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Pro CC 2019 Chinese cracked version containing prcc2019 patch

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-02-15
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Pro CC 2019 Chinese cracked version containing prcc2019 patch
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Pro CC crack version 2019 is the leading movie, TV and online video editing software. Creative tools, integration with other Adobe applications and services as well as the powerful function of Adobe Sensei can help you create beautiful film and video in a seamless workflow in lens. Our new Rush applications included in your subscription, so you can capture the material in any place and began to edit on all devices. The latest version of the new version of Pro is great here the new function of and Rush. Whenever and wherever possible to create and edit. Pro is equipped with a new Rush CC, which is the integration of an application for all devices. To capture the material on the mobile phone, and then edit and share to the mobile phone, tablet computer or desktop social channels.
2018.12.5 Adobe Pro CC 2019 x64 update 13.0.12 Win version

Function introduction

Intelligent tool. A better story.
Pro is a Hollywood film producer, television editor, YouTubers, cameraman with any story to tell people, including you.

Keep your creative process. 
Pro is the editor of the fast transformation from television to the leaders of all content feature film industry. Integrated, efficient workflow allows you to improve the work without leaving the schedule in the case. The Adobe Sensei provides automated tool support can speed up the time-consuming task, so you can focus on your story.
Any camera. Any format. Any platform.
In any modern format editing material from 8K to virtual reality. This machine is widely supported and simple proxy file work process so that you can easily use the media, even in the mobile station. For any screen or platform optimized content faster than ever.

Everything you need. When you need it.
In addition to color, audio and graphics tools, Pro and other applications and services seamlessly, including After Effects, Audition Adobe and Stock. Open a Motion Graphics template from After Effects or from a Adobe Stock download and customize it - all without leaving the application. Pro has integrated hundreds of technology partners.

Pro CC 201913 installation tutorial activation

1. the download package, get the installation package

Double click the 2. Set-up.exe installation, enter the adobe account password, start the installation, wait a moment
That broken network installation, without landing
Adobe account

3. installation is complete, automatic operation, the welcome screen

4. to enter the main interface

Can be used normally after the completion, no additional registration
The main program is added to the Windows firewall network use

The new features introduced

Accurate and simple color grading
The use of innovative Lumetri Color tools to eliminate curve adjustment in speculation. Each curve has two axes, the selectivity of paired values become simple and accurate color grading.

Immediately improve audio

The new slider Essential Sound panel allows you to reduce or remove background noise and reverberation, in order to get incredible results.

Template information and motion graphic chart

The spreadsheet and drop into the new template chart dynamic graphics, to quickly generate data visualization. Any updated spreadsheet will automatically update your information in the chart.

End to end VR 180

Jump to the immersive video, support VR 180, including uptake and effect optimization. In the YouTube platform with Google VR180 or other format to publish your video.


New features released in October 2018 (8 edition)
Prelude now supports the following new file format:
ARRI Alexa LF (large)
SONY Venice V2
Performance improvement:
H264 and HEVC format encoding and decoding based on hardware provides better performance and faster rendering.
Improved image processing to provide a more sensitive playback and rendering.
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