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Annual meeting of Party lottery software version 2019 crack download support customization and default winners

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-27
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Annual meeting of Party lottery software 2019 crack version download support customization and default winners
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2019 years will start soon, as the activities will be ready for the staff, also start a tool, now will tool, there are many online, but it is need to spend money to buy, the lightning small as we bring in all can be free to use, love will come download it! Default support, support and customize their own interface!
The default can be winners, can change the background music, pictures can also be customized interface party lottery software 2019

Function introduction:

1. uses a computer random algorithm, each staff to participate in the draw the odds of winning, ensure fairness. Each system is selected from first to last between randomly selected, will not appear the winning situation get together.
2. has been winning automatically excluded, each person only once chance of winning, never repeat winners.
3. can be specified (the prize is limited to the use of entertainment).
4. support in order to draw lottery lottery \ order.
5. you can set the welcome screen, the welcome screen background, music, welcome all can be set free. Music support wav\mp3\wma and other formats.
6. background music, background image, title style, draw the background color, draw Title style, draw button style, style, winning staff setting area, background color, font color and winning information can be set freely. Can be replaced at any time according to different occasions.
7. draw layout can be set according to the resolution automatically adapt to control layout.
8. awards, lottery order, can be flexibly set, no limit the number of awards.
9. lottery participants can be set free, millions of lottery staff, fast running speed. By Excel or txt bulk import participants, participants can also export.
10. support for the free adjustment of rolling speed, accurate to the second unit.
11. draw support memory function, in the course of the activity, in case of accident or closed exit (such as: power), lottery program can then start again before the sweepstakes was interrupted.
12. support temporary additional awards, award compensation function.
The 13. is the list of winners can be exported to excel.
14. support custom background image, custom text, such as the company slogan.
15. full automatic adaptation, whether you are using a common screen or a widescreen display, the program will automatically adapt to the interface, without distortion, the projection effect is better.
The 16. parameter set a password, to prevent unauthorized modification of parameters.
17. can be set up batch. As can be a one-time pumping 50, three pumping 50 etc..
18. can be used to name, phone number, ID number and other list.
19. support Qijiang bhoodan award winning or winning functions, such as leadership personnel is not present, can give up places, places to go to extract.
20. support win7/vista/xp/2003/2000 and other operating system. Fully compatible with 64/32 system.
21. life free upgrades and free technical support services.

Functional characteristics

1, set the title: double click the title, modify the title into the dialog box
Content: title display content;
Height: Y coordinates corresponding to the title screen;
Font: click the font button, set the title font display.
2, set the prize display area: double click the corresponding region, changes into the dialog box, as shown below:
Height: Y coordinates of the screen;
Font: click the font button, set the font display.
3, modify the display name: double click the corresponding rolling area, changes into the dialog box, as shown below:
Height: Y coordinates of the screen;
Font: click the font button, set the font display
Display company, display department: set rolling subtitles, whether to include the company and department information;
4, modify the roll number display: double click the corresponding region, changes into the dialog box, as shown below:
Height: Y coordinates of the screen;
Font: click the font button, set the font display
Number: set number of rolling digits, if not 6; in front of autocompletion 6, in front of 0, if set to 0, automatically adapt to the employee digit number, do not make up 0.
5, Modify button: double click the button to display the blank area, changes into the dialog box, as shown below:
Height: Y coordinates of the screen;
6, modify the winning display: double click the corresponding region, changes into the dialog box, as shown below:
X: X screen coordinates;
Y: Y screen coordinates;
Width: the width of the winning box;
High: Winning box Height
Each line shows: set each line shows the number of columns;
Display, display department: whether to display the employee number in winning the box in the department.
Font: click the font button, set the font display.
7, system settings: click "Settings" button, enter the modify dialog box, as shown below:
Background music: click on the right"..." Button selection in local computer music files;
Background: click on the right"..." Button, select the picture file on the local computer;
Clear employee list: this function can clear demonstration staff list;
Import staff list: this function can import from EXCEL file staff list;
Initialization: demonstration after the draw or to start after the completion of the lottery, this function will remove already winning information back to the initial state.
Set the award: blank in the table, click on the keyboard button, can add a prize.
Sort order: said the lottery, the smaller the value, the first lottery;
Awards: grade prizes;
Set the name of the prize: the prize;
The winning number: the award winning number can be set;
A few at a time: set each selected number, the maximum is 20, the minimum is 1;
Delete: click on the button to remove awards already set up awards;
Change Password: click on the lower right corner of "change password" can be modified into "initialization", "black list" function of the password, as shown below: the system default password: 123
8: the main interface, click the "start" button or the Enter key, start rolling, then set a "start" or "enter" key, stop scrolling, start winning numbers, lottery lottery to pause halfway, you can press "ESC" button to stop producing the winning numbers.
9, the main interface "awards set" button, the function with the "system management" in the prize setting function, but here you can draw on the way, a temporary increase in the project award.
Click the confirm button, add a temporary award, the Cancel button to leave the interface.
10, the main interface of "current award" button: the system default is to draw sequence according to the pre-determined order of the lottery, you can use this function to select other awards to draw.
Move the cursor to choose a prize, double-click the mouse, or enter to confirm.
11, the main interface "winners" button: this function is to query has been winning staff list.
Right click the menu or press the F10 key, the output to the EXCEL: "can be exported to EXCEL documents;
Right click the menu or press the DEL key to delete the winners ": you can delete the winning is not present, or draw out leadership, leadership award winners here to delete; there is a empty awards can be re draw.
12, special function: press F2, enter the password: 123, enter the default function:
Set the white list (default winners): set the winning awards;
Set the black list (not the winners): setting cannot be pumped to the award list;
13, boss key:
In the main draw interface: keyboard: Ctrl+X, enable default function (the default is to open default function);
In the main draw interface: keyboard: Ctrl+Z, cancel the default function, white list settings no longer function.
System characteristics:
1, employees can import information from the Excel file;
2, you can set the background music title, company name;
3, you can set the award name, prizes, the winning number, each have a few winners;
4, the winning numbers can be randomly generated, you can also set the white list, black list;
5, you can adjust the order of awards at any time, you can temporarily modify the name of the award, prize winning number, each have a few winners;
6, all the items after smoked, can temporarily increase the awards, guest Award (grand prize);

Operating instructions:

1, click on the desktop icon, start the lottery program, please send computer to 1024 * 768 resolution before use;
2, click on the keyboard: "enter" key, start the lottery, and scroll number, click "enter" key, start winning number;
3, not to draw, click the keyboard: the "ESC" key to exit the system, start the lottery, click keyboard: the "ESC" button, can stop the lottery;
4, click the keyboard: the "F2" button, enter the password: 123, white list setting interface;
5, click the keyboard: the "F8" button to enter the settings interface, can award in the lottery process, adding new awards (awards prize winning number, name, number, each produced); the "ESC" button, can draw back the interface;
6, click the keyboard: the "F9" button, enter the "set current award" interface, can choose the next to draw prizes; press "ESC" button, can draw back the interface;
7, click the keyboard: the "F10" button, enter the system settings interface, click on the "background music" after the edit box button, you can customize the background music; edit the title in the "draw title"; click "import list" or "remove" button or remove or import workers in "set the award list;" the list of awards, enter name, draw sequence, the prize winning number, content, each selected several employees; click "initialization", clear the winning list, the system back to the state before the lottery, but not clear already set the white list and awards, lottery can start again;
8, click the keyboard: the "F11" button, enter the "winners" interface, press the keyboard "on / off" arrow can be moved up and down, the "PgUp/PgDn" button on the page; click the right mouse button, select the output to the EXECL or press "F10" key to winning export list to the EXECL file; according to the "ESC" key, can draw back the interface;
9, introduction of staff information: Execl file "Sheet1", data from the beginning of the first, can not have the title, the first column is the name of the company, listed as the second department, third employees Name, fourth employees as code; order must not be wrong, or import error.
10, I wish you all in the evening every year fortune awards!
In the main interface of software, press Ctrl+R to bring up the registration window, enter the code and click "OK", you can use all the functions to complete the registration;

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