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(computer screen recording tools) Chinese crack version including installation crack tutorial

  • Software size: 22.40 MB
  • Update: 2019-01-05
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (computer screen recording tools) Chinese crack version including installation crack tutorial
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cracked version is a powerful professional screen capture and recording software, used to help the user quickly to demand the screenshot, screenshot software provides more than 10 interception mode, including a screenshot, full screen, window, menu, fixed region, free area etc.. A can according to your request to choose the most satisfied, easily capture any content on the screen. In addition to screen capture of the powerful task scheduler is excellent and editing options on the internet almost impossible to find a free cloud storage. In addition, the tool also has the advantages of simple and advanced mode, according to your needs and custom management screenshot! The image can be stored in various formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF etc.. At the same time, the video can be saved as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV and many other formats. After the completion of one click image can be shared to social networks, so that millions of people appreciate your work, this small series brings the latest version download crack, crack patch containing and install cracked graphic tutorials!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, screen-capture-pro.exe installation procedures and crack folder crack

2, double-click the screen-capture-pro.exe operation, simplified language Chinese, click OK

3, click Next

4, I choose to accept the agreement and click Next

5, click Browse to select the installation path, click next.

6, click Install

7, installation. Wait half a jiff.

8, the installation is complete, to check the operation of software options.

9, crack will break the Apowersoft.CommUtilities.dll folder copied to the software installation directory

software function

1, on the screen to capture anything
With the aid of a user friendly interface, you can quickly access the function of this program include. Whether it is a quick snapshot or a simple screen recording interface , reliable can let you through the stunning full use of all these functions.
2, a variety of capture mode
Full screen from a fixed area to the window, you can use a variety of fully capture mode. The captured image can be stored in various formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF etc.. At the same time, the video can be saved as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV and many other formats.
3 different scenes
You can take screenshots in different situations or video recording. For example, you may want to capture a single window, web pages, web cameras or choose the capture area. This screen capture software provides a unique opportunity to complete all these operations for you.
4, simple and advanced image editor
After the snapshot is created, whether you need to perform a number of modifications, add notes or just provide some effect, this professional screenshot tools can help you complete all operations. With the help of real-time editing the sidebar and senior editor panel, all editors can quickly complete without any trouble.
5, immediately comment.
By using this fast editor screenshot of the software, you can use the option notes on the toolbar editor level snapshot. It can help you quickly add lines to capture images, text, arrows, high light, fuzzy etc..
6, professional photo editor
This application is also equipped with a professional image editor, the user can use the editor to complete all the simple notes editor provides, and other senior editor, such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and even add shadow, torn edge effect.
7, create a scheduled task
Screenshot scheduler provides the best choice for your hand. Only need to spend a little time to configure the activation time snapshot, and then you can rest assured and other content for the program. It can also be used to monitor your computer in the background.
8, flexible set of scheduling program
The user will not be found to create scheduled screenshot is very difficult, because it provides a flexible setup from the definition of a specific time, within the region and the output folder to automatically capture snapshots.
9, the daily / weekly scheduled screenshots
For those who need a daily / weekly production scheduled snapshot of the user, you can also use this screenshot tool to complete the operation. You can only make screenshots of the daily trigger is enabled to access this function.
10, upload and share pictures
with image upload and share the social integration function, therefore, if you want to upload images to the cloud image or to share with your friends, you just a few clicks to complete. The whole process of upload and share this screen capture software to seamlessly.
With safety protection of free cloud space
Easy to share Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest and other social networks.
The automatic generation of links including direct links, links to images, HTML link and BB code link.

Using the tutorial


1, choose to capture mode
A variety of modes
A screenshot screenshot: this mode can make you flexible on the screen interception of a region.
Full screen mode: the only one will be able to quickly intercept the entire screen.
Window: in the use of this mode, only need to move your mouse to the interception of the window you want, and then click the window is cut down.
The menu: the default mode in fast delay five seconds before the screenshot, so you have time to display the menu, the menu will automatically intercept screenshots quickly in five seconds.
Fixed area: this model can capture the fixed area of the picture. As long as you have chosen it, you can click your mouse to intercept a picture, right click on the mouse can also customize this area width and height.
Rolling window: the model is to capture a rolling window or page all the content, even beyond the screen content.
Free area: the use of free regional screenshots mode in regional screenshots design according to the irregular shape you want.
Polygon area: the mode can be intercepted on the screen of a particular polygon, just click on the screen to set the starting point, then according to the needs, continue to set the other point, double-click the confirmation.
2, configuration settings
In the screenshot, you must choose a good output and other settings.
3, select the output directory
On output, you can choose four kinds of output may be used.
Quick edit notes - interception, pictures, and save / upload / share to an interface.
Senior editor - interception after open it built-in photo editor. So you modify the picture will have more choices, such as zoom, rotation, special effects and so on.
Copy to clipboard and pasted directly to the clipboard. You can then copy it to other applications such as Word, communication software and so on.
Save to file - simply select the output folder, then this picture will be in your interception automatically after saved to the folder.

4, time delay
In addition, if necessary, can also be intercepted at the time, choose a time delay. The main function is to facilitate the interception of pop-up menus and tooltips.
5, contains the cursor
If you want to capture the cursor, can check the "Settings" "contains the cursor, then click the shortcut key" PrintScreen "or" Ctrl+Q "to open the screenshot, the cursor will appear on the screen, when there will be a screenshot of the mouse.
6, DPI settings screenshot
This function lets you customize the settings screenshot of DPI, you can use the Tools > Options > "screenshot", and then customize the settings in the range of 96 to 600 DPI. The higher the DPI, will be more clear.

If the setup is complete, you can browse the following screenshot and start.
7, start screenshot
Press the screenshot key or click on the lower right corner of the interface of the camera icon, your cursor will become a blue cross line, click, press and hold you mouse to select a region, and then release the mouse.
8, the interception of camera pictures
You can also take photos from the camera, just click on the left "quick start" and "camera", a new window will pop up, you can click on the picture to the lower right corner of the window "camera" to capture a camera.

picture editor

Apowersoft professional king in this screenshot editing screenshots show a great role, it provides users with rich editing options to make it easier for customers to improve. Can the "quick start" regional "picture editor" button to use the function.
If you want to edit pictures just cut right away in the editor, need to choose the initial interface of "senior editor" option, and then quickly intercept, screenshots will automatically appear in the senior photo editor.

1, adjust.
You can see the picture editor open after loading on the toolbar below the window.
You may first want to modify the size of it, only need to press the "home page" menu, then select "zoom" button. Can be in proper proportion or according to your needs to set specific length and width.

If you want to rotate the screenshot, you can press the "rotation" button, and then select a clockwise or counterclockwise direction of rotation. Of course, you can also choose a horizontal and vertical flip.
Note: in addition to the screenshot, you can open any pictures in the picture editor by clicking the "file" menu, then select "open", after the selection you want to edit the picture.
2, add a comment screenshot
In the "tools", can add a variety of shapes, and highlight the different formats of text for the image annotation. You can also add a fuzzy or pixel to hide personal information effect in some areas of the screenshot.

If you want to add some flag for screenshots, you can use the editor in the "serial number" function, the function can help you quickly add digital picture. You can also customize or modify the digital format, such as color, transparency etc..

3, add special effects
The senior editor allows you to add a variety of effects for the image. Including anti color, gray, pixel, edge sharpening, tear and so on, through the "home page" menu to find the function.

In the color area, can choose the arrow, line, text color. You may also want to extract from the other color in the picture

In the "font" area, can select the desired text font, you can choose the size of the text in italic, underline, or make it bold.
4, select the view
On the View menu, you can change all of the files being used to browse, by pressing the "thumbnail" button, you will be able to browse all pictures in an interface, so you can easily choose what you want to edit the pictures.

In the "view" the following "display" area, you can zoom in or out. If you want a full screen browsing or watching according to its actual size, press the button adjacent. Zoom function from 25% to 800% a lot for your choice.
Save the picture 5, after editing
After editing, you can "file" menu and select "save" function. This function provides a variety of preservation format images, including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PDF.

On the file menu, can quickly capture, after will automatically enter into the editor.

Share screenshots

The screenshot, you can upload it to the free cloud or to share your social network, so the network can be as long as there is the easy to use this picture.
1, upload screenshots
Click "Upload" button.
After that, you can see a screenshot to let you enter the title and password (option) upload window, the user can set a password to protect privacy. Or do not fill in, and then just click "confirm" is good. The screenshot will be uploaded to free space.
Upload image encryption
After uploading, it will automatically guide the picture upload page, you will see a different picture link. This link enables you to insert a blog or forum.
Get the picture link
2, share.
Click "save & Load" or "file" in the "share" button, there will be for you to choose five ways: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Email. If you share to social networks, the first screenshot will be uploaded to the cloud, and then through the link to the social network, if you want to add it to the mail, the screenshot will be directly sent to the attachment.

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