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Adobe Chinese cracked version patch installation tutorial

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  • Update: 2019-01-18
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe  Chinese cracked version patch installation tutorial
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cracked version is fast making software vector illustration a powerful software, offers a variety of production logos, icons and graphics needed drawing tools and professional word processing tools for you, this is for you to make saving a lot of time and effort, whether manual drawing also import photos depicting have an easy job to do, can achieve the effect you want, vector graphics software with the industry standard, you can apply to printing, Web, video and mobile devices logos, icons, graphics, typography and illustrations. Millions of designers and artists use Illustrator CC creating all kinds of content, from the Web icon to the product packaging, to book illustrations and billboards. The new version of the latest version 23 has brought many new features and improvements, new color mixing function allows you to easily create a richer and more realistic natural gradient effects, support multiple similar objects in the Sketchpad can be modified at the same time, remove and add custom grouping tools to fit your original habits in the toolbar at the same time, you can also view the grid reference line, cutting, removal, also does not extend beyond the edge of the drawing elements, the perfect view of your actual design renderings, all the improvements make your work more convenient and improve the efficiency of the small series brings is the latest version of Chinese, with patch and graphic tutorial to install crack!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, as shown in the figure, double-click the Set-up.exe installation operation, need to enter the adobe account password login, then click continue to start the installation of software, because small series are installed before other software of this series so skip the login this step directly into the installation
That broken network installation, otherwise they will be landing ID

2, the installation process is very fast, a few minutes to complete, after the completion of our software

3, can enter the main interface of software to enjoy.

4, we'll close the software, copy Illustrator.exe to software installation directory under the Files\Contents\Windows folder to replace the file Support
C:\Program Files\Adobe Illustrator CC 2019\Support default path Files\Contents\Windows
5, break, can be free to use the
Another small world has no need to master Yingzheng version, patch activation

The software features

1, any size with age of representative works.
Get the simple shape and color conversion of all the drawing tools required for the profound implication of logos, icons and graphics. Illustrator. Based on vector, so it can be reduced to the mobile device screen size, can also zoom into the billboard size - but anyway, looks clear and bright.
2, gorgeous layout to prove.
The use of text processing tools industry professionals, the company name and logo into create leaflets or website design modeling. By adding effect, management style and editing a single character, layout design created can perfectly express your intention.
3, no matter where, are striking.
Create drawings, or import photos and re tracing its color, and convert it into a work of art. Use your illustrations in any content, including printing, presentations, websites, blogs and social media.

new features

1, free transition
A new color mixing function allows you to create more rich and vivid gradually, thus showing a more natural effect.
2, the global series
Similar objects for multiple Sketchpad in the modification at the same time, in order to save time.
3, to visually browse the font
Now you can easily browse different font types, quickly find the appropriate font. Now you can also select the sample text of different options.
4, customizable toolbar
Add, remove or tools in the toolbar are grouped to meet your specific habits.
5, more accessible Adobe Fonts
The activation of thousands of fonts within the application to easily view and. If the selected font has not been activated, you can also preview in the project.
6, demo mode
Each panel will become a slide, you can preview, browse and projection in demo mode.
7, cutting view
See no reference line, grid, also does not extend beyond the edge of the drawing elements, what is your design.
8, zoom, to display the size of your
Now you can customize the tools, icons, menus, and the size of the control panel, let them show in the proper size.
9, faster shrinkage
We have improved the amplification profile mode, so that you can view on canvas or enlarge gradually reduced.
10, the content of crop identification
This new function provided by the Adobe Sensei support, learning scheme provides recommendations for the use of cutting machine.
11, the actual size of the preview
The view is set to 100%, the design will be displayed in the actual size.
12, deformation control enhancements
With the help of Adobe Sensei, now the system can automatically suggest pins, without manual labeling.
13, a clear view on screen controls
Now, you can add anchor point, handle and bounding box size, making them easier to use.
14, using CSV data files
You can use the CSV or XML file, so the variables in the panel data will become easy with hitherto unknown.
15, introduction of multi page PDF
In all of the page to save time when a one-time import PDF. You can select the page range or select more than one single page.
16, Dropbox intelligent synchronous improvement
Now, you can browse the Dropbox file, and will not inadvertently download them.

Use help

Basic knowledge of drawing

From the beginning of iPhone or iPad on the desktop, fine and complete!
The first step in the design process for your work is conception, description or prototype design in iPhone or iPad?
Try Adobe Illustrator Draw! This is a suitable for iPad or iPhone applications. Draw will you commonly used vector drawing tools and functions into a simplified interface of modernization. You can draw lines, shapes and free-form illustrations, which has 10 drawing layer and a photo layer. When you return to the desktop, the connection can be easily modified in the last Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC by Creative Cloud.
To learn more about the Adobe Illustrator Draw application, please click here.
Store iTunes App (available in both from your iPhone and iPad) to download the powerful Adobe Illustrator Draw applications.
1, a vector graphics
Vector graphics (sometimes called vector shapes or vector objects) is composed of mathematical object definition called vector of straight lines and curves. According to the image vector describing geometric features of images.
You can move or modify the vector graphics, without loss of detail or reducing the clarity, this is because the vector graphics and resolution independent, they adjust the size, print to a PostScript printer, stored in the PDF file or into a graphics application based on vector, will keep a clear edge. Therefore, the different output media in different sizes are used (such as a logo artwork), vector graphics is the best choice.
For example, you use the Adobe Creative Cloud vector objects in the drawing tools to create and shape is vector graphics. You can use the "copy" and "paste" command to copy the vector graphics between CreativeCloud components.
2, on the path
In the drawing, you can create is called the path line. The path consists of one or more straight or curved line segments. Each segment of the starting point and end point by point (similar to the fixed pin wire marker). The path can be closed (e.g., circle); can also be open and have different endpoints (e.g., wave).
Drag the anchor point and path direction (at the end of the anchor appears in the direction of the line) or the path itself can change the shape of the path.
Path components
A. selected (Shi Xin) anchor D. curve path segment E. direction F. direction line endpoint B. selected anchor C. not selected
The path can have two types of anchors: corner smooth point. In the corner, suddenly change the direction of path. In a smooth, continuous curve connecting path segment. You can use any combination of smooth corner point rendering path. If you draw the wrong type, can be changed at any time.
The point on the path
A. four B. four smooth corner point C. corner smooth point combination
Corner can connect any two line or curve segment, and smooth point is always connected with two curves.
The corner can be connected at the same time line and curve segments.
Be careful:
Don't confuse the corner points and smooth point and the straight line and curve segments.
The contour path called stroke. The internal area used in open or closed path color or gradient fill called. The stroke can have a width (thickness), color and line style (Illustrator and InDesign) or fixed format line style (InDesign). Create a path or shape, you can change the stroke and fill characteristics.
In InDesign, each path also shows a center point, it marks the center of the shape, but is not part of the actual path. You can use this point rendering path, all anchor path and other elements on the alignment or path selection. The center is always visible; it will not hide or delete.
3, on points and direction lines
When selecting the connection curve anchor (or select line itself), the anchor will be displayed by the line segment connecting line direction (terminate in the direction of the direction handle). The direction of the line angle and length determine the size and shape of the curve. The moving direction will change the shape of the curve. The direction of the line will not appear in the final output.
Smooth has two lines, two lines as a straight line with mobile unit. When the moving direction of line in the smooth point, will also adjust the curve section of the points on both sides, to maintain a continuous curve at the anchor point.
In contrast, the corner can have two, one or no direction, depending on which are respectively connected with the two, a still not connected curve. Corner direction line through the use of different angles to keep the corner. When the mobile corner direction on the line, only the direction of adjustment and the line on the same side of the curve corner.
Choose an anchor after (left), the direction of the line will appear in the anchor connected by any segment of the curve (right).
Smooth adjustment points on the line direction (left) and corner direction on the line (right)
The direction and the anchor line always tangent curve (radius and vertical). Each direction line angle determines the slope of each direction, the length of the line height or depth curve.
The moving direction and adjust the direction of the line line will change the slope.
Be careful:
In Illustrator, select the "View > show edge" or "view" > "hidden edge", you can show or hide, anchor points and direction lines.
4, specify the direction of line and direction of appearance
When using the anchor point and path, sometimes you might need to check the direction of the line (handle) and other times, and direction line may hinder your work. Can be more than one selected anchor to show or hide the direction line. For a single anchor, always show the direction of the line.
You can choose to display or hide the direction of each line, or can also display set preferences for the direction of the line.
5, show or hide the anchor line direction
The use of tools directly select the required anchor.
In control panel, click the display of a plurality of selected anchor handles "or" hidden more selected anchor handle".
6, anchor, handle and adjust the display size of the bounding box
Select Edit > Preferences > select and anchor display (Windows), display or Illustrator > Preferences > select and anchor (macOS).
In the "anchor and handle display area, specify any of the following options:
Adjust the slider to change the size of the size of the anchor, handle and display the bounding box.
The mouse moves over the highlighted anchor
The highlight in the mouse cursor just below the anchor.
Handle style
The specified handle end point (direction) of the display:
The direction is shown in blue solid circle.
The display will point to white circle direction.
Display handle selected multiple anchor
When using the direct selection tool or group selection tool to select objects, the display direction in all selected on the anchor line. If this option is not selected, when only the path chosen an anchor, or when choosing the Bessel line but not part of the direction of the selected direction line extension of the initial anchor, the anchor line will display direction.
7, drawing mode
The Illustrator provides the following drawing mode:
Normal (drawing)
Back (drawing)
The internal (drawing)
When enabled "internal drawing" mode after the object will appear similar to a display in the C line open rectangular illustrations.
The normal mode is the default drawing drawing mode. You can select the drawing mode from below the color picker tool "tool" panel.
"The drawing mode" panel
If you want to switch the drawing mode, in the "tools" panel click the drawing mode pane, then select the drawing mode. You can also use the Shift+D shortcut key cycle in drawing mode.
Be careful:
"Paste", "local paste" and "all options are on the drawing board and paste" follow the drawing mode. But "posted on the front and on the back of command will not influence the drawing mode.
To watch the use of different drawing mode of the video, please visit
8, on the back of the drawing mode
The drawing mode allows you to choose not to board case, the selected drawing layer on the back of all board. If you choose a drawing board, a new object will directly in the selected object is drawn below.
Use the back drawing mode under the following conditions:
Create a new layer
Placement of symbols
From the "file" menu in the file
Hold the Alt drag to copy the object
The use of "local paste" and "paste" on board all options
9, the internal drawing mode
The drawing mode allows you to the selected object's internal drawing. The drawing mode eliminates the need to perform multiple tasks, such as drawing and drawing, stacking sequence or conversion to select and create clipping mask.
The drawing mode in only selected a single object (composite path, path or text) when enabled.
If you want to use the "internal drawing mode" create clipping mask, select where you want to draw the path, and then switch to the "internal drawing" mode. The selected path is switched to "internal drawing" mode of shear path subsequent drawing, until the switch to normal drawing mode (Shift+D or double-click).
Be careful:
The use of "internal shearing drawing" to create the mask will retain the shear path on the appearance, the use of the menu command "object" "Mask" > > "build" is different.

Draw the pixel level optimization.

The artwork and the pixel grid seamless alignment...
Introduced in the IllustratorCC2017 version
In Illustrator, you can create a pixel level optimization in the draft, stroke width and different alignment options, these will appear on the screen. Clear sharp. One click will select an existing object and pixel grid alignment, can also align objects in the drawing of new objects. When transform object, you can keep the pixel aligned without distortion. Pixel alignment for the object and contains a single path segment and anchor.
Before and after the object pixel grid alignment
The A. object is not with the pixel grid alignment B. object with pixel grid alignment
1, the existing object and pixel grid alignment
You can select the object or in the existing artwork, and combine them with pixel grid alignment. When you copy and paste from other documents with the pixel grid alignment of the object, which is especially useful.
Use the selection tool to select objects with pixel grid alignment.
Or, you can also segment specific object and pixel grid alignment. Therefore, please use the direct selection tool select horizontal or vertical section of the object.
In order to extend the existing object as the pixel level optimization, do one of the following:
Click control panel will select the artwork and pixel grid alignment (icon).
Choose Object > as the pixel level optimization.
Right click the object, then from the context menu for pixel level optimization.
Be careful:
You can use the object specific segment and pixel grid alignment, instead of the whole object and pixel grid alignment. Therefore, please use the direct selection tool (a) to select the horizontal or vertical section of the object. Now, can use one pixel alignment options, like using them for specific objects.
2, to consider matters
No vertical or horizontal section of the object will not be modified into alignment with the pixel grid.
If the selected object has a pixel grid alignment, Illustrator will prompt the following message to you:
If the selected artwork cannot be aligned with the pixel grid, Illustrator will prompt you to. For example, in the following illustration, the selected artwork no vertical or horizontal section.
3, the new object / object transform and pixel grid alignment
To create or transform objects, you can ensure that they and the pixel grid alignment, which can accurately locate the edge and path. By default, the Web and mobile document profile created document has enabled this option.
Do one of the following:
Click control panel to create and transform the texture alignment to the pixel grid (icon).
Select View > pixel alignment.
(optional) use the drop-down menu to change the alignment options (pixels). Click the arrow icon, and then select the desired options from the alignment options dialog box.
The alignment options dialog box
When drawing the alignment
Draw a path with the nearest pixel alignment, to create a sharp section.
Draw the object and pixel grid alignment
Moving pixel alignment
Will you move the nearest aligned object pixel. You can choose the alignment path, section and anchor in the mobile object.
Keep the object pixel alignment of moving objects
When the zoom of alignment
Align the edge of the object you zoom the nearest pixel.
Keep the object pixel alignment zoom object
Click ok.
4, see Appendix: pixel grid
In Illustrator, select View > pixel preview.
The canvas amplification of 600% or more.
Be careful:
Even at high zoom level, you can also choose not to see the grid of pixels in the pixel preview mode. In Illustrator, select Options > cancel the first reference line and grid > display pixel grid (magnification 600%).
Pixel grid

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