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Photo 3D 3Dflow 3DF Zephyr Aerial v4.300 model software version

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  • Update: 2018-12-05
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 Photo 3D 3Dflow 3DF Zephyr Aerial v4.300 model software version
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3Dflow 3DF Zephyr Aerial v4.009 cracked version allows you to automatically reconstruct 3D model from the photo. This process is completely automatic, do not need to manually edit the encoding target, or special equipment. 3DF Zephyr is based on our proprietary cutting-edge reconstruction technology. 3DF Zephyr has a user-friendly interface, can export many common 3D format, even without external tools can generate lossless video. In addition, can generate true orthophotos, digital elevation model (DTM), and can calculate the area, volume, angle and contour line. 3DF Zephyr is the perfect tool for modeling in reality. Allows you to the most common 3D format point cloud and grid. Can also generate video animation, true orthophotos, digital terrain model (DTM), cross section, contour line and calculate the angle, area and volume. All directly in the 3DF Zephyr. 3DF Zephyr will show their own tools for reality perfect. At 3DFlow, we strive to set the core and application program interface. The results obtained may be the most accurate market, automatic and optimal design of Multiview-Stero algorithm. 3DF Zephyr Aerial is a vertical version, specifically for aerial photogrammetry and city and environmental monitoring, topography, geodesy and application of precision agriculture. Here is the small series of lightning caused 3Dflow 3DF Zephyr Aerial v4.009 the latest installation package containing the patch, need to download it!

Install the crack tutorial

1, this site to download and unpack, 3DF+Zephyr+Aerial+v4.009+ (x64) installation procedures and Crack folder crack

2, double-click the 3DF+Zephyr+Aerial+v4.009+ (x64) operation, the choice of language Chinese

3, I choose to accept the agreement, click next.

4, click Browse to select the software installation path, click next.

5, confirm the installation information, click the Install button

6, installation, wait for a moment

7, the installation is complete, to check the operation of software options, exit the wizard

8, copy the crack folder in the 3DF Zephyr break Aerial.exe and Masquerade.exe into the software installation directory, click Replace in the target file

9, If there is, please delete:
- \ \ x86 folder
File \ TurboActivate.dat software

New description

1, technical improvement
We are committed to research and development, the latest version is no exception, because we are in our most advanced photogrammetry pipeline each reconstruction steps have increased speed and accuracy. Many other optimization and new tools make Zephyr become your trusted 3D reconstruction software solutions.
2, 3DF Zephyr Free
Now you can download a free version of the new! Very suitable for learning or as a viewer, but also to share good.ZEP file with customers. 3DF Zephyr Free can be used to open any 3DF Zephyr version of the generated.ZEP file.
3, improved interoperability
Zephyr recently improved on laser scanning technology support, improved management tools and structured point cloud. 3DF Zephyr is still the photogrammetry software complete package, can get the best results from photogrammetry and laser scanning in the world.
4, ready for production
As usual, this update also contains many new tools and process improvement of our work. 3DF Zephyr is a complete photogrammetric software package, fast and reliable.
Faster processing
The whole pipeline has been greatly improved, and the movement structure, multi view stereo and grid stage during the processing time has been significantly improved in all improved accuracy.
6, improvement tools
This update contains many small fixes and improvements, including the selection of better tools, better Gizmo, fast project wizard and more user friendly interface for you, you all know and love!
7, FlowEngine C + + SDK
Our C + + SDK new version of FlowEngine is now available for Microsoft Windows and GNU / Linux platform (compatible with the VFX 100% platform). Do you know there is a free version of SDK, limited edition of 50 photos, this is our perfect partner 3DF Zephyr free version?
8, the camera calibration Manager
Often during the journey? Use this handy tool to download the camera calibration in advance from our server, simply upload the JPG offline and stored for later use.
9, the default Manager
You can now use the user friendly way to easily share and download directly from the Zephyr default. Just insert the default ID, let zephyr download from our server.
10, the OBJ and FBX format support - four
You can now re import the grid to provide texture to westerly quadrilateral.

The software features

1, applicable to any camera and UAV
2, the original laser scanning support
3, derived from the point cloud mesh and texture
4, DEM configuration file, DOM and orthogonal real mosaic
5, CAD drawing, contour generation, geographical registration
6, for shielding, professional tools to select and edit the
7, point cloud mesh filter
8, measurement (distance, area, volume, angle)
9, to export all of the most common file format to import /
0, encoding support
10, you forever: there are no hidden costs or recurring plans


A photographic guide

In this section, we will list some good reconstruction techniques. 3DFZephyr is fully automatic, but requires some forethought to produce the best effect.
Camera sensor.
Please remember to choose the equipment:
The camera is not decided by the performance of - megapixel resolution;
The high-end camera does not always bring better results;
A good camera must allow all management, to control each exposure value. This is why typicallyrecommend DSLR camera (colloquially also known as the "reflection"), even if the mirrorless cameras and camera can also meet the needs of bridge.
The camera sensor is the key factor, the following tips might help:
- pixel size must be greater than 2 microns; therefore, strongly recommend the use of sensor is more than 1/2.3 "camera sensor may even use smaller, depending on what you want to achieve precision;
Note the pixel size and pixel number of each picture is not. For example, if you use the 360 thousand pixel full frame reflection (35.9x24mm), to below the maximum resolution provided by shooting. Although less, but it is best to get more pixels in the image;
Camera lens。
In each survey all have their own characteristics and conditions, so choose the most appropriate lens depends on the environmental conditions (light, ground obstacle, user mobility) features and object / scene investigation. Provide the following tips to select appropriate photographic equipment:
- full frame camera: use the focal length between 25 to 50 mm lens;
- equipped with APS-C sensor or sensor size smaller cameras: considering the crop factor between 1.5 to 1.6 of the value, use value between 18 and 35mm focal length lens;
All the photos taken is strongly recommended that you keep the same focal length. Even if Zephyr can be in the same project at the same time various types of cameras and lenses, if using a consistent set, you can also get better results;
Shooting skills.
Need to adjust for image capture technology according to the theme and the situation. Here are some common suggestions.
Parallel axis capture
In the construction and aerial photogrammetry applications, this technology was applied to the plane or curved surface. The white triangle denotes the camera position and vision.
Axis of convergence capture
When in the theme / scene moving when using this technique
Interior design capture
Using this technology to capture the interior.
If you want to completely rebuild the small or medium sized objects, the camera can remain in a fixed position (for example in the three foot) and the object is placed on the turntable. The 3DFMasquerade will then be hidden in the picture background.
General rules.
- shooting objects in the center of the screen;
- avoid direct light sources may cast shadows and hidden surface area;
- avoid high ISO value, because the noise may have adverse effect on the phase structure in the Zephyr movement;
As much as possible to maintain a high aperture value (f/8-F/16), because it helps in the picture get wide depth;
- avoid blurry photos. The use of high quality cameras and good lighting settings can help. If necessary, you can also consider the use of three tripod.
There's a lot of overlap between each photo (70-80%). This is probably the most important tip. Take photos as many as possible. Each part of your scene should be at least three different views taken from different locations in the. This is the minimum required to take more photos may improve the final results.
The angle between the photo - limit. The object moves around, try to keep the angle between each picture is very low.
- shooting with a large number of details and texture of the scene. In the photo visual texture that links them together. 3DFZephyr is not suitable for uniform or highly repetitive texture, and not suitable for mirror or transparent objects. However, you can use the 3DFMasquerade (and 3DFZephyr together) in some areas of shielding.
Do not try to adjust the lens distortion, because in the first stage of MotionfromMotion, the error is very important;
Even if 3DFZephyr can handle different camera lens or the same data set, the same camera using the same focal length can obtain better effect.
More photos - shot, get the better effect with redundant information will help Zephyr.
Please remember, you can use the image quality index in Zephyr to check your image of the state.

main window

When you open the Zephyr, the interface layout is as follows:

In the side, all the basic operations and functions of the menu bar and toolbar allows you to access Zephyr.
The center of the "rendering" window allows you to browse the 3D scene. You can also right-click on it to open the context menu to perform specific operations.
The other window completely "dockable"; this means that you can use any part of their mobile and docked in the main window. To hide or display the stop bar specific, please use the view menu.
3DFZephyr interface layout always save and load the last operation. From the Tools > Options > Applications > restore settings, you can restore the factory default settings (including interface layout).
On the left side of the "project" tab, you can view all the objects in the workspace loading. The object is divided into 4 categories: camera, sparse point clouds, dense point cloud and grid. You can right-click and select the specific operation to delete, rename and edit each object.
On the left side, you can find the "animation" tab, in which you can create and export 3D video animation model.
A control point tab on the right side, measuring and drawing the tab tab.
In the same tab, the "history" tab allows you to view, undo and redo operation has been performed.
The navigation bar is located in loading Zephyr and Log panel at the bottom of the photo thumbnails.
By clicking the wrench icon or select the menu bar of the tool, you can enter the options window four tab: rendering, input, Cuda, application, the default name, system information and sleep time.
"Rendering" tab allows you to edit the 3DFZephyr graphical appearance. You can modify multiple items to the grid and control from the point of the color space. The 3DFZephyr generated in the point cloud, you can change the size of each point on the graph. For the camera, you can edit the Alpha channel, which is very useful for setting up image transparency and cone lens detection in three-dimensional space size and color.
Input tab allows you to change the parameters associated with the visualization and virtual camera control.
The Cuda tab allows you to use CUDA technology enabled graphics card (if installed in a computer).
"Some features of the application tab allows you to change the software, for example:
Operating language;
Font size;
Enable automatic save, operation is very important in batch processing in 3D reconstruction;
Run the first stage camera direction, to avoid the use of GPS data;
The system will allow anonymous calibration data information is sent to the 3Dflow;

Start a new project.

Do you have a picture? Then you are ready to start the reconstruction process!
To create a new item, click "workflow" > "new project" (1). The project wizard (3) screen, the screen will guide you through the import pictures.
For the standard work flow, you only need to click "next" button, and then continue to add photos in the software.
However, there are two sub menu in the wizard, which is Imports (3) and Additionaloptions (4).
In the Imports menu, you have two choices:
- the introduction of constraints: 3DFZephyr does not require any pre calibration documents; however, if you use their own equipment to create the calibration files, you can select this option to load calibration file. By clicking "next" button, you will find a sub menu, you can choose whether or not in them:
Manual input of each internal and external parameters (for each image);
- specify the position and Euler angle;
Use the text file into the internal and external parameters
- into the camera position constraint: as an option, this option allows you to import the camera position in the 3DFZephyr (by loading the txt file) and use them to constrain 3D reconstruction; standard example of the item represented by the actual use of the UAV or UAV system to record the photos, it will shoot the GPS coordinate record to Exif data.
The additional options menu (4), you can instruct the software implementation of each of the four 3D in the reconstruction phase, but not stop between one stage and the next phase of each stage; when you don't have enough time to monitor the 3D reconstruction, this tool is very useful. This technique is called batch, only recommended for advanced users, because it represents the highest level of automation in 3DFZephyr.

In additional options (4), online examination pre computed camera calibration options allow Zephyr to connect to the 3DFZephyr database online: our software will automatically download the pre calibration parameters, thereby reducing the structure from the duration of exercise stage.
In a sub menu, you can also load and photo mask, if the mask was generated using the 3DFMasquerade tool. Click "next", there will be a "shield" page (see above), it will have to specify whether the mask correctly loaded into 3DFZephyr (for each imported green mask, "OK" should be displayed in the picture name nearby).

By choosing to ignore mask options in the orientation period, 3DFZephyr will only generate dense point cloud using the mask; if the image background texture is very good, this tool is very useful, so the first stage can help positioning the camera.
The next window photo selection page, requiring the user to load the picture. You can drag and drop the file into the window and click the add (5) to select photos directory. From the beginning of the 3DFZephyr3.1 version, the user can also add and deal with the original file, for example:
3DFZephyr allows you to pass "button to import images and videos from the video image into" (6); this tool can divide the video into frames, then will be treated like any other image.

In the loading window, you can select the desired file, and then specify the destination folder, it will save the extracted frame sets. In the following options, you can set to extract the frame rate (FPS), fuzzy analysis of each frame and similar frames and refuse recognition threshold. In addition, you can you do not want to consider the video data to the partial shear frame extraction.
To start from, just click Extract frames and import in the work area (7).

Load the image or video file and click "next" button, you will see the camera calibration page, you will see a list of each import images and 3DF Zephyr will be used for the calibration of each camera and EXIF data in the.
By right clicking the window, you can select or deselect all images, calibration and clone.
On this page, you can add a new calibration (8) or modify the 3DF Zephyr automatic identification by Exif data calibration photos (9).

In the "modification" page, you can choose to change the focal length (if you have taken using different focal length loaded image), and then define the calibration parameters.
Through the button from the file parameter, you can use an external load calibration file created by the application (such as the old 3DFLapyx or 3DFZephyr embedded calibration tool).
Tip: if you use a wide-angle fisheye lens or import photos, suggest the activation of tangential distortion parameters adjustment options (10)
The calibration steps are completed, you must pass the "direction of the camera settings page to set the 3D reconstruction of the first stage, the page will generate sparse point clouds as the initial 3D results.
The first three stages of 3D reconstruction of the three set:
Category and preset: is the fastest way to set the reconstruction parameters;
- advanced mode: allows you to define the details of each stage of the 3D reconstruction;
-XML file: allows you to load the XML file, the user has to define the most appropriate reconstruction parameters (professional users);
Use whether in earlier stages, each stage in the 3D reconstruction using categories and presupposition, advanced mode and import XML files.

Common problem

1, Zephyr is unable to write on the hard disk, how should I do?
Ensure that no other software to prevent access to the file system Zephyr. In any case, you can specify any temporary directory from the options menu.
2, I can 3DFZephyrPro to install multiple computers on a license on?
You can use it on multiple computers to uninstall and install 3DFZephyrpro. The only requirement is that your computer can also install a copy of Zephyr. If your license allows you to install multiple, apply the limit.
3, I met the problem of 3DFZephyr / collapse. What should I do?
3DFZephyr is a complex system, so no further information is hard to say. Posted on the forum or send e-mail, description of your problem, don't forget to attach a log!
4, how can I use the developer console?
Please consider this function only for support, if used improperly, will interrupt. Use the LUA5.3.1 console, but does not require external dependency.
What is the difference between the 5, constraints and control points?
Let us consider the air measurement, you can obtain the coordinates by GPS system without aerial vehicles, can also obtain the ground coordinates using total station.
Put your scores in Zephyr, you can choose which scores must be constrained, that is your most confident (accuracy) scores, and which scores will be regarded as a simple reference.
The first group take the total station on the ground, because the accuracy is higher than that of GPS sure they coordinate the UAV GPS system adopted by the representatives of second groups.
6, how to avoid the consideration of GPS data before performing the 3D reconstruction?
Just click Tools > Options > application, then disable the use of camera motion structure allows GPS information "option.

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