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Easy to use video editing software BeeCut bee clip crack version of the installation tutorial.

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  • Update: 2019-01-09
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Easy to use video editing software BeeCut bee clip crack version of the installation tutorial.
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The bee is a professional video clip version of a short clip is good, use not only has the common basic editing functions, he also added, with buck stack filters, edit text, insert background music, transitions and mosaic effect, make your video minute high, at the same time node split screen software accurate, can edit the video platform video adaptation ratio, you can quickly make a professional video effects on various occasions in need!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, double-click the bee-cut.exe operation, as shown in the figure, language simplified Chinese

2, click Next

3, I choose to accept the agreement, click next.

4, click Browse to select the software installation path, click next.

5, choose to create a shortcut, click Next

6, click the Install button

7, installation, very fast, wait a moment

8, the installation is complete, exit the wizard

9, the Crack folder copied to [Apowersoft.CommUtilities.dll] software installation directory.
10, open the bee clips, will prompt login, after WeChat scan code login, you can crack.
(not cracked export video watermark, the watermark removal version)

software function

1, support a variety of video rate
The bees to support a variety of requirements of the video clip platform such as 16:9 ratio, suitable for most video platform, suitable for 9:16 vibrato and other mobile terminal short video platform, 3:4 and 1:1 is used for making Taobao video, offers a variety of possibilities for your creation, show your video with the best effect, avoid the video content after need to cut the trouble, adds great convenience.
2, a variety of design templates
In order to be more convenient to use the video, we provide design style rich in material for you, your video can be different styles of collocation filters, add smooth and natural transition, a stack of interesting effects, add animation for each frame, simply right-click on the material. Select Add to the track "to complete the operation, large production is so simple!
3, multi track editing and
If you want to in this frame in the video and then add some pictures or a picture-within-a-picture effect, multi track editing bee clips may help you! Automatically open a track based on the original video track, can be dragged into the material and the editing process, make the video more rich level! And you can edit subtitles and background music material at the same time, the overall effect of instant viewing video.
4, directly adjust video parameters
Want to change the video editing simple contrast, brightness, speed and other parameters? The original video onto the track of material can be double parameters, fast / slow video, the video will rotate 90 degrees, can fill in the late, very convenient!
5, a key to replace the background music
Homemade video with noise will affect the watch, replaced with a sense of the background music can make the entire video upgrade in bee you can be a key audio separation of the original video also edit or direct mute clips, then embed your audio material, can replace the background music.
6, efficient operation button
When we want to fast segmentation, cutting, zoom, add and drop mosaic videos, will drag the split axis node you want to edit, click on the corresponding buttons on the toolbar to complete the operation, in addition, we also provide a lot of shortcuts can greatly improve your efficiency.
7, export nondestructive perfect quality
The bee clips can be an option to save the file for the project, for the next editor. If you want to save it on your computer as a playable file, you can choose the "export", in the interface you can adjust the video resolution, format, quality, support MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, MOV popular video format for audio output, also can be used alone. The software according to the video size you will set the resolution to 1920*10801280*720960*540640*360, lossless quality, full screen viewing more comfortable.

The software features

1, commonly used functions, to meet the daily clip
The precise split screen node, a key to delete the mosaic fragment
2, support the mainstream video editing aspect ratio
Support 16:9, 4:3 clip clip bee, 1:1, and 3:4 9:16 video, a perfect fit for the video platform
3, senior function, let you out of the ordinary video
Allow custom video color parameters, let more of heart
4, applicable to all types of cut scenes
Bees can help you make a professional video clips on various occasions, in the field of teaching, product introduction, short video production, video, marketing training meetings, wedding will be your best choice. Provide fit the life and work of the template, friendly interaction, make your life more beautiful video.


Senior editor function

PIP video production
PIP (PIP), is a kind of multiple media file superimposed on a background of media files, on the screen also shows multiple video playback effect. This effect has been widely used in the tutorial video, product display or video game.
How to add a picture-within-a-picture effect
1, open the bee clips directly to the background material and the material into the overlay material library. Or you can click "import" > "import file" material import.
2, select the background material, drag the video below track; select the overlay material, drag it to the bottom of the PIP track.
Reminder: in addition to their own material can stack file, you can also use the bee clip comes with the material effects. Just click the toolbar, select the "animation" love animation in animation material library, can be added to the PIP track.
How to edit a picture-within-a-picture effect
1, the superposition of material into PIP track, you can double-click the pop-up picture editing interface material. In the upper right corner of the preview window, drag the Yellow frame can be adjusted in size.
2, on the left side of the interface, click on the audio, you can set the picture in picture, sound volume fade.
3, click on the mask, the mask effect can be added after the completion of PIP video, add, click "OK".
Split screen video production
Split screen video, as the name implies, two or more video at the same time is displayed on a screen, the video is independent, but also will play. This video will be used in a lot of time, such as video, contrast each other around a plurality of video frames while playing with a picture showing a different visual effect.
Operation steps:
1, open the bees into clips, two different video clips in the material in the region, will be the first picture video material onto the bottom of double track, double click Edit material.
2, in the left side of the screen for video and audio mask are adjusted in the right to adjust the video preview window size and position, adjust, click "export" video export.
3, the exported video into software and drag it to the bottom of the video editing track, then PIP track second video clips onto the bottom of the.
4, double-click the PIP video track, adjust its size and position. Two video preview position in the region after the confirmation, click "export" screen video can be exported.
Reminder: after completing all these steps, we will make a video screen can play two pictures at the same time. If the screen video 3 pictures while playing the needs of production, only need to export split screen video import material area, drag it into a video track, repeat steps 3 to 4 is good. Then, for making more screen picture video, according to the above steps can be.

List of shortcuts

In order to allow you to quickly use the function in the use of bee clip, improve work efficiency, the following offer you a comprehensive shortcut form for your reference:
Basic shortcuts:
operation Shortcut keys
open Ctrl+O
Preservation Ctrl+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Exit the program Alt+F4
Edit shortcuts:
operation Shortcut keys
Revoke Ctrl+Z
recovery Ctrl+Y
copy Ctrl+C
paste Ctrl+V
Division Ctrl+B
delete Del

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