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LayuiAdmin Pro 2.4.2 admin templates for the latest official version for free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-11
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 LayuiAdmin Pro 2.4.2 admin templates for the latest official version for free
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LayuiAdmin management background template is a universal management background template system completely by layui built a set of front architecture and traffic, all downloads, income growth in the same period at a glance, and contrast, as a single page application program, all its operations are on the page directly without a jump, simple friendly interface, the front end development model, does not limit the number of domain name and the application of the project. For the enterprise website, blog, forum, community type layuiadmin background management templates. There is a need of a friend not to miss!

software function

1, the new colorpicker color selector assembly
Support hex, RGB, RGBA three color mode
Support drag free set
Drag and drop support transparency settings, with RGBA color value
Support a predefined color list, free configuration
Support three color box style, can be used for different size and form and button collocation
Support color was changed and the selection of the callback
Note that the colorpicker component does not support the following version of ie10 and other advanced browsers support
2, the new slider slider assembly
Horizontal and vertical support two slider type
Support custom slide interval
Support the open range drag model
Support the open dynamic input box to change the slider value
Support custom slide interval length
Support custom number text
Support custom theme color
Support slide changed numerical correction, and dynamic change of the external slide method
3, table component
The new toolbar area, open the toolbar parameter can customize the tool buttons # see document
The new columns show hidden function in the toolbar right
The new table located in the toolbar right export functions. Can also be through the table.exportFile () method
The new table print function, is located in the right toolbar
The new total function, open the totalRow parameter
The new single box, opened by type:'radio'
Add toolbar, click event (toolbar) event (row), double-click the event (rowDouble)
The new data analysis: parseData, pre callback function for arbitrary data format data format # see document table component provisions will be returned
The new data when the initial loading, and replace the style
The new title parameters used to define table (the title will be used in the file and other places)
The hide parameter of the new header parameter cols, used to control the hidden columns
The totalRow parameter of the new header parameter cols, used to open the total function of the column
The totalRowText parameter of the new header parameter cols, used to display custom text together
Optimization of automatic distribution of lead for no reason, the horizontal scroll bar width problem
Optimization of the automatic distribution of column width can follow the browser form size change and re adaptation
Cell overflow state experience Optimization Deployment
Optimization details
Templte repair function, cell editing and tool events were not executed update template parsing problem
Repair the form component of the table elements in some friendly display problems
Repair table container in hidden areas (such as Tabs), failed to show the paging problem bar

The software features

1, single page applications, all operations without jump
2, the front end development model, started a little difficult
3, more friendly interactive experience, reduce the browser load
4, always based on the new version of layui
5, response oriented type full screen size adaptation ability
6, flexible configuration theme color
7, the exclusive developer documentation to help you quickly master
8, continuously updated version, set the public's needs
9, the layui community VIP logo
10, exclusive membership service, free exchange of isolation with fellow
Number 11, does not limit the domain name and the application of the project

Update log

[fix]table components in the column width set adaptive problem for hide:true case
[multistage]table component repair header, set a variety of problems hide
[fix]table components for total value is null, the null character, the decimal point occurs without correct statistical problems
[fix]table component is set to size:'sm', indecent problems in the radio radio box style
The initial repair of]table component set hide attribute table, failed to show the normal problems
[multi header]table components under repair, click the filter column problems
[fix]table components in the hidden columns (table.reload) after the implementation of problem method overloading after the header
[loading parameters of]table components for repair of abnormal false
[the minimum height parameters of height]table components removed before judgment, changed back to set free
The optimization of]table components of local code, to adapt to a variety of complex functions under the header
Optimize]table component does not contain non print data columns
The optimization of]slider local code components
[optimization of]colorpicker color panel drag experience
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