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The complete works of Jin Yong epub/mobi version has been packaged upload Baidu SkyDrive

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 The complete works of Jin Yong epub/mobi version has been packaged upload Baidu SkyDrive
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The complete works of Jin Yong includes three versions, triple version / serial / century first version of the new revised version, the famous writer Jin Yong (Cha Liangyong) in October 30th in Hongkong died, at the age of 94, he is in our hearts forever Cha, since childhood series can freely read all kinds of books, often hear the snow was badly shot at Monday. God man leaning Bi Yuan this a popular discourse, which is connected to old gentleman's novels he made the antithetical couplet, martial arts dream in our hearts, the distant river brought to us, leaving countless stories and classic memories, impressed deeply to small, this will bring a small addendum the complete works of Jin Yong, including three versions, triple version, serial first version and the new revised version. The format of.Epub and.Mobi, support sound reading, let us once again enter the legend of the world, enjoy the charm of martial arts arena!

Jin Yong's works.

Mr. Jin Yong had a total of fifteen of the novel, called "the white snow was badly shot, Monday god man leaning Bi yuan. "They are The Sword Of Many Lovers The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain" "" "" "A Deadly Secret" Denon eight "" Legend of the Condor Heroes "" White horse squeals in the wind "" deer "and" The Legendary Swordsman "" sword "" "The legend of Condor Hero" Knight "," The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber "" sword "sword" sword "Maiden" Yuanyang ". As a martial arts Dean, Jin Yong # # life created countless people dream come, there are scores of rivers and lakes also have beautiful reign of terror, interwoven immersed in love. From the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" to "The legend of Condor Hero", from "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" to "eight guardians", Jin Yong left countless stories, 15 martial arts works department called the Department of classics. You talk about the memory of them.
"Pretty cool." 1955
"Sword" 1956 years
"Legend of the Condor Heroes" 1957 - 1959
"The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain" 1959 years
"The legend of Condor Hero" 1959 - 1961
"The Sword Of Many Lovers" 1960 - 1961
"White horse squeals in the wind" In 1961, with "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain after the novella"
"The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" 1961
"Yuanyang sword" 1961, attached to the "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain" after the novella
"A Deadly Secret" 1963, also known as the "heart sword"
"Tianlongbabu" 1963 - 1966
"Knight" 1965
"The Legendary Swordsman" 1967
"The deer" 1969 - 1972
"The female sword" 1970, attached to the "Knight", after the short story
To commemorate Jin Yong finishing special edition, welcome to download collection!
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