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SOLIDWORKS environment R&B 2017 advanced segmentation SP0.1 cracked version replace file

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  • Update: 2018-11-01
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 SOLIDWORKS environment R&B  2017 advanced segmentation SP0.1 cracked version replace file
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Split Works is a powerful environment, including special menu, integrated with standard SOLiDwoRKS mold tool. The use of advanced technology, automatic plastic molding, blow molding, sheet metal (progressive die, bending), aluminum casting, ceramic injection molding wax core and cavity separation and production process technology in industry, including any modifications or additions after updating blade of the advanced technology of parts, including the change of the IGES / Parasolid file! In CAMD (computer aided mold design mold) adding specific software in the process of manufacturing knowledge. intelligent began in the analysis of parts model, and then display the preview color coated parts, according to the potential core, the direction of the selected segmentation cavity, zero taper angle of surface and surface belong to the core and cavity. The part can be created in the SOLIDWORKS entity, but also by the SOLIDWORKS interpreter from any other CAD system. can even work on non solid geometry, which has a greater competitive advantage than other products. Users can simply click the plane, plane or edge to modify the segmentation direction, thus the dynamic update preview. At this stage of undercut and no draft angle surface, allowing you to determine the best splitting direction. Then the geometry automatically divided into six groups (folder), including the core and cavity, two directions, no draft, No Draft Core (optional - can be created in the core group, no draft (optional) - cavity can be created in cavity group), and Property and Page into the automatic parting line folder. This property page (and color encoding and parting line) in dynamic update modify parts, allows you to modify the meaning of parts measure. This small series brings the latest version 2017 crack, crack and crack tutorial files containing the installation!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, 2017SP01x64.exe installation procedures and _SolidSQUAD_ folder crack

2, double-click the 2017SP01x64.exe operation software in SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP0.0 run.
Download address: \

3, click Browse to select the installation path, click Next

4, select the user data the installation folder, click Next

5, click Install installation

6, installation, very fast, wait a moment

7, the installation is complete, check the Do not restart the machine, Don't restart the machine, Exit the wizard

8, the crack in the folder The App folder copied to the software installation directory, replace the file in the target, The default path for C:\ Program Files ElectrodeWorks \App \ \ R & B 2017

software function

Context sensitive pop-up menu function, and 1 in the property page
2, automatic reconstruction options, dynamic update face classification and typing line display.
3, mobile surface to move menu between groups.
4, show / hide folders and / or parting line.
5, create a surface to create the core, cavity or core side surface.
6, update the surface to update the core, cavity or core side surface, from parts to the core, the finished component propagation in the cavity and the core side.
7, according to the core and cavity direction and instructed to give other groups to explosion group.
8, find all the holes in the surface of the parts as possible and they will not insert, insert holes highlighted inserted for using standard SOLIDWORKS tools.
9, the attic menu can be used automatically parting surface generator (when appropriate) or as a tool to use the built-in redundancy to overcome complex curve and lofting reordering fault gradually create the parting surface.
10, from the standard or user defined material automatically create entity insert blank.
11, create a side core as a tool in the implementation of incision insert, the side core to the actual creation of the assembly level.
12, the use of graphic sketches or choose the surface or color of the insertion in the assembly is inserted into the insertion and create incision.

The software features

1, the parameters of core / cavity design
For injection molding, mold, application type progressive die surface
"Insert parts and completely association between (even for the external file format changes, IGES)
A single engineering model 2, plastic parts and mould design
With the integrated SOLIDWORKS menu.
For the plastic parts mold designers and manufacturers are useful.
"Seamless integration between Works and Split SOL IDWORKS function.
3, SPLITWORKS FUNCTIONALITY initial segmentation
According to the specific direction of dynamic preview core and cavity surface.
Analysis of cross point heuristic.
4, on both sides of "Preview" on the surface to create a parting line.
According to the main segmentation and / or user defined the direction of visual "explosion" surface.
5, will be divided into 6 parts or 8 surfaces: core, cavity, no draft, no core pulling, no taper cavity, undercut undercut cavity and core, two directions
According to the direction of creating selective automatic segmentation of face segmentation.
Automatic parting line construction (including off).
6, split the FeatureManager
Dongtai (in the design process) facial color classification and parting line display.
Automatic (surface) reconstruction and automatic parting line reconstruction options.
7, the pop-up menu includes: mobile face / create / create a new profile group / hide / change / select all colors
Create / update Surface to build the core / cavity / core side surface.
Island Analysis (display and selection) face group of fragments.
8, create a parting surface
- automatically or manually inserted on the surface of the hole.
"The attic (with automatic correction) to generate the parting surface.
9, insert
From the insert box and parting surface creates a solid core and cavity plug.
From the surface geometry and create a side of the core pin.
From the core and cavity insert create sub insert.
10, miscellaneous
can split the original SOLIDWORKS parts or closed / non import closed surface.


1, pre segmentation function
According to the direction of the core surface and cavity surface through the analysis to start the segmentation process according to any direction and preview draft angle parting color classification. Including the display of the parting line and testing and sorting options, straddle the special angle you can preview on the surface contour of draft angle different surfaces are classified, and according to the orientation of the face "different explosion" in this part. This shows that the design synthesis tool without error and manufacturability, prevent expensive mold in late re design.
2, the environment
Once you select the preferred direction, will create the Split Works property page, which contains a separate folder, which contains the core, cavity, no draft, undercut and different uncertain direction, including the parting line special folder.
Automatic reconstruction options to modify the process of updating the color classification and parting line in the whole parts, providing dynamic feedback for mold designers, in order to prepare for the mold parts manufacturing process.
Group level and facial provides context sensitive pop-up menu, including: mobile surface profile / create a new group / create / hide / change the color...
Insert / update / create curved surface generation update of parting surface or on the side of the core.
Automatic surface reconstruction and updating to ensure complete relevance, including at any stage of the design process (insert from parts to complete) spread all the changes (including changes to the IGES file) of the unique ability.
Island analysis function for the analysis and repair of knitting surface.
3, additional functions
The Loft menu type generator is a kind of automatic or a step by step function (when appropriate), use the built-in redundancy to overcome the complex curve and lofting reordering fault. The surface of SOLIDWORKS standard.
The entity into the menu from the geometry structure of surface core and cavity according to the standard or user defined material blank, and as a result of individual component split components to add.
Side Core will create and split components added as separate components.
In the Insert menu to create sub sub segmentation component is inserted in the cavity or core.

Update log

- create sub insert is used in a given sketch or a set of the components defined by the selection or color from the inserted (parts) to create a foundation does not have the insertion /. The sketch must be plugged in on the basis of or in the plane (in part level) creates and contains one or more closed in the menu before activation. For a set of face, you can dynamically select the face, you can prepare a group with the same color of the face. Insertion created as separate components added to and subtracted from the insert assembly. The Tools > > create sub insert... Menu system, icon menu (if in the assembly in the document or the CommandManager tab to get activated).
Add circular plane surface is a plane surface options. When the identification of out of plane option, only display the distance parameter, this parameter indicates the extra margin of plane surface.
To add a flat surface
Icon has been added to the Chain Edges dialog, for quick access to this menu.
Chain Edges has been optimized, which can automatically provide the right solution (in most cases without changing the direction).
- update surface will automatically be rolled up into a tree related (core or cavity) surface, and scroll down in the implementation of the updated. This may result due to changes in the original surface error, it must be corrected.
- create a side core direction can also be defined by a circle.
Right mouse button menu - (Chain Edges, Planar Surface and Delete) are located in the main menu, rather than in the sub menu.
Now the user can define the blank in all versions. Previously, the user must define the blank before version 2014 or SOLIDWORKS.
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