to increase the happiness of the plug-in;
"Membership acceleration button to push to accelerate"
Remote download plug-ins and enjoy version integration;
Some of the details of the optimization;
Repair of other BUG.
The main update contents are as follows:
Fixed issue complete mode and streamlined version switch need to re-enter the password;
Repair of a small number of users to automatically log the problem of failure;
A complete repair mode and streamlined version after switching task re download problems;
Remember the last time the main client interface and suspended window position;
Increase the open high-speed channel, offline channels, delete tasks to the trash animation;
Other details of the optimization and repair some BUG.

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