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1.2.0 cracked version containing the patch file

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  • Update: 2018-11-05
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  1.2.0 cracked version containing the patch file
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cracked version is RAW image synthesizer the first non destructive world. Imerge Pro is the image synthesis software layer based on the GPU speed, can run fast at an alarming rate even in high resolution images. Each edit in real time. Every change is no need to hide and display the layer to compare the different composition of each layer can save multiple images or text for each variant of flexible. Here is the small series of lightning caused the latest version of the installation package, including patch, can activate perfect, need to download it!

activation crack version tutorial

1. the download package, unzip after installation package and patch

2. double click on the ImergePro_1.2.0.exe operation, according to the prompt installation is complete, do not run the software

The 3. patch fxhimgpro-tpcpatch.exe file copied to the installation directory and run the password, tpcrew-group, proceed

4. point patch activation

5. activation completed

The software is running 6. crack version, all functions can be used free

Function introduction

Flexible level, infinite possibilities
Create a professional grade composite infinite layer and zero change baking. Imerge Pro is the first to keep the image data and RAW layer self contained photo editing software. Each edit in real time. Every change is flexible
No need to hide and display the layer to compare the different composition of each layer can save multiple images or text for each variant.
Using 38 faster composite filter
You want to get more bright colors or clear edges in a few seconds? The use of Imerge Pro filters can enlarge the image quality and shorten the time of editing.
  • Black and white
  • Bleach bypass
  • Channel viewer
  • Chroma key
  • clear
  • cloud
  • Color adjustment
  • Color Difference Key
  • Color overlay
  • curve
  • Dehaze
  • Directional blur
  • exposure
  • Gauss fuzzy
  • foodstuff
  • Internal light
  • Inversion
  • LUT (look up table)
  • level
  • Light packaging
  • linear-gradient
  • Brightness key
  • Noise
  • The outer glow
  • outline
  • Pattern overlay
  • Pixel
  • Four warping
  • Radial Gradient
  • Remove color matting
  • Saturation editor
  • Scan line
  • To sharpen
  • Remove the overflow
  • Colors
  • Small illustrations
  • white balance
  • Zoom Blur
Ensure the coast clear
Need to POP your image? Filter aid! The black darker, more bright white. Use the slider structure to achieve the best contrast control, you can ensure that get the desired look.
Feel depressed and dirty for details
To enhance your behavior by restoring all the fine details of the camera capture (and your image). The details of the Imerge tool sharpening and means you can easily increase or decrease in the image edge and thin.

Easy to remove the fog and gloomy
Whatever the weather, can get the opportunity through thousands of years. The Dehaze filter provides the ability to quickly remove the bad weather for you, or for your own 221B Baker Street appearance add some ominous fog. The primary!
And get the desired look.
Fix it in the post
Even after shooting, to pick out the perfect color. The use of color filters to fully adjust or change the color adjustment shadow. Bring all the flexibility and strength of the rainbow.
Don't stand in the shadows
Do you want to create in the camera image capture. Increase energy without damaging the skin condition. The use of "shadows and light" image correction, contrast enhancement and restoration of exposure.
Not just a cookie cutter
Maintain a relaxed trend. From the movie to the appearance of fashion lenses, Instagram style filter to Ansel Adams style black and white miracle, Imerge built all content. Use to add some personal style of our custom slider.
No need to hide
In Imerge, the mask is not only applicable to the layer (or costume party). Application location using them to define or filter effect. Use the gradient mask to enhance the vitality of the sky without affecting the rest of the landscape, or the use of a simple mask area will change from green to blue eyes.
A lot of choice and LUT
Create a custom class in their software, or immediately into your favorite LUT to get the perfect appearance. Save time in post production, unified your image with a certain appearance, and began their own way, to achieve the perfect color grade.
It is very easy to enter the green
No more manual button control! Imerge Pro will automatically use the industry standard software need to be removed from the green screen for several hours in the area. A + B + hard composite.
Easy split hair
Don't cry for spilled green. Let Imerge Pro use automatic abrasive cleaners, overflow suppression and edge color effect to deal with the details. Remove fine lines on the edge of the mixed mesh veil, never lose the advantage.
Play with fire
Luminance Key allows you to accurately extract the fire and explosion and other objects from black or white background, without overflow or spots. You can even create lifelike mask using the light source in the foreground.
Automatic color matching
Try a different background in the composite? Automatic color matching of Imerge function increases spill suppression (for those who hate the green edge), light package and re adjust the foreground to match the background color.
Hundreds of zero work appearance.
Test background in a batch process, and the prospect of the text! Imerge Pro will automatically add the right edge of each green screen combination of color and light packaging, so you can easily switch between the options.
It did what it said
The Imerge Pro is designed by someone like you. Therefore, you do not have Google each function must know how to use it. Each slide and the effect is where you need it. Need some tips or find errors? Let us know.
Each layer is very flexible
Keep your color data and real-time editing of your RAW. No longer compressed to 8 bits or that you added in the six layer before the light package. Easy to undo any changes.
We will be your text chemical text as any other layers. By adding effect, contour, gradient and pattern filling to increase your words. Love test? We're in a layer provides you with multiple text variants. This brand has become more relaxed.
All the glory of image editing
Here the definition of color and details of the new dawn! You can now directly in the image synthesizer and edit the RAW file. You want to change? Imerge Pro full frame huge and medium format image (assuming your computer to complete the task).


The platform and work flow
Some of the unique features of Imerge Pro include:
Non destructive: nothing can use.Imerge Pro to save your changes and keep the color of your data. In the process of editing, to retain all 16 colors or shades California sunset.
Your files at your fingertips: Imerge Pro unique main screen has found all the items on your system, so you can open them and start using.
Project templates or custom settings: choose from preset fast, or set up your own resolution and the shape of the canvas.
Whether all image processing is the 16 bit floating point number.
Second monitor client Preview: on the second screen printing customers in the exhibition and transfer of customer, and in second the display on the screen clean, full preview, and hide all interface elements.
Import format:
The standard format includes: JPEG, PNG.
High quality formats include: TIFF, RAW.
Professional formats include: EXR (RGBA, HDR and PSD single) (Bian Pinghua).
Output format: you can adjust the following file format to control the use of image compression are: JPEG, TIFF, PNG.
We support metadata: metadata stored include: EXIF, XMP and IPTC.
Batch processing
Content: the layer layer can be composed of a plurality of images, and provide export all combinations of features.
Multiple output: export a variety of delivery formats, so that your content is readily available at any time, or you can use the Instagram.
Content change: to export their ultimate freedom - multiple background, foreground text layer to create hundreds of different iteration.
The built-in keying effect
Chroma key: look, no hands! Abandon rotobrush, let Imerge do all the hard work for you. Never again erase fine or lace detail.
Color key: for containing transparent or translucent area (such as smoke, shadow or glass) image, this result can be obtained with realistic keys.
Key: use brightness brightness key intelligent design to eliminate the black or white background of the flame and explosion. Let it select pixels need translucent and immediately see the results.
Spill removal: don't cry in the overflow of green screen. Don't be afraid of the terrible green, automatic overflow suppression can neutralize shadow and remove unnecessary spills.
Intelligent mask
A mask used to create masks manually. To determine which parts of the visible layer mask. In fact, this means that you can use the mask to cut a hole in the layer. But this is not all - they can also be used to define the location of the filter application! Cover the eyes around the scenery in the sky or quickly change easily. Imerge 5 type mask:
The gradient image will easily fade, fade to black and white, dilute the text, even using a gradient mask to create photo reflector.
Area: parts of regions using mask hidden layers and display the following layer. Very suitable for multiple photos with a picture or get rid of unnecessary details.
Vector: Imerge vector mask is based on pixels, therefore more accurate.
The brightness of the image (SMART): this incredible function decomposes image into luminance channel, so that the user can according to the brightness or darkness of mask.
Image color selection (SMART): very similar luminosity, image color selection decomposes image into color range, so that the user can easily select according to color.
Creative filters and effects
Black and white
Bleach bypass
Channel viewer
Color adjustment
Color overlay
Directional blur
Gauss fuzzy
Internal light
LUT (look up table)
Light packaging
The outer glow
Pattern overlay
4 warping
Radial Gradient
Remove color matting
Saturation editor
Scan line
To sharpen
Small illustrations
white balance
Zoom Blur


Imerge Pro update
Version 1.2 was released in October 24, 2018
MacOS 10.14 now supports Mojave.
The new control allows easy switching point and the text of the paragraph, and the paragraph text size set.
Improved anchor, origin and position control behavior, make it more predictable.
The effect has been improved and the Mongolian version of the drag and drop.
Add to use layers, shift key effect and mask on the choice of a continuous range of support.
Use the arrow keys to add multiple controls through canvas nudge the selected layer's function.
Add the "select all" keyboard shortcuts for various context.
Add 8.5 x 11 inches (American letters) project template.

The text of the paragraph from the pixel size has been changed to a percentage of units.
Improved mask will be straight into the behavior of the vector.
The global toolbar layout improvement
Improved, more compact transform control layout.
Batch output items can now be folded.
In the previous version covering improved setup on Windows.
Add remove program cache options OpenCL.
Add reset function application settings
Bug repair
Fixes press Shift key layer resize handle inconsistent problems.
Repair in Intel system with HD graphics on the canvas occasionally not update problem.
Fixed pixel mobile zoom in and out layer problem.
Repair the layer thumbnail project sometimes shows the problem of image error.
The problems of small UI repair.
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