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Good use of the data recovery tool 5.02 Build version 25 crack file replacement

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Good use of the data recovery tool  5.02 Build version 25 crack file replacement
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s is an easy-to-use file recovery tool, if you accidentally deleted or formatted by the file lost how to do? Many data recovery tools used are very troublesome, but today Xiaobian bring s tool can not only meet your demand for the restoration, use is also very simple, clean interface, filter and depth scan algorithm is powerful, fast search your hard disk and filter out the unrecoverable damage to files, and just a few simple clicks, although there is nothing to worry about English interface, but will not use this small series of the installation package also contains a crack to replace a file, pro test can perfect active software, there is a need of a friend not to miss!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, undeleter.exe installation procedures and patch folder crack

2, double-click the undeleter.exe operation, as shown in Figure English, the default language

3, click Browse to select the installation path, click Next

4, choose to create a shortcut, click Next

5, installation, wait a moment

6, the installation is complete, to check the operation of software options, click Finish to exit the wizard

7, patch will break the folder in the AbelssoftUndeleter.exe file to C:\ProgramData\Abelssoft\AbelssoftUndeleter\Program, pay attention to whether you install software to which disk, files are copied to the target path, click Replace in files


1, save the lost file
You accidentally delete your files? Even from the data recovery station will also delete and restore it to find reliable Undeleter.
2, clean interface
The results of the survey list has a smart filter, even in a large list is also found in the individual results.
3, Scan: DEEP is important
Sometimes, the file is very important, each piece is worth a try. DEEP scanning technology we found even damaged partial coverage of the file and attempt to recover them.
4, save the lost file
Not good! It happened too fast: surprise, you delete an important document in a second, although it still needs - forever! help.
5, intelligent scanning
Using SMART Scan, you can quickly search the hard disk. The search algorithm will filter the damaged file, only to restore files.
6, deep scan
This special algorithm can find each small file - even has been damaged or partially covered files, and try to recover them.
7, mobile rescue team
With the passage of time, will accumulate a large number of deleted files. provides a highly efficient filter for you, you can use it to quickly see a large amount of data.

Using the tutorial

1, run the software, first you should choose the recovery disk, click Next

2, enter search keywords, select the file type, can all choose, you can also customize the selection of a type, continue to click Next

3, select the scan type
Intelligent scanning
Intelligent scanning speed is relatively fast, you can find the recycling station in the file no longer exists.
But can not guarantee successful data recovery
Depth scanning
The depth of scanning cost than intelligent scanning longer, but also will find some cover or damaged file.
But can not guarantee successful data recovery.

Patient 4, scan to wait for a while

5, the scan results as shown in the figure, you select the file to restore

6, click save,
The recovered data, attention should not be restored to the same drive. Otherwise, delete data may be covered and become unusable.
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