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The CodeGenerator code generator CSharp + MsSql version of the latest version of 2018

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The CodeGenerator code generator CSharp + MsSql version of the latest version 2018
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CodeGenerator is a powerful code generator, can help users to reduce the development cycle, authority management, dynamic adjustment of role information, users sso, menu data, log unification, the generated program code, there is no confusion problems for reading, and reading very strong, there are notes, this small series is brought to download the latest version, containing detailed tutorial!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, double-click the CodeGeneratorSetup.exe operation, as shown in the figure, click Next

2, click Browse to select the software installation path, click next.

3, click the Install button

4, installation, wait a moment

5, the installation is complete, exit the wizard


The framework of presentation generation (frame without business function):
The account number and password are: admin

Usage method

Use VS to create a WEB project: Visual Studio 2017
1, select File - new project

2, as shown in the figure, select the web-ASP.NET Web application (.NET Framework)

3, under the name, location, according to the prompts to complete the solution name and frame, and then click OK

4, as shown in the figure, select the following options, in addition to check the MVC (M), the other was not checked, click OK

5, create a project, wait a minute, as shown in Figure

Start using code generator:
1, as shown in the picture, click the following button to select the project folder (automatic identification to help program), we just choose the new project folder

2, as shown in the figure, fill out the correct data according to the demand, design database (business table) [may not be set, and can output the basic framework document]:

3, click Add

4, according to the prompts to choose to fill

5, click Add

6, click on the source code, as shown in the figure, the text box can make discard too small, copy out to change the design of database, remember to the source code, save, modify and maintain convenient day after

7, according to the choice of automatic or manual create a database of the actual situation, and finally click execution can be generated

8, as shown in the figure, a file into a project manual

9, copy and paste to the project

10, prompted, click Yes

According to the following 2015 problems including VS2015:

Run the WEB program:
1, as shown in the picture, click to start the project

2, follow the prompts to enter the account number and password

Configure the WEB program permissions:
1, as shown in the figure, select system settings - role management, manually adjust permissions

2, check all here

3, after the completion of the adjustment, refresh the interface

Manually generated database file location description:


Database description:

In the design of the database should avoid own tables and fields, otherwise it will result in irreversible problems
The default table has the following: log table (SLog), menu table (SMenu), the role of the table (SRole), the role of the table list (SRoleDetail), user table (SUser)
They are the table structure:
Log, log ID, user ID, user IP, request path, operation controller
SLog, LogID, UserID, UserIP, RequestPath, Controller
Table ID navigation menu, menu, icon menu title, father ID, Url, Url link, sort, behavior
SMenu, MenuID, ParentID, Title, Icon, Link, Sort, Behavior
The role of the table, the role of ID, the character name
SRole, RoleID, RoleName
The role of the table list, character details ID, ID, ID menu, behavior
SRoleDetail, RoleDetailID, RoleID, MenuID, Behavior
User table, user ID, ID, name, account number, password, single point login, check code
SUser, UserID, RoleID, UserName, Accounts, Password, Single
All the tables have the default field is invalid or not: (IsDelete), creation time (CreateTime), founder of ID (CreatorID), Version (Version), notes (Remark)

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