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Adobe Photoshop 2.1 Chinese cracked version containing patch activation tutorial

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  • Update: 2018-12-05
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe Photoshop  2.1 Chinese cracked version containing patch activation tutorial
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2019 version for love photography to provide cloud based services, to provide you with the desktop, mobile devices and network editing, sorting, storing and sharing photos all required. The use of and 1TB cloud storage to create incredible photos. The application provides powerful photo editing features in an easy to use interface. The adjustment of the full resolution photos, and original photos and edit the contents of the backup to the cloud. The use of automatic application of search keyword sorting, without marking. And in a funny way to easily share and display your photos. Here is the small series of lightning caused 2019 2.0.1 the latest version of the installation package, containing the patch file, can perfect the activation of 20192.1, the need to download it!

2019 features

Can edit.
The easy to use photo editing tools (such as and slide filters), you can easily create photos you want to look like. You can whenever and wherever possible in mobile devices, network or desktop editor full resolution photos. A device on the editor will automatically be applied to any other place.
More intelligent organization.
Adobe Sensei using machine learning to identify people in photos and other content, and then automatically use search keywords. For the love of the cousin or travel on the water? Automatic marking can quickly search, so you can create photo albums according to any person or subject required.
Free storage.
Starting from 1TB, to select more options, in the cloud storage ensures that you can access the full resolution photos whenever and wherever possible from any device.
Easy to share.
With the family, more customers or audience share your photos. Photos will be posted directly to the social networking site. Based on the desktop from the Lightroom sent directly to Adobe Portfolio, display them on your website. Use Adobe Spark to create a stunning graphics in a few minutes, "and the video story. These are included in your membership.
Quickly build your photography skills.
Our photography plan gradually with tutorials, you can learn the basics immediately or the latest function. Whether you are a beginner or professional, we can satisfy your needs.
Exploration of cloud service based on photos.
On your computer, intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer to edit photos, your changes will be automatically updated on all devices.

Synchronize your preset and personal data.
You need the function here. Now, you can cross desktop, mobile and Web access to all preset and configuration files - including custom and third-party default.

Edit photos from anywhere.
The use of powerful tools on mobile devices make your photo look great. Just click and drag the slider can improve the light and color filter, application - no matter where you are.

version 2019 crack installation tutorial activation

1. the download package, unzip the installer and get the patch file
2. double click Set-up.exe installation did not wait for the installation, if the first installation of Adobe software, need to login password, no registered one, do not spend money

3. installation is complete, automatic operation, the welcome screen

4. is the latest version of the 2019

Note: there is no perfect activation tool, patch update later

2019 new features

People think
Lightroom now use Adobe Sensei technology according to the characters of automatic sorting of photos, in order to find the specific character of the photo.
Apple photo import (Mac only)
Apple Photos easy library into Lightroom on the desktop. They will be synchronized to the cloud, so that you can edit access on all devices, organize and share them.
Adobe Portfolio integrated
You can now in desktop pictures from the Lightroom sent directly to Adobe Portfolio, so as to display your photos on the web.
Improved search
Start typing in the search box, Lightroom will automatically provide advice, help you quickly find the desired content. It is made of Adobe Sensei technical support.
Improved high ISO rendering
In low light, natural color with high ISO shooting.

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