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4.67 version of the green free

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  • Update: 2019-01-02
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  4.67 version of the green free
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is a simple and easy to use PDF tools, the use of Allows you to scan a document and use any installed scanners (used for private, office and commercial use of the Windows desktop application) as the PDF is saved on your computer. Do you sometimes must be the signature file sent to someone via email? You do not need a PDF printer driver or other complex procedures. The use of Directly from the desktop application to scan, and scanning the document as a PDF file stored directly on the computer Windows, Using , you don't need a virtual printer. If the document is longer than one page, can also conveniently select multi scan options. This tool is more likely to send documents via email than before, is a very compact and portable program applicable to all of the Windows operating system. Without any detours. The program is very small, easy to use, suitable for beginners and advanced users. Green software, no installation, decompression can be used directly, friendly interface, there is a need to do not miss a friend!


1, at the end of the program to automatically clean the scan JPEG!
2, direct scan a document and save it as PDF
3, pages PDF support
4, quality change scan PDF file!
5, the scan saved as JPEG files
6, optional translation function
7, applicable to many scanners
8, very small (<120k) scanning program
9, the low utilization rate of CPU
10, portable
11, multi language

Common problem

How to change the quality of scanning, for example. Save the PDF file?

From 2.15, you can change the quality of scanning PDF files! Just go to the "options" menu, and then change the PDF file storage quality!
If the PDF file is of poor quality, you can repeat this process without the need to re scan the PDF page. The quality only need to change the PDF file, for example, increased from 40% to 70%, again to save the PDF file to the new quality.
Of course, the higher the quality of the PDF file, the file is bigger.
Now, many computers have can be extended from hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes of hard disk drive. But the per megabyte is still valuable, especially in fast download to other computers or the internet. Therefore, in order to make it more compact, usually need to reduce the size of the file.

How to set each PDF page order?

If you scan multiple PDF pages, you can easily delete a single PDF page, or change in the order of .
To the top if the page first appears in the PDF file.
Move the PDF file in the page to move up a level.
Down the page in the PDF files will be moved down one level.
If the page is moved to the bottom and displaying in the PDF file.
Remove the errors in the scan, you can delete the corresponding page.
Since then, the context menu list appears: "up" side is moving up the "down" level. A level to move down the page "down": if you want to display the page as the last one in the PDF file and the "delete": when the scan error, you can delete the corresponding page.

How to create a PDF from the screenshot or other image?

The solution is very simple, you can use the or TIFF file to create the multi frame PDF from multiple screenshots or other image!
1.) add images to PDF!
Please send the image onto the list in view!
For example, from Windows-8 Screenshotfolrer%UserProfile%\ Pictures \ Screenshots!
2.) version of 3.8.3 supports multiple frames per page!
For example, the TIFF format allows storing a plurality of images in a file.
From version 3.83, you can also add images containing multiple TIFF images in a file.
There is a three page picture of the Tiff in this example, by mark Page_1, Page_2, Page_3 recognition.

Multi page import support, for example from tiff image.
What is PDF!?
Many documents are PDF files. What is the "PDF" file and how to create this file, we explain to you in this practical skills. Simple: Portable Document Format - in short: PDF - by Adobe Systems developed and published about 20 years ago . Since then, the document format has become a part of the digital world indispensable. Use the file format, regardless of the application or operating system, should be able to transfer electronic documents will be true to the original document. This can be well explained by a text document: for example, if the use of Word to create a text file saved as doc file and use other software in other PC open, the document may not be in the correct font display or newline is possible Originally thought that lost. The text document is saved as PDF files, can bypass such conversion. Then the file with the original document is always consistent. However, no further changes to the document. However, this can be an advantage, because the founder of the PDF file can choose to prevent even print unwanted changes to the document.

In scanning saved as JPEG files, how to operate?

1.) PDF pages will be saved as JPG or PNG!
Please switch to page scan, the scan is complete, right-click and select the list view:
Saved as JPEG images in the selected scan saved as JPEG files, or will be saved as JPEG images in all the scanned documents saved as JPEG files.

2.) the last storage location will be saved in the ini version of 3.88!
Recently used to save PDF and the image stored in the INI directory.
For example:


Update log

The new version of 4.66 2018 12 / 22 April
A small adjustment - , improvements and new languages: Spanish (Espa n olLatinoam ricaColombia)
Thanks to Carlos A Medina R - Latin American spanish.

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