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11.1.6 crack cracked version with patch tool

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  • Update: 2018-11-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  11.1.6 crack cracked version with patch tool
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The 11 version is the premier of Monte Carlo simulation software solutions for dynamic modeling of complex systems engineering, science and business in the. through the simulation of the future performance of decision support and risk analysis, also said all inherent in complex system uncertainty and risk quantitatively. has been widely used for a variety of applications, from the modeling of complex environmental system, to compare alternative business strategies to assess the risks associated with space missions. You can browse a variety of applications and check the following case study. Technology Group launched a new version of 11, this is a highly user-friendly graphical program, used to perform dynamic probabilistic simulation, to support engineering, science and business management and decision making. Lightning small brought here is the latest 11 installation package, containing the patch, need to download it!

Function introduction

is a powerful and flexible platform for visualization and dynamic simulation of complex system engineering, science and business in the. In a sense, is like a "visual spreadsheet", which allows you to create and manipulate data and equations graphically. However, beyond the spreadsheet, making it easier for you to evaluate how the system evolves over time, and predict its future behavior.
Graphical interface, object oriented
You can draw pictures by visual system (effect) model in an intuitive way:
Used to express the uncertainty of probability simulation
has a strong probability simulation function, can be used to express the inherent variability of all real systems and uncertainty. This enables you to evaluate how the system changes with time and evolution, in order to compare alternative designs, plans and policies, and minimize risk To make better decisions in an uncertain world .
The other main features
is more than 25 years of product development, has been the global organization for various applications. Therefore, it has a powerful and flexible features, including the ability to:
  • The superposition of occurrence and consequences of discrete event systems to continuous changes in the.
  • Using a hierarchical top-down model to construct the container, the container helps to simulate a large complex system, and make it easy to understand and navigation.
  • Insert graphics, notes and hyperlinks (to document, website and presentation), to different audiences and clearly explain your model.
  • Create a custom design graphical interface (called dashboard), using the dashboard module creation interpretation and presentation of your model.
  • To optimize the dynamic simulation model to produce the best results by finding the values of decision variables.
  • The sensitivity analysis (such as tornado chart, statistical measurement) to determine the maximum impact on the parameters of your model.
  • The model is saved as anyone can use Player to view and run the file player (free download).
  • The use of powerful extension modules (e.g., for financial modeling, reliability analysis, mass transfer modeling) using a simple simulation method to solve the problem can not be fully expressed.
  • Dynamic link to external programs, spreadsheets and databases.

What can you do with ?

The use of dynamic simulation evaluation of alternatives
is a powerful and flexible software platform for physical visualization and dynamic simulation of almost any type of financial system in the future, or organizational behavior. You can draw pictures by visual system (effect) to construct the model in an intuitive way. You can use these models to obtain the understanding of the diagnosis system, inquire about its "assumption" problem, and to evaluate alternative design, strategy and plan.

Monte Carlo simulation is used to express the uncertainty
Because the real world has inherent uncertainty, has powerful functions, allows you to quantitatively express the random variation exists in all systems and uncertainty. Use to generate quantitative predictions for the probability of future performance of Monte Carlo simulation (for example, "there is a 25% chance of negative results"), in order to better support the decision process.

The real models represent complex dynamics and construct can easily understand
is a hybrid simulator that allows you to discrete events (e.g., financial transactions, accident, fault occurrence and consequences) added to the system (i.e., changing the flow of materials and information). This function and support the construction of hierarchical, top-down model combining function, helps to simulate a large complex system, and make the model easy to understand, navigation and explain to other people.

The use of more simple methods to solve the problems cannot be solved
After 25 years of development, the characteristics of powerful and flexible, and the ability to create a custom interface extension module special (for example, for financial modeling, reliability analysis and mass transfer modeling) enables you to solve problems that cannot be solved by using the simulation method is simple and fully expressed. You can find more information about through fast browsing.

A page break

After the installation is complete, you can activate the replacement patch

The new features introduced

The enhancements in 11.1.6 and corrections:
11.1.6 maintenance version 11.1 (update 6). It was released on August 8, 2016.
  • - corrected a problem Discrete Change Delay non scalar element, the element may have a'~DC_Value'error local attribute. Invalid property may lead to failure or error simulation model. [5376]
  • - corrected relates to the internal clock paste container / mobile / clone operation, as well as a reference to one or more local property reporting period in the model enabled. In these cases, the operation may fail and cause to crash. [5386]
  • - corrected the tooltip component reliability problems in which the average repair time showed that the average failure time, and always show the average repair time of N / A. [5397]
  • - corrected may cut off the current problems in the operation of simulation time controller. [5399]
  • The sub model for maximum dynamic control duration increased to 100 billion years. [5402]
  • - corrected time series (i.e. search) function in question, if the time series in the static model, it may return incorrect results. [5414]
  • - shows the time history results in the maximum possible number of sub model based on historical records increased from 1000 to 10000. [5415]
  • In the causal sequence dialog box enables the show the causal relationship between the sequence elements tooltip, modify the sub model the tooltip content to display sequence index. [5428]
  • - corrected negative dispersion is applied to the Pipe or Aquifer element change generation access violation error problem. Now that the deadly correct error message. [5429]
  • Modify the time stepping logic to respect (rather than ignore) request to limit the next time step, even if the "unbelievable small" (less than 12 and the current etime effective number). [5441]

About Technology Group

Technology Group is a private software company, is committed to providing software and services to help people to understand complex systems and make better decisions. Technology and the diversification of our business background, we have rich experience in modeling complex systems, and we continue to enhance the ability of most advanced simulation tools, so that we can effectively solve the problem of others cannot be easily solved.
technology can be traced back to 1990 years, when the United States Department of energy requirements of a group of engineers to develop international engineering consulting firm Golder Associates can be used to help the probability decision support simulation software. The office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management in the management, responsible for the safe disposal of nuclear waste in the national organization.
Version: 11.1.6
The architecture supports: 32 / 64
English language
System requirements: PC
Operating system support: Windows 7 or higher version
Size: 144.3 MB

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