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Free Android simulator v5.6.2.1 latest official version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-16
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Free Android simulator v5.6.2.1 latest official version
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Free Android simulator Shanghai is a Micro Software Technology Co., Ltd. launched a powerful BlueStacks The main function of the software, computer is playing Mobile Games, the ultimate performance, an unlimited number of open! I love playing with a try Mobile Games simulator!
Play computer Mobile Games and Android application is free Android! The strongest performance test, a infinite number of open (once installed, no sand table, without a kernel), compatible with all mainstream Android applications, smooth without Caton, support 1080P HD screen. Support wireless handle and the most complete keyboard mapping function (WASD eight range, gravity sensing, multi touch, etc.) as well as ROOT, IMEI, simulation models and other powerful features after various mobile phone download experience!

Functional characteristics

1. provide the best Android simulation experience: faster startup and running speed;

2. compatible with Windows operating system, the mainstream mainstream CPU models (Intel/Amd);

3. support OpenGL acceleration, 3D provides the best performance experience;

4. support full screen display, the display resolution adaptive optimal;

5. keyboard control (convenient touch-screen game use), a shake, interception screen, my computer, close all applications, APK fast installation;

6. equipment management: battery status, GPS, USB game controller, volume;

Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Games open as long as the point of time, like a simple WORD, with simple and convenient download sandbox kernel, only need to install a infinite number of open!

Direct infinite open, no sand, no need to download what other kernel, once installed, a key to an unlimited number of open!

Just open a key step:

1, as long as the free download the latest version of Android,

2, install free Android, will appear on the desktop

3, click on the "free Android open explorer, directly open, open to open a few seconds, gently open six.

(laptop desktop is too small, only four)

Free Android simulator, speed, performance test after blasting all opponents, the perfect support for more than 99% of Android games (all popular game Fantasy Westward Journey support) and the application of large-scale 3D games is absolutely smooth without Caton, supports an unlimited number of open, ROOT, to simulate the mobile phone models (iPhone7 can simulate), simulate any geographical location IMEI, self regulating, infinite resolution and free configuration of simulator resources, please download the free Android more surprises experience!

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