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PowerPoint/Excel for PowerPoint and top productivity plug-in Excel 1.6.565.0 version

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  • Update: 2019-03-20
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 PowerPoint/Excel  for PowerPoint and top productivity plug-in Excel 1.6.565.0 version
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version is a powerful PowerPoint and Excel plug-in top productivity, has 100000 users Template, icons, charts, maps, charts As such, let you quickly Create stunning PowerPoint and Excel, and To impress customers and managers in the competitive business environment, Improve your productivity, up to 40% to meet the deadline, save time and reduce labor costs, and not to waste time on such as format of low value-added tasks , You will pass through the impressive stunning graphics to attract the audience's attention. Create a slide has never been so simple. POWER-USER to provide you with all the colors, resize, move or select all content in the shape of this small series of the latest version, including registration code, need friends not to miss!

Install the crack tutorial

1, the download and unzip, as shown by the following documents

2, double-click the .exe operation, click Next

3, I choose to accept the license agreement, click Next

4, click on the install installation

5, installation, very fast, wait a moment

6, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

7, the use of key.txt in the text of the registration code can activate


1, the map editor
Our 115 editable map is a powerful tool for indicating the geographic dimension of ideas. The map is easy to understand and remember, and will help you to better illustrate your point of view, so as to improve your ability to convince the audience.
Advanced users with the 2000 icon to illustrate your slides. The icon is a vector shape, so you can adjust their size without deformation, and in accordance with the way you re coloring them. The use of advanced users, you can search icon by category, and use different keywords associated with the same icon, to correct icons found in 2 seconds.
3, slide template library
Don't reinvent the wheel for each slide. Insert slides from the add in template library, and then adjusted according to your needs. The template includes the typical slide type, strategy framework, charts, and adjusted according to the color scheme of your company will. You can also use your own slideshow stored in the template library, so you can access them.
4, waterfall
The waterfall is very popular in financial and consulting. They will be glad of your data is decomposed into several components, such as explanatory factors produce negative or negative impact on KPI.
The use of advanced users to create Mekko charts in Excel spreadsheet. Mekko is one of the most powerful chart types. It can represent the 3D data, and is very popular in the consultation, such as displaying different position in the market.
6, picture
Sometimes a good picture will say more than 1000 words. A collection of advanced users including more than 90 pictures, used to illustrate concepts or debate, and not have to worry about intellectual property.
7 chart generator
Use the advanced user map generator immediately embedded custom chart. The chart helps to explain complex ideas, let you build slides or dashboard eloquent in a very short period of time. The chart includes value chain, instrument, traffic lights, relationship, Pyramid, arrow.
Use the Gantt chart to illustrate the different stages of the project and its progress. May need to manually create hours. Use the add in, you only need a few seconds to create them. It is an excellent tool for improving the slide design in a very short period of time.
9, tools

Insert the convenient tool in PPT presentation:
Sticky notes, a useful solution can add comments to your slides and share it with your team.
Stamps, instant label or cancel the solution to mark all slides, such as "the draft" or "confidential"
Mini slides for reference before the presentation slides,
The list of all the selected slides, slide titles,
The progress of tools, to show the audience how far is your presentation.

The plug-in advantage

1, make the slide symmetrical
Automatically selected shapes are uniformly distributed in the middle of the slide, symmetry. Use it once, you will never go back to do manual!
2, the equilibrium shape of the height or width
The height or width of the selected shape of the equilibrium. The first selected shapes will be used as reference, and all other shapes will automatically use the same height or width. Click the shape of both, you will be the same size.
To bring closer the shape, or from another angle becomes more closely
The use of shape, these buttons are very useful. If there is no , you must take the shape of the left and to the right move, and then take the shape of the right side and left to move a little, then remove all shape and distribute them. If the distance is not a good start again!
3, the shape of the stack
This function will shape together, so that they come into contact with each other. It is used to remove any space between shapes. You can stack shape to the left, right, top or bottom.
4, merge or split shape
Text merge multiple shapes will create a shape to connect all other shapes. On the contrary, split shapes to create a separate shape for each line of text.
5, automatic language change
This function will change the presentation of all text boxes and shapes language. In different languages, it is very easy to detect spelling mistakes. For example, click on the flag of the United States, all the text you will be set to automatically correct the American english.
6, the exchange form.
The use of shape, this button is very convenient. Just click to exchange 2 form.
7, lock aspect ratio directly from the ribbon...
The use of shapes or pictures, lock / unlock aspect ratio is the essential tool. Advanced users will be brought directly to the functional area, and 5 times than the commonly used PowerPoint.
8, everything has a unique label, fast rhythm, to save you time
All the related functions of Microsoft PowerPoint and are concentrated in a unique tab, so you don't have to take the time to find the alignment tab to switch button, text editing or color. All of them can be accessed through the keyboard shortcut.

Update log

What is new:
Modify settings in the folder
- added in the log
Small problems using Mekko chart repair
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