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Pro 8 v8.5.3.3573 Chinese perfect cracked version of win10 containing serial number register

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-09-05
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Pro 8 v8.5.3.3573 Chinese perfect cracked version of win10 containing serial number register
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8 Pro Pro 8 v8.5.3.3573 full version is a by EDIUS company to build a fast real-time professional nonlinear editing software. Pro 8 supports more formats, more real-time, support 4K, 3D, HD, SD and other real-time editing HD video. A lot of friends in the casting of this software latest version of crack. Lightning small is brought here to update the latest version of v8.5.3.3573 Pro 8 installation package, including patch, crack repair mainly through the license ID file, need to download it, starting the whole network break this station!
  Pro full version 88 official website
EDIUS Pro means "anytime, anywhere, any editing will have more resolution selection, infinite orbit and real-time editing capabilities. Whether it is the standard version of the EDIUS Pro, or EDIUS Elite version of the network, in the broadcast news and news magazine, studio shows, including documentaries, and even 4K video production, is the best choice of your tools. More creative tools and for all SD, HD format real-time, without rendering can edit the properties, make EDIUS become the most practical and one of the non Quick Edit tool.

software function

Motion tracking automatic tracking

High quality slow-motion (optical flow) algorithm based on optical flow in slow motion

New color grading mode new color mode

RAW support camera RAW

LOG/LUT support supports LOG/LUT mode

Scalable 125%/150%/200% display delivers a more consistent experience across devices, including HiDPI Windows 8.1 displays

Zoom into the 125%/150%/200% display, so you can display a continuous screen with multi screen equipment, also supports win 8.1 based on HiDPI (high density display technology)

Background rendering supports background rendering

Frame rate converter frame rate converter

Windows 10 support Windows10


1, support Blackmagic Design DeckLink and DaVinci 4KExtreme card, support EDL switching time line color correction process
2, third party vendors open hardware interfaces, such as Blackmagic Design, Matrox and AJA
3, support a variety of different materials mixed resolution from 24*24 to 4K*2K, at the same time line real-time conversion of different frame rate, bring extraordinary efficiency for editors
4, fast and flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio and subtitle track and graphics
5, support for the latest file format, such as Sony XAVC/XVAC S, PanasonicAVC-Ultra 4K and Canon XF-AVC 422
6 source code, supports a variety of video formats, such as Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, Ikegami GF, RED Canon, XF and EOS video format
7, the market is the fastest speed AVCHD editor (more than 3 real-time editing)
8, up to 16 seats while editing, support video output
9, improve the quality and speed of MPEG encoder
10, improve the performance of H.264/AVC decoder
11, accelerate the 4K H.264 playback
12, make full use of the fourth generation of Intel Core I.
13, to speed up the work process and the design of the new UI
14, native 64 bit processing capabilities, to provide maximum memory support for real-time editing
15, agent for the low-end computer design edit mode is used and can prolong the product life cycle
16, support Intel Intel Quick Sync Video of H.264 fast output and Blu ray
A large number of static image sequence 17, rapid processing, such as JPG, TGA, DPX etc.
18, 3D stereo edit
19, built-in image stabilizer
20, time line directly burn Blu ray disc and DVD

Step EDIUS 8 how fast video clips are as follows:

1, the new project

Start the EDIUS Pro 8 software, the EDIUS screen will appear to initialize the project then click the "new project" in the relevant parameters pop-up dialog box to create engineering design regulation project: video size and frame rate; click next, then enter the operation screen.

2, import material

The new project completed and enter the "library" panel, the material import, (the specific import method how quickly import reference material in EDIUS). Will the material import, import materials listed in "material library" panel, in the "property" rollout will display more detailed material information.

3, footage

In the film clips before work, need to be added to the clip in the track material. First select the required clip material in "material library" panel, and then press the mouse button and drag the "left" to the time line, placed in orbit needs in V (video), VA (video and audio), T (text) and A (audio) to choose.

The background music material import and drag to the time line of A (audio) in orbit, and then clip video footage of cohesion and length according to the rhythm of music.

4, special effects

In the completion of the basic video editing, for the continuous control between the lens and the special panel can add transitions, the transitions between material.

Through the "special effects" panel in the video and audio filter filters, can adjust the film editing effect, make the material shooting in different periods or different types of material well to produce continuous, to ensure that in the plots of playback effect is more coherent and beautiful.

5, project output

All effects are produced after the completion of the film, you can use the "set point" and "set the specified video area to render point", if all regions and track in the timeline for rendering, you can skip the in and out points set.

Select "file" "output" command in the menu bar, you can choose the output to tape, output file, batch output, disc set, clip film products processing.

The shortcut keys

1. select the multi section material, according to the G, can be set to the group. Select the settings group material, Alt+G, withdrawal group.
2. select a video audio material, Alt+Y, unlock audio; will unlock the video and audio are selected, Y, re lock.
3. cut the rail material, C; cut all track material, Shift+C.
4. set point, I; O; set out point, cancellation point, Alt+I; cancel out, Alt+O.
5. undo in and out points, X; ripple delete all tracks in and out points between the material, D.
After the 6. set in and out points of the current track material in and out points in the position of the knife cut the Alt+C on all tracks; material in and out points in the position of the knife cut, Alt+Shift+C.
7. delete the selected material, corrugated delete; delete the selected material, Alt+delete.
The 8. time line zoom, Ctrl+ "+" Ctrl+ "-".

How to crack the EDIUS 8 installation tutorial

In the first 1. download resources, due to large file upload attachment in Baidu SkyDrive.

2. after the download is complete, double click the downloaded file "EDIUS_8.53_3573_DL_Setup.exe" installation. From the following interface: installation failure. The following diagram:

3. this is because the computer does not install the "Apple Quicktime". The station can now download the latest version of "Apple Quicktime" installation. Then follow the prompts to complete installation.

Apple QuickTime Player 7.78.80 iPod player
  • License: free software
  • Software type: foreign software
  • Software language: Simplified Chinese
  • Software size: 40.08 MB
  • Update date: 2015-08-22
  • Operating environment: WinXP, Win2008, Win7, Win8

4. "Apple Quicktime" after the installation is complete. To repeat the second step, start the installation from the following interface double-click EDIUS_8. Select the "I Agree to...". Click the "Install" installation, as shown below.

Click "Next" to install 5.

Please click on the graphic detail installation tutorial:
Pro 8 win10 system with graphic installation tutorial

Pro8 full version v8.53.2808 download install and activate the tutorial

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro cracked version offline repair ID file activation tutorial

EDIUS Pro 8 Chinese simplified version of the update log:

EDIUS 8.53.3573 Readme
1. What's fixed?
ED-33053 Noisy audio is played in Blu-ray disc menu (SFDC00618012)
ED-34038 EDIUS cannot open a certain MP3 file (SFDC00625846)
2. Target Version
EDIUS 8.53


Support partial transfer of Canon RAW clip
Support audio loudness normalize for file export (only Workgroup)
Support to import FCP XML with preserving audio volume, panning and audio track volume
New rendering engine for Quick Titler to display machine-dependent character correctly
Support to set any loudness profile (only Workgroup)
Support to display aspect ratio for anamorphic clip in clip properties

- Mync
* All new features are for EDIUS built-in Mync Standard edition.
Support hardware decode for H.265 (HEVC) clip
Mync allows to select encode quality option when exporting Storyboard to MP4 clip
Support to export all audio tracks when exporting Storyboard to FCP XML
Support to place audio clip into Storyboard for background music

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