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SpeedPan (speed disk disk full speed download tool) V2.0.7 cracked version of the pro

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-03-19
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 SpeedPan (speed disk disk full speed download tool) V2.0.7 cracked version of the pro
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Speed disk (disk full speed download tool) is a very easy to use the Baidu SkyDrive speed full speed download tools, can help users to use full speed download resources, fast download bandwidth, basically achieve full speed, no speed limit, pro test easy to use, not downloaded from SkyDrive has resources. Do not login account, use a simple, safe and efficient, not to save the user information, very safe, no need to install software green, decompression can be used, need a friend to download it immediately!

software function

1, Baidu SkyDrive download speed (under normal circumstances can be full of broadband)
2, share the link to download (login required)
3, sharing resources search and download (not need record)
4, offline download (offline download login)
5, SkyDrive and other routine operations, such as create folders, create shared links, delete (access to your SkyDrive need to login)
Call 6, login is Baidu login page, only log cookie, will not save the user password and other information.

The software features

1, Free Download & sharing resources search log
Convenient and quick to find Baidu SkyDrive users to openly share various resources of SkyDrive, popular film and television, music, pictures, novels, software etc.. No need to login, add share links can directly download resources, resources will skip the "save to my SkyDrive".
2, my SkyDrive
The speed of disk, can be like Baidu SkyDrive client download, delete files, convenient and efficient management of my SkyDrive space.
3, limit the download speed
Baidu SkyDrive for breakthrough speed limits non member users, SkyDrive resources to achieve full download and multithreading technology. 50 seconds MB/ download speed is not fast disk limit.


Before 1, see people say not speed, there are two, 1, IP blocked Baidu, 2, the account is limited, the above situation is temporary, generally 1,2 days. The reason is likely to be within a certain period of time or download content over multiple connections. I have encountered in the process of using a limited no more than 100K, after a good day.
2, due to the heavy has not released the first run, there may be a "unknown publisher" prompt, click continue to run.

Usage method

In 1, the station download and unzip, double-click the SpeedPan.exe operation, green software without having to install, decompression can be used
2, you can download and "download" to download and share resources or a face in the "search" surface search resources in the case of landing. You can also download interface, click add share links

3, as shown in the input box of Baidu SkyDrive paste link, click on

4, the password will be prompted to enter a password, click OK

5, click Browse to select the software download store position, click here to download, download the interface can also see the download speed and progress information

6, as shown in the search interface, want to download the input keywords, will meet the conditions of the list, according to the need to click on the download

7, if you need to download their files in SkyDrive login account can in my SkyDrive interface, click on the login

8, scan code login

Common problem

1, the operating system support
Speed disk (speedpan) support Windowsxp, Widowsvista, Windows7, Windows8/8.1, Windows10.
2, I can not login SkyDrive
The WindowsXP system will need to upgrade to IE8 with IE and above can log normal, this is because Baidu SkyDrive login page does not support the low version of the IE browser.
If other systems can not log, page open etc., please try to reset IE.
3, how to reset IE settings?
Open the IE-> tools ->Internet options - > Advanced - > > Reset shut down, restart the system.
4, the search results can not download
Usually because the search results point to share the link has expired in download before clicking the link, see if you can open to confirm the effectiveness of the link.
5, search timeout
Occasionally encountered this problem belongs to the normal phenomenon, after all, the server does not at home, while the domestic foreign access speed and connectivity are not stable, and sometimes even completely inaccessible situation. Usually this is only temporary, try again later.
6, error 22, HTTP timeout or response error
The response is usually caused by network timeout
Solution: click Retry to download or copy the download link using other download tools to download.
7, error hitcode117
2 possible reasons:
(1) link failure, each download link with the time stamp, if not for a long time to start the download, or did not complete it may appear this tip.
(2) to get the download link there is a problem, may be related to the contents of the file
Solution: restart the program to re acquire new download address.
8, download the compressed package damage
This is because SkyDrive download their content on the server is to use multiple download files on the server, the result of inconsistent problems, but also because of this problem can not open MD5 check, otherwise the most compressed document will check failed.
Solution: you can use to share links to download compressed files.
9, download speed is slow or fast and slow
Influence of download speed factor 4 aspects:
The bandwidth factor (1)
Theoretical peak download bandwidth = /8, such as home broadband bandwidth is 50Mbps, then the maximum download speed is 50/8=6.25MB theory
(2) how much resources
Less resource files slower rate (to confirm how much resources can check the number of connections, in the process of downloading if the number of connections is smaller than the number of connections, for example, is set to 64, but only 2,3 ten connections, that means fewer resources).
(3) resource download node
Usually get a download address if the CDN node is accelerated, the download speed is very fast, if the ordinary node is not necessarily, so when the speed is much slower than usual, can try to restart the program download, mandatory procedures retrieve download address, once again get the address is CDN to accelerate the speed of nodes, up. Some popular resources may itself have no CDN acceleration node, this download will be slow.
(4) or IP account is restricted.
In this case you can try the following solutions:
A, if it is to download their SkyDrive file, try to download and share content to share links to download. A single server set the maximum number of connections 64. General situation can also have about 2M, if you can at the same time, high bandwidth, more a few.
B, Baidu's experience speed function improved speed disk download speed.
C, copy the link, and use other tools to download P2P acceleration.


Update: 2019/3/8
To update the content:
1, repair sharing links cannot be saved to my SkyDrive problem;
2, increase the suspended window is used to display the real-time progress and speed;
3, all configuration files are stored in the%appdata%SpeedPan directory to avoid install to C unable to write error, also prevent the packaged share with us together with the configuration file;
4, improve the management experience of SkyDrive move back;
5, the new skin "Spring is in the air." as the default skin;
6, query interface extraction code and increase copy link extraction code button;
7, greatly enhance the speed of download package.

Update: 2019/1/22
To update the content:
1, adding a judgment non Baidu network request not set (cookie; before due to the negligence of logic, almost all network access will be set up in cookie, allowing people to attack and discredit the speed of disk, hereby update, welcome to continue)
2, share code sharing options except share download page, at the same time to set off to avoid picking;
This is a temporary update, no functional improvement, more attention to update 2.0
Update: 2018/12/1
To update the content:
No password problem, 1 search results;
2, intelligent prompts the need to login to download; (the official version of the 800M file can logon download)
3, reduce the maximum number of tasks to 10;
4, automatic extraction options code sharing / query to share download window;
5, solve the problem appears unable to add task on the computer.

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