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F.64 Elite - Zone System v4.0 Win/mac latest version of crack free installation tutorial

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-05
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 F.64 Elite - Zone System  v4.0 Win/mac latest version of crack free installation tutorial
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Zone System Photoshop panel extension. It is designed for use with Photoshop CC. However, it is an extension of the out of the ordinary (or panel). Zone System Express Panel from the necessity of the development of improved photographic workflow and efficiency. In the past few years, Zone Systems in the process to speed up the work has done very well, but they are based on Photoshop Actions. The action is very good, but they need more than the steps required to complete the task at hand. They are also very hard to find what you want, because over time you may have received hundreds of actions! In the past three years, Blake has been in the use of Zone Systems to improve the process of editing his. Originally as an idea that evolved into an operational layer sequence, designed to allow you to enter and exit the Photoshop, and get the best results in the shortest time. Although the time is saved, but the resulting system of digital region has created a small part to a masterpiece. Soon found out that the system is the main work flow of photos. The only real problem is the system of Photoshop operation based on. Although the movement is very strong, but they may be confusing, so that beginners feel confused, and every time you want to use them when they open and close. Need something better, more effective, more accurate, more cautious. Zone Systems Express Panel Workflow is the answer to the plight of. It is the old Zone Systems faster, more accurate and more efficient.

Function introduction

No longer run in Actions
- it consists of Java Script support - working process faster and more efficient

Considering Black's work flow
Top - color, color and artistic effect tab
- the bottom layer tools and workflow tools

Tab to select variables tab - when the project will change
- constant - workflow tools and tool layer is constant - they will not change with the change of the label

1. runs a single region. Do you want to press the button on the mask region.
2. operation of the whole system of Digital Region: region 0-10
3. run a single condensation zone: 0-1 * 1. combination 2. region 2-3 3. 4-5-6 region 4. region combination combination 7-8 combination 5. region 9-10
4. the operation of the whole system to streamline the region
* Condensed Zone System Zone System is a new feature of Express panel

Color label
1. run single color region system layer and a custom color
2. the operation of the whole system: red color region -, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta - deleted some color regions: dark blue, violet and orange
3. operation of the similar area * 1. red - magenta magenta - blue is similar to the 2. similar 3. blue - similar to the 4. - 5. - blue green yellow green similar similar
The AnalagousZone system is a new function of Zone System Express panel

The effect of Tab
13426857 1. in the image using small vignette (smaller in high resolution image on the 2). Application of large box vignette in the image (high resolution image on the big picture)
3. gradient map layer is applied to image color grading
4. in the photo on the application of solid level layer
5. matte effect curve adjustment layer
6. make a gradient map layer of black and white
7. on the application of rapid photo radiation effect
8. Radiance 2 (formerly Zone System Master custom radiation Class)
9. operation enhanced contrast layer (similar to the HDR style)

Workflow tools
The 1. set of 50% soft gray layer, and instantly dodge and burn select the Dodge tool.
2. noise reduction operation layer, protect your high light and midrange invalid. This will ensure that you receive only the shadow effect.
3. operation contrast checker: curves adjustment layer above the black and white gradient. The contrast which helps to check the photos, and allows you to edit the corresponding curve.
4. in the layers palette add sharpening layer to protect the high light and shadow, so that only your middle tone to receive sharpening.

Workflow tools
1. these buttons will be applied if the selected blend adjustment layer 1. without dark shadows in the mixed - protection if only 2. slider adjustment in the Alto - protection of light and shadow 3. light - protection highlights 4. only the dark - protection of all content except for all the content outside the selected layers of darkness only light - 5. the protection of the selected layers of light
The 2. button is 10-100 opacity button. They will be selected the corresponding button opacity change is selected.
3. these buttons will set the blending mode to mixed mode is the most commonly used, for editing in the work process.
These are used to accelerate the work flow in the layers palette tool.

Installation tutorial

You need to choose the version installed from 123, Xiao Bian here with CC 2015 as an example
On the win version

In the CC 2015.5 installation panel - copy the following expansion, paste it into the Windows Explorer or Mac Library
The library may not immediately appear in your Mac. For more information, please refer to page 2 - this position is the location - drop area system panel folder will be placed in the top panel area system folder after the restart Photoshop reload after the regional system will be displayed on the panel "window" - > click the regional system in the expansion, the panel will open - a detailed description in the Photoshop, please refer to the installation video.
On the Mac version
Show hidden Library in Mac OS 10.7 and later on
Methods 1:
- Finder from the top of the screen, select "go" menu, then select "go to the folder".
In the open window, input ~ / Library, and then click Go.
Methods 2:
- go to Finder (or desktop).
- hold down the Option key on the keyboard, and then click the Go menu at the top of the screen.
When the Go menu is open, you will notice that the press and release the option to show or hide the library options in this menu.
From the "select" library to "menu" (hold down the "options") to access the hidden window
The last 04 Alternative ZXP Installer installation (PS CC ONLY) in WINDOWS ZXPInstaller.exe


Update version 20161023 3.6 updated the following items. Please note that the new panel and training materials in different panel. However, the team's function is still the same, and still consistent with current education materials.
ZSE expert group composed of Blake Rudis 7f.64 College
Version 3.6 patch CC, CS6, CS5
- New condensation zone system. - start - mixed mode brightness from 50%
- color area system has been fixed to automatically start the tone below
Small spacing - on the panel
New Custom Radiance 2 are now in the layers palette, rather than open in a new document.
The new Quick - Radiance update function, now has a correct name instead of "Layer x"
Panel now has a V3.6 identifier

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