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virtual machine 15 Workstation Pro 15 Chinese cracked version of the 15.0.3 license key activation crack tutorial

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  • Update: 2019-03-15
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  virtual machine 15  Workstation Pro 15 Chinese cracked version of the 15.0.3 license key activation crack tutorial
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Workstation crack version 15 is the latest version of one of the most advanced software virtualization, desktop virtualization solutions for all types of users design. The new version of Workstation 15 update Pro high DPI user interface, to provide a new REST API and the latest Windows and Linux operating system support and other functions, to further improve the leading edge of the desktop... The technical professionals can pass on the same PC and run multiple X86 based Windows, Linux and other operating system development, testing, demonstration and deployment of software. You can copy the server in a virtual machine, desktop and tablet computer environment, and assign multiple processor cores for each virtual machine, gigabytes of main memory and graphics memory, whether personal or private virtual machine in PC Enterprise Cloud . Workstation 15 applications will become a tool to improve the production efficiency, your business is indispensable. is the best choice of digital enterprise, through the business and method of IT application software defined to accelerate the digital transformation. Support in the common operating environment, cross cloud environment and equipment operation, management, connection and protection, so that you also get freedom of choice and good control. With the help of Workstation Pro, you can have multiple operating system as a virtual machine (including the Windows virtual machine) running on a single Windows or Linux PC, Workstation Pro is the number of operating system as a virtual machine (VM) running on a single Linux or Windows PC on the industry standard. The use of any equipment, platform or cloud environment construction, testing or demonstration software IT professionals, developers and enterprises, high performance tools can greatly enhance the work efficiency. Developers will get a strong expansion of environmental engineering design. This small series is brought about by the Workstation 15 latest version of crack, containing the registering machine and install the crack activation graphic tutorials!

New features in Pro Workstation 15:

  • Support new client operating system Windows 10 1803
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Fedora 28
  • RHEL 7.5
  • CentOS 7.5
  • Debian 9.5
  • OpenSuse Leap 15
  • FreeBSD 11.2
  • ESXi 6.7
  • DirectX 10.1
    DirectX 10.1 is an update to DirectX 10 increment. It supports multi sample anti aliasing (MSAA) provides a higher visual quality. DirectX 10.1 also supports Shader Model 4.1 and Cubemap Array.
  • Hardware version 16 DirectX 10.1 support
  • Graphics memory up to 3GB
    You can use the Workstation RESTful API through HTTP or HTTPS standard JSON automatic virtual machine to perform common tasks. Supports the following operations: virtual machine virtual machine inventory management
  • The virtual machine power management
  • Virtual machine cloning
  • Network management
  • High DPI support
    High DPI related functional requirements of the host operating system and virtual machine for Windows version 101703 or higher. Host level high DPI support - automatic detection of DPI workstation interface host level changes and automatically adjust the layout to meet the new DPI.
  • Synchronization with the host guest DPI - when the host DPI client operating system changes, adjust the DPI to match the host DPI.
    This feature requires Tools 10.3.2.
  • Connect to the vCenter
    Workstation 15 Pro, and the host cluster view in your connection to the remote vSphere when adding new host and cluster view. The list of tree now display two different objects in the view of layered host and cluster and VM. Just one click, you can easily switch between these two views.
    This is the only Windows host function.
  • VSphere 6.7 support
    Workstation 15 Pro provides seamless support for vSphere 6.7. You can from Workstation 15 Pro to connect to the remote host ESXi 6.7 or vCenter Server 6.7, with a remote virtual machine management operation in the vSphere. You can also upload the local virtual machine to vSphere 6.7, or will run in the vSphere download to a local desktop remote virtual machine on the 6.7.
    You can also deploy VCSA 6.7 (vCenter Server Appliance) OVA software to run on Workstation 15 Pro.
  • USB automatically connect to the virtual machine
    When you will be Workstation 15 Pro configured to remember connection rules, the USB device can automatically connect to the virtual machine has been started.
    This is the only Windows host function.
  • SSH login Linux virtual machine
    You can now use Workstation 15 Pro to provide SSH access to the Linux virtual machine.
    This function requires the host operating system is Windows 10 version 1803 or higher.
  • Enhanced user experience Drawing visitors display
    As early as Windows XP for the Linux client and the Windows client, the client to enable the display function of drawing. You can use to keep aspect ratio of tensile function to keep the user interface aspect ratio while stretching the virtual machine, you can also use the "free stretch" function of the virtual machine to fill the drawing display user interface.

    This is the only Windows host function.
  • Open directory virtual machine
    Now, you can use the virtual machine right click and select Workstation in the Pro library" Open the VM directory", Easy access to the virtual machine from the Windows host Catalog .

    Linux Workstation Pro has to support this feature.
  • Linux host Wayland support
    Workstation 15 Pro can now run Linux host Wayland on the desktop. To install Workstation Pro on the Wayland desktop, you must use the terminal installation mode.
  • To improve the performance of virtual NVMe storage
The problem has been resolved
  • The virtual machine directly using the physical disk might display a black screen
    When using a virtual machine in the physical disk, start the virtual machine, virtual machine may display a black screen.
    This problem has been solved.
  • If the parallel port is mapped to physical parallel port, a virtual machine may crash on startup and error display
    When the virtual machine uses the parallel port and parallel port is mapped to the physical host OS parallel port, at the start of the virtual machine, virtual machine may crash and the following error: error: Workstation could not restore (vcpu-0)
    This problem has been solved.
  • Connect to the DELL Thunderbolt USB docking USB devices may not be connected to the virtual machine
    The USB device is connected to the USB Dock (DELL Thunderbolt), USB devices may not be connected to the virtual machine.
    This problem has been solved
  • Some 3.1 connected to the xHCI controller USB equipment through the Windows host for
    In the host Windows, when you choose VM > Mobile equipment When not listed is connected to some USB 3.1 controller USB equipment . Therefore, equipment can not through the virtual machine.
    This problem has been solved.
  • Use the zoom utility in the Linux host, Workstation Pro interface may collapse
    For some Linux hosts, such as Ubuntu 18.04, when you use the Zoom utility, Workstation Pro interface may collapse.
    This problem has been solved.
Known issues
    When some of the three party software installed on the host, the mouse click function may stop working in a virtual machine
    Install some software on the host (such as WizMouse), the mouse click function may stop working in a virtual machine.
    Solution: [list=1] virtual machine power off.
  • Add the following items to the virtual machine in the.Vmx file:
    Mks.win32.processWin32MouseInput = "TRUE"
  • Power on this virtual machine.

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, -workstation-full-15.0.0-10134415.exe setup and .Workstation.v14.0.0.x64.Incl.Keymaker-EMBRACE registry folder

Install 2, double-click the -workstation-full-15.0.0-10134415.exe operation, click next.

3, select I accept the terms of the license agreement, click next.

4, click choose to change the software installation path, click next.

5, choose to install a shortcut, click Next

6, click Install to begin the installation

7, installation, we wait for a while

8, the installation is complete, click license button

9, run keygen.exe Fillmore, copy the generated license key into the software, click the enter button

Provide the serial number available to activate


software function

1, vSphere connection
The use of Workstation Pro can be connected to the vSphere, ESXi or other Workstation Pro server. Drive remote Linux or Windows virtual machine (and other virtual machines), issued a command or power operation and vSphere transmitted among virtual machines. Common hypervisor can realize simple portability.
The virtual network 2, strong connection
Can use real routing software and tools to create a IPv4 or IPv6 complex virtual network for virtual machines, or through integration with third party software to complete the design of data center topology. The new features of Workstation is simulated the introduction of packet loss, delay and bandwidth constrained network.
3, high performance 3D graphics
Workstation Pro supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3, in the run 3D application provides smooth and responsive experience. The application of 3D to be strict in the Windows virtual machine close to the machine running performance of AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS etc..
4, support high resolution display
Workstation Pro has been optimized for high resolution 4K can support the UHD desktop (3840 x 2160) display, as well as for the notebook computer and the x86 tablet computer QHD+ display (3200 x 1800). It also supports having a plurality of display different DPI settings, such as the 4K and the new UHD display screen 1080P HD available.
5, cross compatibility
You can create Linux or Windows virtual machine running across the product portfolio, can also create a restricted virtual machine used in Horizon in FLEX. We even support open standards, so you can not only create a virtual machine, you can also use the virtual machine from other suppliers.
6, the giant virtual machine
Have to create up to 16 virtual CPU, 8 TB and 64 GB virtual disk memory virtual machine, to run the most demanding desktop and server applications in a virtualized environment. By providing virtual machine allocation hosts up to 2 GB of memory, processing power can make the graphics intensive applications strive for further improvement.
7, restrictions on access to virtual machine
By limiting the set of Workstation virtual machine (such as drag and drop, copy and paste and connected to the USB access equipment) to protect the company's content. You can encrypt and password protection on the virtual machine, to ensure that only authorized users can access.
8, shared virtual machine
Sharing and test application in simulated production environment. The Workstation Pro running as a server, so that the shared repository has all the necessary configuration of the pre loaded Linux and Windows virtual machine with your team, department or organization.
9, on a PC run multiple operating system
With the help of Workstation Pro, you can run multiple operating system with a Windows or Linux PC. Create a real Linux and Windows virtual machine and other desktop, server and tablet computer environment (including virtual network configuration and network connection conditions), for code development, solution construction, application testing, product demonstration.
10, develop and test for any platform
Workstation Pro supports hundreds of operating system, with the cloud and container technology (such as Docker) to work together.
11, can be connected to the vSphere
Can be safely connected with vSphere, ESXi or other Workstation servers, in order to start, control and management of virtual machine (VM) and physical host. The common hypervisor which can improve the work efficiency, and realize the local PC easy transfer of virtual machine.
12, the security isolation environment
The operation has second different privacy settings, desktop security tools and network connection configuration, or the use of forensic tools survey operating system vulnerabilities. Workstation can provide one of the most secure hypervisor industry, but also provides a powerful function for IT security professionals.

The software features

Personal desktop virtualization solutions for IT professionals

The use of Workstation and Fusion, simplified management, connectivity and compatibility
By Workstation and Fusion, you can run a virtual machine compatible with the enterprise data center you directly on a laptop computer (VM). You can also perform management tasks quickly on vSphere, and industry-leading integrated network tools, in order to comprehensively design and test of enterprise topology, without expensive hardware boot rack.
1, the most extensive host and client operating system
Support to run on almost any operating system or application, ranging from MS-DOS to Linux, the OS Mac version of X, running the old version of the application Windows XP, and even mobile operating system (such as Android-X86). All operations are without restarting.
2, easy sharing and hosting virtual machine
Create can be easily transferred to the main vSphere template, or in the Workstation installation across the local network sharing virtual machine.
3, vSphere Client
For vSphere administrators, Workstation and Fusion are the best partner of enterprise data center. Connect the vSphere host or vCenter server virtual machine can complete the common tasks or remote control server and desktop, without starting the complete vSphere client.
4, strategy
The function of limiting unnecessary and will pose a security risk to the user or organization of the virtual machine, such as disabling file sharing in virtual machine isolation on BYO devices.
Support vSphere 5, the integration of ecological system
Easily create and test virtual machine compatible with the entire ecosystem (VM) image and the template that you can run the same enterprise data center workloads directly on a laptop computer.
6, senior network connection control
Create a custom topology using the built-in network editor, full use of NAT and DHCP control function to connect multiple virtual machines on a variety of network types. Through popular network tools such as GNS3 integration, can even use real routing software (such as Cisco IOS) data center network topology design complete.
7, easily copied and shared virtual machine
Save the duplicate required for the same virtual machine set up time and energy. Use linked clone to copy the virtual machine, and can significantly reduce the physical disk space. You can also use the complete copy of cloning to create an independent, and to share with others.
Operating system security testing, comprehensive 8
In the case of physical isolation and computer testing, operating system and application security. Use the built-in network sniffer to capture data from the virtual network editor, and open it using Wireshark and other PCAP reader, to analyze network traffic; or for the operating system to implement a penetration test.

Personal desktop virtualization solutions for developers

The use of Workstation and Fusion, the rapid development and testing
The use of Workstation and Fusion to build cross platform cloud applications or testing different operating system and browser compatibility. Whether you are in iOS, Android or Linux development, build Windows applications in Mac, or in the use of workflow automation functions to build cloud Web application container driven, can provide some of the most comprehensive tool.
1, the development and testing of modernization
In the development of virtual sandbox to quickly create and support the virtual elimination of the production environment and test application. Whether it is traditional desktop applications, suitable for Windows or Mac server application based on Linux, or container driven cloud environment of native applications, platform is the basis of modern development of the agile workflow.
2, from the CLI implementation and deployment automation
The use of modern automation tools to prepare to quickly create and eliminate the process virtual machine and application dependent. From the command line to run the daemon virtual machine, or the use of Docker Machine and Photon OS integrated automation based on workflow of the container.
3, download and run the pre built image
Use of the container and image building for each type of developer workflow pre template based on shared emerging in the community.
4, construction, testing and debugging for the application of Windows 10
The latest touch device supports multi touch and accelerometer has a direct function in Windows 8 and Windows 10 on the host, so as to build a modern general Windows platform application.
5, from the host to the client security file sharing and path
Use the shared folder to avoid during deployment through potentially unsafe network to download the source code. Then, you can reuse the same local files in development or testing in a virtual machine environment, without first downloading or synchronized to the source code repository.
6, encrypted virtual machine
With built-in encryption function, you can protect the safety of each virtual machine, and only authorized users to access.
7, the development of more secure application
The code is run in a virtual machine, in order to host and separation, the toughness test application in safety, independent and easy to damage the environment. You can even clone a virtual machine to create a security rollback, without fear of any damage or harm.
8, use the container to build cloud native applications
The use of Photon OS directly to build scalable cloud native applications on your desktop. The use of cloud native application system, application of preparation suitable for cloud environment. Use the vSphere Integrated Containers will automatically deploy your application lifecycle to run Photon platform scalable production system or traditional vSphere data center environment.

For personal desktop virtualization solutions for enterprise

The use of Workstation and Fusion, delivered to simplify Enterprise Desktop and old version of the application
With the help of Workstation and Fusion, by providing 200 kinds of support by any combination of operating system, can reduce the cost and increase the speed and improve the efficiency of user acceptance. solutions can be simplified to you use (not necessarily belong to your notebook computer desktop) delivered to the enterprise, and through the modern hardware deploy the old version of the application to extend the service life, and can also reduce the deployment of new notebook computer related downtime and transport costs.
1, running on Mac Windows (without restarting)
Now, you can continue on your favorite notebook computer to run Windows applications commonly used, but also can run Mac applications, and the rapid and reliable file sharing and system resources.
Run Linux in Windows or Mac (without restarting)
supports parallel access to the Linux in Mac, Windows or PC on a tablet computer (and 200 supported other operating system application). Or, you can run Windows and other operating system on your Linux computer.
2, to extend the service life of the old version of the application
In modern hardware deploy old version of mission critical applications, and is applied to compliance and safety technology of the latest host operating system.
3, support the BYOPC culture
The user has the Mac and PC rapid delivery of standardized enterprise desktop, and ensure that they have strategies to protect and Active Directory authorization.
4, focus on the important application
In a separate display (or Retina) and applications on the desktop or in a parallel way smooth access to multiple operating system.
5, mandatory implementation based on time constraints
Create time limit and after local virtual desktop encryption, they will automatically expire, even can be removed from the remote computer.
6, reduce the management cost of notebook computer
The use of CAPEX and OPEX reduced the local virtual desktop cloud deployment notebook computer generated by the remote centralized control. BYOPC fired employees, easy recovery software license.
7, eliminate the deployment cost of notebook computer
Remote enable and refresh the virtual desktop, and branches and mobile employees will not encounter downtime.
8, from any location to access the desktop (even offline)
For mobile office staff and overseas development, the virtual machine can better secure delivery of local desktop, and no need to rely on a fast Internet connection.
9, the implementation of compulsory isolation table
By separating the control, copy and paste and limit the drag and drop the virtual hard disk and physical system can be personal documents and relevant documents related to the work of compulsory isolation.
10, limit the external device access
The use of flash memory, USB memory card, camera and notebook computer into any other third party equipment, enforcement strategy.

Use help

Create a virtual machine

You can use the new virtual machine wizard to create a new virtual machine in WorkstationPro, cloning of the WorkstationPro virtual machine or virtual machine templates available, the third party and open virtualization format into the virtual machine (OVF), and to create a virtual machine by physical machine.
You can also create remote users can share the virtual machine and virtual machine running on the remote host. See using a remote connection and sharing of virtual machine.
Understand the virtual machine:
The virtual machine is a form of computer software, and the physical machine to run the operating system and applications. The virtual machine can use the physical machine (the host system) of the physical resources. The virtual machine is a virtual device can provide the same hardware and physical function, on this basis also has portability, manageability and security advantages.
Prepare for the creation of a new virtual machine:
You can use the new virtual machine wizard to create a new virtual machine in WorkstationPro. The wizard will prompt you to decide many related settings of virtual machine. You should start the new virtual machine wizard before these decisions.
Create a new virtual machine on the local host:
You can create a new virtual machine on the local host system by running the wizard to create a new virtual machine.
Clone virtual machine:
Install the client operating system and application program may have to spend a lot of time. Through the use of cloning, you can through an installation and configuration process of making many copies of the virtual machine. Cloning of the virtual machine than copy virtual machine is simpler and more rapid.
Virtual physical machine:
You can create a virtual machine with Windows physical machine in WorkstationPro. In the virtual physical machine, you can capture the physical machine on all applications, documents in the new virtual machine and set. To use this feature, WorkstationPro must be run on a Windows host system.
Virtual machine:
You can use other forms of virtual machine into WorkstationPro.
Install and upgrade Tools:
The installation of Tools is a necessary step to create a new virtual machine. Upgrade the Tools virtual machine is a necessary step to always comply with the new standard.
Virtual machine file:
When you create a virtual machine, WorkstationPro will create a set of files for the virtual machine is special. The virtual machine file stored in the directory or virtual machine working directory. Both directories are usually in the host system.

The use of virtual machine

The use of virtual machine in WorkstationPro, you can between the virtual machine and the host system to transfer files and text, use the host printer, connected mobile devices, and change the display settings. You can use folders to manage multiple virtual machines, taking a snapshot to preserve the state of the virtual machine, but also to create screenshots and videos for the virtual machine.
You can also use WorkstationPro to interact with remote virtual machine. For more information, see using the remote connection and sharing of virtual machine.
Start the virtual machine:
Start the virtual machine, the client operating system will start, you can interact with the virtual machine. You can start the host virtual machine system using WorkstationPro and remote server.
Virtual machine:
You can use the WorkstationPro virtual machine. The host system and the remote server. You can perform a shutdown, pause and suspend the operation of the virtual machine, you can also turn off the virtual machine to continue to run in the background.
Transfer files and text:
You can use drag and drop function, copy and paste, shared folders and mapped drives on the host system and the virtual machine and virtual machine transmission between different files and text.
The host will add the printer to the virtual machine:
You can use any available printer print host in the virtual machine, without having to install additional drivers in a virtual machine.
The use of mobile devices in a virtual machine:
You can use the floppy drive, DVD/CD-ROM drive, USB devices and smart in the virtual machine card reader and other mobile devices.
Change the virtual machine to display:
You can change the WorkstationPro display application virtual machine and virtual machine mode. You can use the full screen mode, the virtual machine that fill the screen, and the use of multiple monitors.
The use of virtual machine management folder:
You can organize and manage multiple virtual machines in the library use folder. When multiple virtual machines are located in the same folder, you can manage it in the folder tab, and execute the batch supply operation.
Take a snapshot of virtual machine:
The current state of the virtual machine can save the snapshot of the virtual machine, so that you can repeat back to the same state. Take a snapshot, WorkstationPro will capture the complete state of the virtual machine. You can use the snapshot snapshot manager to view the virtual machine and operating activities.
Install new software in a virtual machine:
In the virtual machine to install new software and is very similar to the installation of new software in physical computer, just need a few extra steps.
Take screenshots for virtual machine:
You can take a screenshot of the virtual machine, and save it to the clipboard and / or file.
Delete virtual machine:
You can delete a virtual machine and all files from the host file system.

The configuration and management of virtual machine

You can configure the virtual machine power supply, display, video and audio settings, encryption from virtual machine to unauthorized use, and can limit the number of virtual machine operation in the WorkstationPro user interface.
You can also use the virtual machine moved other host system or in the same host system, the virtual machine is configured as a VNC server, hardware compatibility change virtual machine, and virtual machine are derived for the open virtualization format (OVF).
The allocation of power options and power control settings:
You can configure the virtual machine in the boot, shutdown and shutdown. You can also configure the power supply control behavior, and specify the virtual machine in the virtual right click in the hangar, which shows the power options in the menu.
Set the WorkstationPro display preferences:
You can configure the WorkstationPro display preferences to control all the virtual machine how to adjust the display settings to the WorkstationPro window. When you adjust the WorkstationPro window size and display settings to change the operating system of the client, will display adjustment.
Set the display for the virtual machine configuration:
You can specify the monitor resolution settings, configure multiple monitors and graphics acceleration capabilities for virtual machine. You can be in fullscreen mode in the virtual machine when using multiple monitors.
Set Unity mode preferences:
You can set preferences for Unity mode, whether the control started virtual machine on the host system or application menu on the desktop. You can also select the Unity mode application show host system on the desktop with the border color.
Set the screen color depth:
Depend on the number of the client operating system available on the host operating system screen color screen color settings.
The use of advanced Linux sound architecture:
Workstation7.x and later can support advanced Linux sound architecture (ALSA). You may need to perform specific preparatory work in order to use ALSA in a virtual machine.
Encrypt and restrictions on the virtual machine:
The encryption of the virtual machine can prevent unauthorized use. To decrypt the virtual machine, the user must enter the correct password encryption. Restrictions can prevent the user to change the configuration settings - must first enter the correct password to limit change configuration settings for a virtual machine. You can also set up other restriction policy.
Mobile virtual machine:
You can create the WorkstationPro virtual machine will be moved to other locations with a host system or other host system. Can also use the virtual machine is created in WorkstationPlayer in WorkstationPro.
The virtual machine is configured as a VNC server:
You can use WorkstationPro to configure the virtual machine for VirtualNetworkComputing (VNC) server, so that other computer users can use the VNC client to connect the virtual machine. You do not need to install a virtual machine on a dedicated VNC software can be set to the VNC server.
Change the virtual machine hardware compatibility:
You can change the hardware compatibility of virtual machine. All virtual machines have hardware version. The virtual hardware hardware version specified in the virtual machine support (such as BIOS or EFI), virtual slot number, the maximum CPU number, the maximum memory configuration, and other hardware features.
Clean up the virtual hard disk in the Windows host:
When you delete a file from the virtual machine, the disk space occupied by these files will not immediately return to the host system. In the host MicrosoftWindows, if there is such a virtual disk space, you can use the space to return to the hard disk command.
The virtual machine will be exported to OVF format:
You can see from the WorkstationPro virtual machine will be exported to OVF format.
Write and debug applications running in the virtual machine:
The application developer can use API, SDK and IDE to compile and debug applications running in the virtual machine.

Use the remote connection and sharing of virtual machine

Shared virtual machine is a kind of virtual machine system, remote users can access the WorkstationPro virtual machine to access a remote virtual machine like that. A shared virtual machine can simultaneously connect a remote user 100.
You can configure the WorkstationPro to make the remote WorkstationPro host users can interact with your local host, and the use of shared virtual machine running the local host. You can also connect to the remote host and run the remote virtual machine. By setting the permissions can control access to the host system and shared virtual machine users.
About WorkstationServer:
WorkstationServer is running on a WorkstationPro host system in service. When the remote WorkstationPro users running on the host system shared virtual machine, it will connect to the WorkstationServer.
Connect to the remote server:
You can connect to the remote server running WorkstationPro, ESX, ESXi or vCenterServer using WorkstationPro.
Disconnect the remote server connection:
When you disconnect the connection with the remote server, remote virtual machine will not appear in the library.
Create and manage shared virtual machine:
Shared virtual machine is a kind of virtual machine system, remote users can access the WorkstationPro virtual machine to access a remote virtual machine like that. You can create a new shared virtual machine, virtual machine for converting standard shared virtual machine, also can be cloned by standard virtual machine to create a shared virtual machine.
The virtual machine is uploaded to the remote server:
You can upload a virtual machine created by WorkstationPro to the remote server for other products.
Virtual machine download from a remote server:
Virtual machine download from a remote server, WorkstationPro will copy the virtual machine from a remote host and data memory. The original virtual machine is still retained in the host system, and will create a copy that you specified in the WorkstationPro host location.
Create a virtual machine in remote host:
In connection with the remote server, you can create a remote virtual machine. Create a remote virtual machine and on the local host to create a virtual machine is similar, but not easy to install, and must install the client operating system manual machine.
The allocation of sharing and remote virtual machine with the host to start:
You can share the virtual machine configuration using auto start function, make it start together in the local host system startup. You can also configure the remote virtual machine, which started at the start of the remote host system together.
The use of role assignment privilege:
The role is a set of predefined privileges. The definition of privilege user action and read the attributes required for individual rights. The WorkstationPro contains a set of default system role. You can also create your own role.
Access restrictions on users:
You can control which users can access the remote host access by creating and sharing virtual machine. The method creates a permission is the user or group and role matching, and the matching is related to the object. Role defines a user or group can perform the operation; the user or group indicating which people can perform operations; the object is refers to the target of the operation.
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