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Trill the latest version of the 4.2.0 version to watermark + trill version coexist

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-18
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Trill the latest version of the 4.2.0 version to watermark + trill version coexist
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Vibrato should now be the best, most of the app is also a short video for it, loved by the users, but also video publishers preferred platform, this small series of reasonable to bring the latest 2.6.0 + vibrato trill version of Android systems ({coexistence system is too new or too low may not). Trill is the latest version of the 2.6.0+ version features: coexistence of skip start page advertisement, to update and remove useless permissions, removal of video watermarking. Love is to download it!

Software description + use:

1: the official website to download the installation package software are modified based on built-in personal identification.
2: to remove the watermark video download: the latest version of part containing the watermark, with speculation about a trill or a local server, in some places not found. He also worked to + engaged, but the ability is limited, can not solve, hope to understand, also want to know people to show me.
Perfect version of coexistence point, based on the old version, in addition to the built-in video watermarking, Download basically no watermark, and brush when there is less advertising, basically all the video can be downloaded (does not prompt those dangerous video).
3: Please uninstall the original, the latest version before use to avoid conflict; the coexistence version installed directly; note: only use mobile phone number login, WeChat +QQ modified to change the package name is invalid invalid. Some models can not be used, such as Oppo R9, 360, Charm Blue note5; please take the actual situation prevail! [Updated trill is once a week, after the new revised version! ]
4: Pro download video watermark
Test environment + screenshot:
HUAWEI mate8 (Android 6) + simulator, can be used normally!

See no watermark effect.

Vibrato to watermark to advertising

This version is currently the latest version (of course trill official will be updated once a week, I'll see the update).
Before use, first uninstall and then install genuine!
After installation can use mobile phone number login, or micro-blog. Not to register a! (Revised Edition is unable to use WeChat QQ to login, repair technology)!
Some may not be able to use mobile phone, for example: OPPO R9, Charm Blue note5, specific to the actual circumstances prevail!
Trill - version _ to watermark to coexistence of advertising to update
This version is a coexistence version, can be installed directly (i.e. limited to Android system)
After the success of the installation can only use mobile phone number login, not to register a!
Some models can not be applied, such as oppoR9, note5 and other Charm Blue (but to the actual date)
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