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Orica Professional cracked version with crack patch

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  • Update: 2018-11-09
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Orica  Professional cracked version with crack patch
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crack version is blasting design and modeling software to enable users to design, visualization and analysis of surface and underground mining, quarry and construction application in blasting initiation sequence. to provide the necessary support and tools for you to improve your productivity, safety and environmental performance. The Orica team is pleased to announce the availability of the version of, is used for complex explosive blasting design and advanced modeling software. Lightning small brought here is the latest version of Orica Professional installation package, including license activation tools, need to download it!

Function introduction

The 3D design environment complete
Including the Rotate tool from any angle and close observation of blasting holes, including blasting surface and floor.
The explosion time and simulation management
When applied to before the explosion, the use of traditional fireworks or electronic blasting system advanced manual or automatic management, highlight any problems and confirm the order of time.
The calculation and diagnosis tools
Click to show the possible diagnosis of fire, or booster components close to the inert deck interface.
Integrated mine design software from other third-party design and layout
Can from a series of import materials and mining planning software type, hole ID, backfill and hole area related data.
Premier integrated design and modeling function, suitable for complex explosion
Has a number of large mine pit can benefit from each pit blasting design template and pit separate explosion area. The template improves each explosion management, control and efficiency.
Advanced timing function of electronic blasting system
Users can create unique timing for each horizon or strata with multiple views of the explosion.
Automatic data transmission and BlastIQ Suite compatibility
Import and export template allows the data transmission between the conventional simplified software.
Make loading rules
The range of parameters using the extended development load rules include table height, load and spacing, line number, hole parameters (including length, diameter, angle and type (e.g. pre splitting)) and segment, intercept or cave.
Excellent visualization and reporting tools
A comprehensive visualization tool can help the development of shooting sequence, to ensure the optimization of each explosion.

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The original installation, activation can be used for activation.

The new features introduced

BlastIQ system
  • The blasting plan with the BlastIQ system synchronization (BlastIQ log)
  • Export loading rules - basic loading rules can now be associated with the explosion and uploaded to the BlastIQ system plan
  • Each new hole type wet tolerance BlastIQ Mobile currently used to determine the wet blasting hole
  • From the BlastIQ 'loading' function, for loading resources available from the BlastIQ site.
Fragment forecast map
  • The use of blasting design your forecast debris
  • Calculated from the standard calibration or measurement of the value of debris
Strata Intercept export
  • Measurement of interpolation and derived intercept value formation
To improve non English users of UI / UX
  • Layout improvement, to better support non English language

About Orica Limited

Orica is a supplier of commercial explosives and blasting system innovation for the world's largest mining, quarrying, oil and gas services and construction market, is a leading supplier of sodium cyanide gold extraction, mining and tunneling and ground support service provider.
Our goal is to make our customers every day to succeed in the world. We are safe, responsible and sustainable operation and proud. These make us grow together and create lasting value for shareholders.


Release notes - - production patch
Pick up
[SP-530] - change check box in the visibility manager, one click Check / uncheck items
[SP-531] - split option for export / import loading rules and tolerances to separate options. One for the loading rules, one for tolerance
Bug repair
[SP-522] - tie tool is not always switch to the selected.
The release notes - Production - patch
Pick up
Integrated function of [SP-527] modification of the website to use the new login mechanism
Bug repair
[SP-528] - with loading rules imported from the BlastIQ program, which rules define the type of hole conditions can lead to mistakes
[SP-529] - "EBS log records the dialog box in the import / Export button is not always correct mark
The release notes - Production - patch
Pick up
[SP-519] - edit Rule dialog box now will ensure that the loading and the name is the only name with the rules
Bug repair
[SP-525] - "the profile Wizard" dialog in the table top is lost in the back panel
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