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Graphics Suite 2018 v20.1.0.708 ISO multi language version with complete Chinese language and register

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  • Update: 2018-06-21
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Graphics Suite 2018 v20.1.0.708 ISO multi language version with Chinese language and complete registration machine
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Graphics Suite 2018 finally updated, a lot of friends to download, Xiaobian also has updated the English retail version, and carrot week Chinese version, the solution is through the activation of the patch, whether it is software or activation is not perfect place, today, Xiaobian bring Graphics Suite 2018 comes with the original Chinese the retail version. The good news is that has updated the 2018 registered machine! If you love the perfect active have to pay attention to download it! Lightning download starting the whole network, the most perfect version of the perfect register! Xiao Bian also bring a more detailed tutorial activation!

Graphics Suite 2018 new features introduced

The creation of

1. through the multifunctional design tool gives you express your creativity, unique style and make your audience.

The 2. symmetrical drawing mode to create a series of symmetrical design, from simple to complex object in real time and automatically execute the myriads of changes, usually through the time-consuming process to improve your work efficiency.

3. shadow tools use this interactive function will be added to the object and shadow solid vector text, so as to reduce the time for the output file. It greatly reduce the number of nodes and lines in the shadow copy to speed up the work flow.

4.LiveSketch tools and design sketch in flight! LiveSketch is a revolutionary new tool for the new development of artificial intelligence and machine learning based on. In the equipment support touch on the sketch free format is converted into vector curve accurately.

Filling 5. application and management and transparency in the use of and Corel in PHOTO-PAINT and management and a transparent film, you can enjoy a completely redesigned filling and transparent film pickup, which will help to improve your work efficiency and improve performance.

6. alignment and distribution node using constituency bounding box, margin or center, the nearest grid line or designated point alignment and distribution node. Distribution of nodes is also easy, in the horizontal or vertical spacing between them with equal.

The 7. dotted contour line and angle control of the object using the dotted line in 2018, the more control the appearance of text and symbols in the corner. In addition to the existing default settings, you can also choose from two new options in the corner, to create the perfect design and definition.

8. tools to design more influence your spark! It is very suitable for the action or focus easily add onto the elements. The effect is non destructive, highly customizable vector objects, you can use other tools to edit.

9.Pointillizer just a few mouse clicks, you can generate high quality mosaic vector from vector or bitmap object in an arbitrary number of. Inspired by Pointillism's painting techniques, it is very suitable for the production of car coat, window decoration project etc..

10.PhotoCocktail create stunning photo collage. From the beginning of photos or vector objects, as a mosaic of the foundation, and then select a bitmap image library as a mosaic collage, then let PhotoCocktail do the rest of the work.


A new high quality function
Can improve the efficiency of workflow, and provide excellent output in a variety of formats, so as to realize the incomparable productivity.

1. interactive photos through the interactive alignment bar straightening straightening bending and rotating the image to the photo element or specify rotation angle. All controls can easily get on the screen or in a bar, in order to obtain perfect results in a few minutes.

2. photos using interactive interactive adjustment perspective perspective correction tool to adjust the perspective of buildings, landmarks or objects in the photo. Only the four corners and a rectangular shape should be aligned, you can adjust the lens.

3.AfterShot 3 HDR from and Corel PHOTO-PAINT Download Corel AfterShot 3 HDR of RAW or JPEG photo professional correction and enhancement. High dynamic range HDR module includes the use of AfterShot 3 in HDR (HDR) image.

4. custom curve preview and edit use keyboard shortcuts to replace the main color of color, and vice versa, even in the most complex design also can be done more easily and handle node preview.

5. vector preview by fast preview tool, curve preview, node and handle, and the slider control effect as well as text, improve work efficiency. Quickly open large files and enjoy a smoother curve editing complex.

6. switch to capture click the close button to close capture options, open or close the capture or use keyboard shortcuts. Re positioning the object in the case when the cursor is not released to disable capture.

7. timer through accurate interference free way to track project time, stay organized, to obtain the customer billing and time management insight. The project appears as a cautious timer window above the Drawing toolbar, fully customizable to match your workflow.

8. embedded fonts right filter to ensure that the use of the new embedding fonts right filter worry free file sharing, with four kinds of font font embedding permissions based on sorting, and determined to use or avoid the use of what kind of font in the selected text style. Use the font filtering function to find specific fonts.

9.Corel font manager Use the Corel font manager directly to the organization and management of your font library, and use your favorite font, without the need to install them. The use of network storage function faster to use fonts.

Graphics Suite 2018 features

Graphics Suite 2018 is a powerful professional good vector graphics software, can be easily extended to any outstanding graphics design package, professional tools on the market is the best compatibility in a file, its new content will let all creative people in all of the ideas, you can create rich and colorful logo, signage, marketing materials and various mature network graphics.
Support Chinese version provided by software package can create various illustrations, logos, brochures, advertisements, can often be the best solution for all of these tasks in a very long time in the CorelDraw Graphics Suite, easy to use, easy to manage, with a large number of tools that can create graphics and the field distribution along the image.
Open the extension application of multifunctional toolbox
No matter how your creative passion, talent or interest, Graphics Suite 2018 provides a series of powerful applications, to meet all your design needs and make your audience satisfaction
1. quick start whether this is your first time user or experienced designers, Graphics Suite 2018 allows you to easily start writing trip. Enjoy one click access to functional products in learning, design assets, plug-ins and more. Immediately generated in accordance with your workflow requirements and can benefit from high quality content in the work area. Use the font search and filtering function to quickly find any item font.

2. efficient design of multi-functional, high level tools to unlock your creative potential, to express your unique style and make your audience happy. In this version, we have an exciting user response innovation function impressive, including symmetric drawing mode, Block Shadow tools, and released to the WordPress bitmap perspective. Through faster processing, customizable shortcuts and new automatic alignment and straightening function, improve production efficiency.

3. light output to provide professional quality, can leave a lasting impression in any media. From the unique logo and logo eye-catching marketing materials, the Internet and social media graphics, such as billboards, Graphics Suite has everything you need to succeed. With industry-leading file format compatibility and advanced color management tools, you will be required for all types of projects the flexibility and accuracy of color.

A registered machine activation

1. normal installation software (multi language version, containing 14 Chinese) installed with a serial number registration machine generated.

2. off the net! Run the software, click on the Generate Activation register machine software Code, Activation data has been added will prompt successfully has now successfully activated,

3. the software firewall tool add network blacklist, don't let it network, such as the 360 guards and some classes are flow control software network firewall

0.Block Internet
1.Install Application
Use XFORCE Keygen to generate your Serial
2.After Installation and BEFORE starting application
(If it asks you to enter your acocunt info, just close the window
So the application is not running)
Click on Generate Activation Code in XFORCE Keygen
You should get a messaage
'Activation data has been added: 'successfully!)
3.Start Application
4.Enjoy it.
NB:block the application in your firewall so it wont go online
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