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He was a key fool input method configuration 4 v0.12.0 &smile crack patch even Shanxi

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-13
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 He was a key fool input method configuration 4 v0.12.0 &smile crack patch even Shanxi
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He was regarded as the input method is a very powerful input method, support a variety of input lines, it is the rime windows release, rime full name is "Zhongzhouyun ime", it is not only an input method, but an input method framework. The rime infrastructure is very sophisticated, a set of algorithms to support the spelling, pronunciation, Larry, five strokes, CHANGJEI all the phonetic code and shape code input method than table based on various input method generator "many excellent. The default rime provides both Pinyin input method "Ming April pinyin" and "earth pinyin", both of which can be accurate input of traditional and simplified, and the "earth pinyin" also supports voice input. Rime also supports many dialects such as Cantonese Pinyin, Wu, and even in medieval chinese. This small series brings the latest even Shanxi &smile1110 crack version, including crack patch, rapid completion of the user configuration, there is a need of a friend not to miss!

Install the crack tutorial

1, this site to download and unpack, get the installation package.Exe without ThesaurusTath4.0.exe patch and coyotes.

2, double-click the installation package.Exe operation, click I accept

3, the default installation path can be installed, click

4, setup options

5, the installation is complete, run as administrator. Without ThesaurusTath2.0.exe, click patch

6, finish, click OK

7, if the choice of the lexicon and the skin can be determined after the arbitrary selection, switching system input method to wolf without input method, press control+~ on the keyboard to tune out the console, select the number 1 moon Pinyin simplified characters after confirmation of configuration can be completed, bye ~


1, since 94 years the world's best domestic God level input method support two, five small brush, pen, fan \ \ English simplified, various forms of input. This is even a fool one click user configuration software Shanxi & smile1110 production, basically can be understood as the small brush automatic adjustment to the most popular, the most optimal flow state. Seckill palm, QQ Pinyin, Sogou input method, imagination and silky
2, made a series of optimal allocation of users
3, the default import extended thesaurus Sogou standard font
4, in order to avoid the single games, online games and action game keys crash simulator input method, the default for all software startup without input method for coyotes for English, please use the control+shift button to switch to the Chinese input state

Use the input method

1. close kill soft firewall
2 after decompression, use the installation package.Exe installation without wolf input method
3. no ThesaurusTath4.0.exe (without running wolf system permissions) patch,
Then the deployment of the interface, the first type of user interface Pinyin input method to directly determine the appropriate check, other users, the next input method skin selection interface, please select a beautiful skin can be determined.
4. switch input method to Xiaolang without input method, press control+~ on the keyboard to tune out the console, select the number of 1 moon Pinyin simplified characters after confirmation, see the specific compressed images, configuration can be completed.

5. have been used by the user and user error 2 and 3, please uninstall it and restart the wolf, reinstall and re patch

Custom input method

Right click the tray icon menu by quick access input method and common position setting tool.
User dictionary, configuration file located in%AppData%\Rime, through the menu.
Check the configuration file "open". High level game player training often use the Rime input method.
Modify the thesaurus, configuration files, need to "re deployment" to be effective.
In order to avoid loss of custom content in the input method after the upgrade, do not directly modify the installation directory!

Key description:

1. now can use English shift switch input state,
You can also use control+shift, equivalent to the first switch to the English input method and then switch back, but need to press two times control+shift to Chinese, suggested this.
2. if the switch directly to the wolf without input method can be used windows+ spaces.


A correction:
The original forced switching TSF may lead to restart after the error has been corrected.
Amendment two:
The new extended thesaurus by 13 to 87 million words, covering all natural, humanities, and related network buzzwords and online games, as well as the letter and other related hacker.
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