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PC version of the wilderness action figures highlight the perspective auxiliary 4.12.10 Free Edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-10
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 PC version of the wilderness action figures highlight the perspective auxiliary 4.12.10 Free Edition
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PC version of the wild action figures perspective highlighted a strong auxiliary function, simple operation, there is a need to download a friend can!
This "wild action" plug-in tool perspective color can accelerate the escape, automatic targeting, plug chicken

Use help

The enemy becomes red - (that is not to fight the enemy, is blocked by the object)
The enemy becomes blue - (that the enemy can be hit)
Please open the game after injection in the auxiliary interface double-click

The domestic edition \ International Edition action figure and Fang Kuangtou through the wilderness
The function of self tracking F10 hotkey F9 box F11 F12 color perspective


Add auxiliary and patch data protection, then run as administrator assistant and crack patch, drag crack, direct landing can be injected into the hall.

2018.08.02 04:40 update
Receive feedback within a short period of time (especially headshot kill) kills too much will cause no damage after the attack (PS: leidu own releasing blow die what ghost)
Temporarily remove automatic aiming function
And suggested to the Finals again. What if

2018.06.10 16:30
The 32 amendment system loading failure

2018.05.25 20:10
This program supports 1.0.12 game update version 1.0.10~1.0.12
A Hook ntdll to actually start function NtProtectVirtualMemory
Because the Hook function can lead to progress in the game space called VirtualProtect and VirtualProtectEx to modify the memory protection attributes

This update for solving this problem took some time but eventually successfully resolved (PS R3 layer anti cheat is paper tiger)
2018.05.15 12:20
Re packers compiled signature detection
2018.05.06 16:20
Re packers compiled signature detection
2018.004.03 23:10
Because of a map with suspected easy detection of the color removal function so temporarily retained Perspective
At the same time and relatively stable pure version of the box
2018.03.24 00:10
An easy 2018.03.23 at noon in a sneaky way to push an update of the main program
This update will block and the characters together and increased significantly and the function block drop box
Blue characters yellow box box box box and drop box for magenta drop display map
The two day of a ventilation easy seems to several people to give me feedback did not open titles or T line also assisted 20 minutes easy to play
As for the reason of antivirus reported toxicity should be added to the VMP shell I can only guarantee the program without any back door or Mu Ma
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