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9 Pro 9.0.2 Crack Chinese cracked version containing Chinese crack patch

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-11
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  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  9 Pro 9.0.2 Crack Chinese cracked version containing Chinese crack patch
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crack version 9 is the latest version of Act-3D website brings, 9 is a very powerful visualization tool for building. can quickly use, and very easy to use! No training, only 15 minutes, the image you can learn with lightning speed to create stunning panorama video, and 360. New features include Sky Light 2, including 39 pre configured HDR sky environment, built-in customizable 3D atmosphere for grass, rain and snow, the carpet and fabric fluffy material, several assets include 112 new materials and 600 kinds of new objects, for Rhino LiveSync and updated support for OpenStreetMap. 3D is the architect of the world's fastest rendering software. Just a few seconds, you can in the video or image in the visualization of CAD, with the real environment and the remarkable artistic talent. From Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, AutoCAD, or ArchiCAD model into Rhino and many others in your modeling program, through the vivid landscape and city environment, and the effect of fashion from the content of the thousands of objects and materials, immediately to your design vitality library. This is the reason why the material, reflection, shadow and illumination are re considered in in 9. The major improvements in the Lion rendering engine, these functions and hundreds of other improvements have been updated. In the latest update, a higher level of quality. The new PureGlass technology allows you to use a transparent or translucent frosted glass, looks more beautiful than ever, even more amazing. has been working to define what should be: render quickly and without pressure and have outstanding results. Now, with 9, you will not only feel the space. You can inject vitality immediately for your project, at the same time in the realistic environment hitherto unknown speed to capture. Add one click Real Skies, add a new bright spot for your scene, immediately as you create a beautiful, unique setting. Let the reality of rainwater communication and comfortable space, you can now decorated with furry carpets and fluffy blanket. For realistic garden shooting, the application of new materials can be customized 3D grass, you can almost feel the foot of fresh cut grass. Simplify the scene construction of new tools to help you create a complex environment in a few minutes. In addition to improved work flow, amazing rendering speed and excellent image and video in all of your projects. Use 9 to show your design real beauty, and a genuine connection with your customers. Here is the small series of lightning caused 9 Pro the latest installation package containing crack, the love to download it!


The design of more time, less time waiting for rendering
Once the rendering is a slow and tedious process. With , everything will be ok.
From the introduction of CAD model to render excellent results, the whole process is now just a few hours. If you need to update the real-time rendering, you can reconnect to the model in a few minutes, adjust the render settings, and to show customers a new, beautiful results.
You can even use LiveSync for modeling and visualization, help you design in real life environment.
Set up from the forest to the living environment of the city
The use of comprehensive scene construction tools and effects, see your design in the real world. The dense forest landscape to the city landscape, you can find more than 5000 objects, including trees and shrubs, cars, people, furnishings, external goods etc..
Pro * 1000 version also provides a variety of materials, so you can immediately assign the stunning glass, gypsum, wood, metal, fabric etc..
* has about 33% Pro in the content repository (materials and objects).
Beautiful rendering
renderings are groundbreaking construction work processes, and improve the visual quality. Whether it is the image, animation or 360 degree panoramic photos, are real scenery and background as the background, to inject vitality into the 3D model.

Create image
Create video
Create 360 panorama

All fast
From the blank skeleton 3D model to the realistic results, can help you get your work done faster than any 3D rendering software.
Only need to import a model. As the reality or the concept of constructing scene. The effect of adding to the design gives you a sense of emotion. And render.
Simple image rendering in just 20 seconds, while the animation takes only a few hours will be able to play 30fps video. In addition, through the Styles, Real Skies and 3D Grasses preset, you can in a few minutes to create a knockout scene and rendering in a few seconds.
DIY rendering
No previous rendering solutions for training? Perfect! preferred efficient, simplified function, help architects and designers to produce beautiful results, without the need for outsourcing or hire expert. The use of in just 15 minutes, you will create a beautifully rendered like a professional.

Pro 9 activation installation tutorial

1, the site to download the original and patch tool, to complete the original installation

2, after the installation is complete solution and the three documents covering the source directory
3, change the date for the 2099.12.31 datapatch
4, complete the crack
The above is the joy of cracked version, also brought a large foreign god version!

Have updated patch

The new features of LUMION 9

The use of 9, users can now import their own non square textures without any distortion. This means a cleaner, more attractive and render your own signature style and material! Add a new 52 HD material.
  • Light in the sky and sky real 2 (Professional Edition)
  • Can be customized 3D grass (Professional Edition)
  • The atmosphere and snow (pro)
  • Furry material (Professional)
  • new material
  • The new object
  • Rhino LiveSync
  • Update OpenStreetMap
  • Lean construction workflow scenarios
  • Save the group
  • Direct object placement
  • The immediate focus
  • Leading edge
  • Automatic file recovery
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