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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate ultimate 2018 SP4 Chinese cracked version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2018-12-24
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Corel VideoStudio Ultimate ultimate 2018 SP4 Chinese cracked version
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Corel VideoStudio 2018, Chinese name 2018, is a professional and good video editing tool that can help you create impressive movies and enhance your skills. You can use the video template to finish the movie in a minute, and drag and drop special effects to get your desired appearance. Whether it is just getting started or experienced, users will enjoy the flexibility and customization function provided by the video. You can quickly edit and tailor, size, and set media locations directly in the preview window. Use the improved controls to move the shot or close-up picture in your movie. You can combine photos, videos and audio on the timeline to enjoy your own editing experience. The use of intuitive tools and learning resources will help you improve your skills, and you will be closer to perfection when you make a movie with 2018. Interesting and flexible video editor. Xiaobian here brings Chinese cracked version, like it can be downloaded.


2018 Chinese cracked version installation tutorial

1. download the compression pack at this station, extract the installation package and Corel Products Keygen register after decompression.

Install Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018
Setup / 32bit / Ultimate / Setup.exe or Setup / 64bit / Ultimate / Setup.exe, Xiaobian brings the 64 place here.

3. accept agreement, point next
4. accept improvements, point next
5. entering the interface to be registered, we open the registration machine, select Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018, point generate serial number to generate serial number (until finally, do not mess around, generate the serial number after that), the user name can be any name.

6. input the newly generated registration code to the installation interface, username, we input sdbeta, point next

7. multi language version, including Chinese, select Chinese, choose to install a directory, point install now

8. installation process can see all kinds of new functions, like to see it.

9. successful completion of installation

10. running the software, the menu bar is still in English. We download the perfect Chinese package provided by this station.
Sinico 2018 Sinicization bag (final version) Http://

11. after download, run the Sinicization of the 2018 Sinicization package (64 bits).Exe

12. complete the installation according to the prompt.

13. run the software again, from the upcoming interface to the running interface, all of which are in Chinese.

14. help - you can see the perfect ultimate.


Function introduction

 Easy to use video editor

Easier to use

Timeline editing is now easier than ever. Now you can group the clips, directly access the audio tracks in the music library, and find video tutorials and resources in the new welcome tab.
 Your video editing is more creative.

More creativity


More work is done on VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 with new orbital transparency and time remapping capabilities. Exclusive ultimate: new mask creator and more quality effects added.
 Supporting latest formats and technologies

Supporting latest formats and technologies


Supporting the latest technology, X2018 introduced a complete 360 video editing suite - editing 360 videos, adding titles or converting 360 videos to standard videos.

Functional characteristics

Amazing video
It is edited on the multi track time line with the accuracy of HD and 4K.
Infinite creativity
Express yourself with more than 2000 filters and effects, including 14 high-level effects sets.
Intuitive workflow
From templates to timeline editing, develop your skills and create impressive videos.
Prize winning
Choose a feature rich and easy to use video editor.
Popular format
It is edited on the multi track time line with the accuracy of HD and 4K.

Introduction of new functions

From users to commentators, many people are discussing how many excellent functions have been assembled in the concert. Using the new "split screen" video, you can display multiple videos at the same time, or use the time reset control to create fast action or slow motion video. The multi machine editor allows you to explain your story and select the angle of play in up to 4 different angles. Create a "Stop Animation" video on each drawing, or add new blurred effects or mobile headlines with action tracking, or even edit your 360 degree video. Using hundreds of filters and special effects to create creativity, you can create films that you will be amazed by yourself. Concert video 2018 is suitable for every movie editor - whether you are a pilot or have many years of experience.


Give your video vivid vitality and transform your photos and videos into videos. There are more than 1500 special effects in 2018, which allows you to express your creative vision. Add unique titles, gradient effects, special effects and graphics, and easily adjust the transparency of the various video tracks and layers to make your best moment even more dazzling. Create dramatic effects and play quickly, add special effects and overlapped pictures, drag and drop filters, add impact titles, and customize your projects to create the look of your mind. Even use a new lens correction tool to eliminate lens distortion. Transform your daily photos and videos into something you can proudly share with your family and friends. 2018 full of functions is the editor that is best suited for translating good memories into treasure stories.


The latest video acceleration technology is used for optimization. The advanced hardware acceleration function adopts the latest graphics card, and Intel and nVidia technology, greatly speeding up the presentation speed of the commonly used file formats. With innovative intelligent agent technology, you can enjoy faster and more fluent 4K editing and playback in each project. Although the original high resolution file quality has been retained for export, you can edit it with smaller files to improve speed and efficiency. Prepare to roll up your sleeves, create your own, edit almost any type of media yourself. Sync continues to keep pace with the latest format and support, and expands the camera support range to stop animation and 360 degree videos. We also added direct video support, so you can edit action device videos without adding those ugly black edges. We let you easily present the best side.
New video editing shortcut keys
Now, you can not only cut, adjust and locate the media directly in the preview pane, but also combine the media with the new intelligent tools.

New simplified timeline editor

Customize the icon in the toolbar to quickly access the most commonly used tools. Adjust the track height through new controls. Full screen editing, etc.

New translation and zoom controls

Use new and flexible controls to zoom in or move on the scene to make the audience experience.

New split screen video

At the same time, you can display several video streams and create impressive Promo or share the highlights of your latest journey.

New lens correction tool

Quickly remove distortion in wide-angle camera or motion camera and create professional video in minutes.

New 3D Title Editor

Add text to the video by extending the title option, and enjoy unlimited creative options. Play and finish the video by selecting the headline option.

(Ultimate exclusive)

Exclusive VideoStudio Ultimate

Use NewBlue Titler Pro 5 to mine hundreds of professional presuppositions and creative effects. These advanced plug-ins give you an unimaginable effect.

(Ultimate exclusive)

Today, according to the 2018 hints of "", we have successfully upgraded to the 3D. This upgrade "service pack 2" has updated three items. One is the main program, two is the subtitle software, the three is the magic filter.

The ultimate package has been updated in the compressed package.
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