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The wild action of PC computer version of flying acceleration perspective auxiliary hanging

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-05-26
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The wild action of PC computer version of flying acceleration perspective auxiliary hanging
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Just beginning to see the forum has made a lot of help, but after the announcement that cannot be reproduced, click on the game over! They used this issue to play good, also hope that NetEase can be harmonized as soon as possible, give us a fair gaming environment green! The software interface is ugly, but we also hope to understand! My WIN7 64 system using normal, self testing other! The software only adds a compression shell, do not worry you can choose not to

Using the method of software:

The first 1. games, open the software! (this is a must!)
2. flying, ground black and perspective, the sky is black, open a can be used normally! Simple method of flying under the open, press and hold the key (WSAD), has been pressing the space can be!

3. unlimited bullets, after entering the game open one gun, can be opened by F7! After the opening, can not take medicine or backpack do not show other items, you can press F8 to close! Re open after you can take medicine!

The 4. bullet track, this is generally more wonderful, automatic kill kill is near, but I'm not sure who, you shoot, as long as the heart - red, show that can be killed, then you will be shot, hit dead on the distance is not enough, for the sniper! Recommended AK M4 sniper, after all the distance!

You can see someone's words, you can turn off the track, shot, open track is not to fight, you can experience!

The other function is not introduced, their experience is good, hope the harmonious NetEase as soon as possible here, we have a fair gaming environment green!

Use help

Especially important:

Forget to say one thing, when each game, be sure to press F12 closed, don't ask me why!

The 1. perspective first opened the process of failure, are you sure you are in accordance with the requirements? The first open open game software!

2. the end of the game will be stuck, or the game is too laggy, please according to the requirements, when you determine the dead according to F12 closed OK?

3. restart the game to go to 72% or 80%, card case, Congratulations, NetEase has been eyeing you,

The solution is to open the wilderness action directory, there will be a [launcher.exe.old], you can remove the.Old!

Change your name is changed to 123.exe, after the start!

After 4. unlimited bullets, cutting gun can not open the gun, because the gun you cut when you open unlimited bullets has not picked up a solution, F8 off, F7 can be opened


As of 2017/12/12, all the normal functions of the source code, all games are the latest address!

F1 magic bullet: rifles and sniper rifle bullets can automatically track the distance but not the enemy, the enemy attack near (according to F1 manual closed shooting after opening).
F2 wall: F2 open to go upstairs, upstairs to shut off.
F3 Dun land: as the name suggests, such as the need to return to the ground again by F3 off, and then press the keyboard w to return to the ground.
F4 unlimited bullets: the need to shoot open before (how many do), after opening the gun can be opened according to F4. Unable to open the package after opening. Please press F4 to close the need to open the bullet can be unlimited.
Note: the game of death or victory to close this function in a timely manner, please close this fast if closed after the end of the game, or may the main interface card.
F5: when the aircraft after the global acceleration of opening this function can achieve rapid plane. In order to prevent the card out of the game after the opening of the 30s failure.
F8: continuous jump forward to keep flying in the air.
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