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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate ultimate SP4 VideoStudio 2018 Chinese finished version

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  • Update: 2018-12-24
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Corel VideoStudio Ultimate ultimate SP4 VideoStudio 2018 Chinese finished version
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Corel VideoStudio 2018 Chinese VideoStudio 2018 name, is a professional and easy to use video editing tools, can help you to create impressive film, while improving your skills! You can use video template to complete the film in a moment, and drag and drop to get your desired appearance effects. Whether it is just getting started or experience, users will love VideoStudio provide flexibility and custom function. You can directly in the preview window to quickly edit and cut, resize and set the position of the media. The use of improved control translation in your movie camera or close-up picture. You can combine photos, video and audio in the timeline, enjoy the creative experience personally editing. The use of intuitive tools and learning resources to help you improve your skills, let you use VideoStudio 2018 to produce a film, can be more close to perfect. Interesting and flexible video editor. Here Xiaobian bring is Chinese Chinese crack version of love to download!


VideoStudio 2018 Chinese crack version of the installation tutorial

1. the download package, unzip Corel Products Keygen installation package and get registered machine

Install Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018
Setup / 32bit / Ultimate / Setup.exe or Setup / 64bit / Ultimate / Setup.exe, Xiao Bian here is bringing 64

3. to accept the agreement, next
4. accept the improvement, next
5. enter the registration interface, we open the registration machine, select the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate generate serial number 2018, the generated sequence number (until the end, don't mess, but also to generate the serial number behind the name), can be arbitrary name

6. just generated registration code input to the installation interface, we enter the sdbeta username, next

More than 7. languages, including Chinese, choose Chinese, choose the installation directory, install now

The 8. installation process can see a variety of new features, love to see it

9. successfully completed the installation

10. software, the menu bar or English, we download the site to provide the perfect amount of finished package
VideoStudio 2018 package (final version) :

11. download, run the package VideoStudio 2018 package (64.Exe)

12. follow the prompts to complete the installation

13. once again run the software, from the interface to the open operation interface, all Chinese version

14. - a view to help, is already perfect genuine ultimate


Function introduction

 Easy to use video editor

Easy to use

The timeline editing is now easier than ever. Now, you can group the clip, direct access to tracks in the music library, and in the new "welcome" tab to find video tutorials and resources.
 Your video editing more creative

More creativity


Use the new track time transparency and re mapping function of VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 to do more work. Exclusive: Ultimate New mask creator and more high quality effect effect.
 The new format and technical support

The new format and technical support


Support for the latest technology, VideoStudio X2018 introduces 360 complete video editing suite - 360 video editing, add a title or will be converted to standard video 360 video.

Functional characteristics

Amazing video
To edit HD and 4K precision in multi track timeline.
Infinite creativity
Express yourself with more than 2000 kinds of filters and effects, including a set of 14 advanced effects.
Intuitive work flow
From the template to the timeline editing, developing your skills, create impressive video.
Select a feature rich and easy to use video editor.
Support the popular format
To edit HD and 4K precision in multi track timeline.

The new features introduced

From the user to the critics, many people are talking about how many excellent in VideoStudio aggregation function. The use of the new "split screen" video can simultaneously display multiple videos, or using the "reset" time to control the establishment of fast motion or slow motion video. "Machine" editor allows you to as many as 4 different angles to explain your story and select the video playback point. According to each frame to establish a "stop motion animation" video, or using the "new" motion tracking blur effect or mobile title, and even edit your videos of 360. The use of hundreds of filters and effects of creativity, make yourself feel amazing movie. VideoStudio 2018 is suitable for every film editing - whether you are a foray or have years of experience!


Give a vivid vitality for your video, and your photos and video into a movie. VideoStudio 2018 provides 1500 kinds of special effects, so you can express your creative vision. The one and only the new title, gradual change effect, special effects and graphics to adjust the video track and an easy job to do the opacity, give you the most beautiful moment more dazzling. Dramatic effect and quick play, add a picture in picture effects and overlay, drag and drop, the new filter has the impact of the title and customize your project to create the appearance of your mind. Even the use of new tools to eliminate the distortion of camera lens correction! Will your daily photos and videos into can be proud to share with family and friends of the content. With VideoStudio 2018 functions, is the most suitable for the collection of memories into the story editor.


VideoStudio using the latest video acceleration technology optimization. With the new advanced hardware accelerated graphics card, and the Intel and nVidia technology, speed up the common file format presentation speed. With the intelligent agent technology innovation, you can enjoy in each project faster and more smoothly 4K editing and playback function. Although the original high resolution archival quality has been reserved for export, but you can use smaller files for editing, in order to improve the speed and efficiency. Ready to roll up their sleeves, concentrating on writing and editing by almost any type of media. Keep pace with the new format and VideoStudio continued support, and expand the range of camera support for stop motion animation and film 360. We also added a straight video support, so you can edit the mobile video, without increasing the black side of those ugly! We allow you to easily show the best side.
New video editing shortcuts
Now, you can not only in the preview pane directly cut, adjust the size and location of the media, the media can also be combined with the new intelligent tools, etc.!

A new simplified timeline editor

A custom icon in the toolbar, quick access to the most frequently used tools. The new control orbit height adjustment. Full screen editing

A new translation and zoom control

Let the audience like to experience the use of new flexible control amplification or translation on the scene when the action.

A new split screen video

At the same time show Promo multiple video streams and create impressive or share moments in your new journey!

The new lens correction tool

Quick removal of the wide-angle camera or camera motion distortion phenomenon and a few minutes to create professional video.

The new 3D Title Editor

By extending the title option to add text to video, enjoy unlimited creative options. Through the suction eye and end video playback options title.

(Ultimate exclusive)

Exclusive VideoStudio Ultimate

Using NewBlue Titler Pro 5 mining hundreds of professional design and creative effect. These advanced plug-in for your present effects beyond imagination.

(Ultimate exclusive)

Today, according to VideoStudio 2018 tips have been successfully upgraded to, this upgrade "service pack 2" update three content, one is the main program, two 3D subtitles software, three magic filter.

The compressed package has been updated ultimate direct installed version
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