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The sapphire plugin cracked version of the .02 for AE AViD OFX 2019 Win/Mac

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-02-15
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The sapphire plugin cracked version of the .02 for AE AViD OFX 2019 Win/Mac
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BorisFX Sapphire crack version 2019 is a powerful sapphire plug-in, applicable to all support hosts, including Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, Flame and OFX series of many hosts, such as Resolve, Fusion, NUKE, Baselight (only version 4.3 and 4.4), VEGAS Pro and Harmony. Sapphire is a powerful VFX plug-in suite, use provides plenty of visual effects for the user to add a variety of intelligent lighting effect, whether it is light, flash, lens flare, natural light or glare can easily let you image the beautiful moment of abnormal, built more than 150 for creating custom effects and transitions the effect of more than 3000 preset for users to directly use, you can also make a stack, the film can accurately simulate the effect of 35mm film can be used as a multi color video, restrictions grading tools and plug-ins, easy realization of dozens of different popular color processing, this small series is bringing the Sapphire version 2019 crack, brought a lot of the improvement and enhancement of PixelSort digital fault art effect of the new WhipLash, the transition to the new, new tools for animation shape transitions and effects generator, with a new spline tool (such as magnetic edge capture) of the new Mocha Essentials work space, and optimized to maximize the performance of GPU and CPU. There is a need of a friend not to miss!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip the compressed file, choose suitable for your software to extract, as shown in the figure, double-click the sapphire-avx-install-2019.0.exe operation, I choose to accept the agreement and click Next

2, the installation program will install configuration files and documents to the following folder. The plugin will be automatically copied to the corresponding folder in the host application. Plug -in do not select a folder here. Click on the next

3, click on the install installation is very simple.

A cracked version

Win version of the installation steps:
  1. Copy the RLM_Windows folder to the root directory of C C:\
  2. In C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe, right-click to open an administrator
  3. Enter the CD C:\RLM_Windows.
  4. Enter install.bat
  5. Wait for the installation to complete
  6. Reset computer
  7. Install the AMPED hack software, complete
Mac version of the installation steps:
  1. Copy the RLM_macOS to the desktop
  2. Open a terminal and enter CD ~/Desktop/RLM_macOS
  3. Enter the Chmod +x./
  4. Input./
  5. The computer will be prompted to enter a password, password, the process is invisible, enter the line
  6. Wait for the installation is complete, restart the computer
  7. You can install other AMPED crack software

Sapphire 2019 new features

LensFlare and Flare Designer after re design and re design. Flare Designer has been greatly improved and enhanced, in order to increase the ease of use and extend its function. The default browser now directly integrated in the Flare Designer, the access and modify the preset lens flare becomes an easy job to do. The new lens flare "component" process allows the artist to easily and visually start building complex halo, and helps to reveal the sapphire flare engine powerful function and flexibility. Finally, increase the preset 27 new professional design.
PixelSort is an excellent new Sapphire effect, grew up in the modern digital "fault art" movement. This is an interesting new way, the image can be through a variety of different ways and twist your, has many depth parameters, to produce some amazing results. PixelSort Sapphire Effect and Transition can also be used in the reactor building. Combined with the other sapphire effect, can obtain a truly original effect, and use it as a transitional production value to any editing.
Sapphire WhipLash is the sister transition effect on sapphire for one of the most popular S_SwishPan "". It has some amazing new features and functions, will undoubtedly become the first choice of transformation of sapphire. S_Whiplash is the core of a new transition imitation lighting fast camera translation, multiple image copies are mixed together, so it looks as if in a very short period of time. In the long distance. S_WhipLash also has a soft spring good block, smooth surface or at the end of the transition. You can add RGB color fuzzy to get a different appearance, S_Whiplash can be transmitted in any direction or angle, can also zoom upward or downward.
4, enhanced motorcycle track and hide
Integrated Mocha Sapphire 2019 for each sapphire effect in tracking and a significant improvement (covering and S_Mocha Sparks - Autodesk only). For more information about Sapphire 2019 and Mocha Pro between Mocha tracking and shielding 2019 integrated in the difference, please click here.
For new spline tool ROTO and MASKING
Sapphire 2019 using 4 new Mochas spline tool for shielding and rotation, to accelerate the shape to create and save time. Including the new magnetic buckle strip like edge tool for drawing a new kind of fluid hand tools and new preset circular and rectangular tool.
- new look and feel
Editors and artists will be completely redesigned for Mocha interface happy. Update the interface makes Mocha easier to learn than ever. Mocha Essentials working space through a simplified interface brings the powerful function of Mocha for novice users. Through the Mocha interface will reduce complexity and concentrate on the most important icons and tools, tracking and shielding is now faster. Switch to the Classic module to obtain advanced and custom work area to improve flexibility.
RETINA and DPI monitor support
The new Mocha interface and tools in the modern high DPI display looks great.
5, improvement and transition builders
Effect and Transition Builder have some free new improvements in Sapphire version 2019. The new animation allows a new preset shape effect of cool, organic transition such as color and hand-painted appearance shape wipe. In addition to adding PixelSort and Whiplash to create a new original effect. Watch this short video, a brief overview of Sapphire new Builder 2019 default.
6, speed of GPU
The sapphire 2019 is the fastest in the history of the sapphire version! To support CUDA NVIDIA card to optimize the peak GPU acceleration. Blackmagic Resolve Adobe Premiere Pro CC colorist and editor from the comprehensive performance improvement in the maximum benefits.


1, the best lighting effect
As long as the secrets of Hollywood movies, sapphire lighting package has been used in countless films, TV and advertising business. It is fast, beautiful, and with many intelligent time saving features, can make your image immediately become beautiful. Whether it is light, flash, lens flare, light or glare, sapphire lighting can achieve a whoop and a holler.
2, generator
The effect of Sapphire and Transition Builder users can easily browse and try to edit and sapphire, the artist can create custom effects and transitions of their. Builder offers more than 150 kinds of presupposition for creativity and correction, so you can immediately start using it. According to the effect of name, genre or featured artists browse new preset. All new transitions and effects created using Builder can save preset and share in compatibility between the host After: Adobe Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve
Preset 3, gorgeous
Not what than starting from a blank slate is more difficult, so the sapphire has more than 3000 preset, many of the top artists and editors elaborate. Each release, will add a new default, so there are always fresh things available.
4, flexible pricing and licensing options
Sapphire offers a variety of convenient licensing options. Whether the Sapphire device will be decomposed into separate set of product pricing, Sapphire order, or on the RLM server "floating license", Sapphire can meet the requirements of any budget. More information about the pricing of sapphire, or contact our sales team.
5, glow
As the Hollywood crowd favorite, for decades, Sapphire Glow is one of the most legendary history and the most functional effect. Whether you want to change the mood is slightly or significantly change the lens light, subtle light soft and smooth sapphire will always live up to a whoop and a holler.
6, the effect of film
Start the sapphire film effect is a method of accurate simulation of 35mm film and video, but fast forward to today's post production world, it is now used as the multi color classification tools and plug-ins. Have a preset large stunning, editors and artists can quickly realize the use of sapphire film dozens of different popular color processing.
7, jitter
Shake has the most popular sapphire effect, because it has the versatility and ease of use. Whether it is for a handheld camera shake to imitate the documentary style or for the effect of the vibration magnitude, depth parameter settings of Shake can adapt to any situation.
8, lens flare
Sapphire LensFlare allows you to add realistic lens flare from a lot of presuppositions, or use the Sapphire Flare Designer created from scratch them, our own applications for the construction of functional film quality of the lens flare. Do not block or adjust the F light to the camera again!
9, small illustrations
Inset is a good example of the classic effect of sapphire. It can help you complete repeat multihit task, and transforming it into one step, increase the flexibility and new features.


The Sapphire plugin supports the following software
Adobe After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015 (compatible with Builder)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015 (compatible with Builder)
Avid Media Composer (compatible with Builder)
Autodesk Flame series
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve (compatible with Builder, only Mocha tracking in Resolve Studio)
Blackmagic Fusion
Foundry NUKE
Vegas Pro Studio
Grass Valley Edius
Baselight (only version 4.3 and 4.4)
Toon Boom Harmony
Other OFX compatible host

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