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The duckling guest assistant 3.0.6886.34825 version of the green free

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The duckling guest assistant 3.0.6886.34825 version of the green free
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The duckling guest assistant is a simple and easy to use the Taobao store function, used to help users quickly complete store distribution, speed, speed, low fission breakthrough drainage, let you store management becomes more relaxed, can carry out data analysis, product release, investigation and clean up synchronization picture space and other functions, software support a variety of goods, a copy or distribution and lit the fast fission speed breakthrough, let you easily quickly from the top of the shelves, software support synchronization and investigation of inventory, processing, repeated violations and free flow of goods, very awesome, need friends not to miss!

The software features

1, provide goods and shop want keyword filter;
2, support batch modify;
3, set the main figure;
4, provide a watermark mask;
5, provides the image size adjustment and horizontal flip;
6, set the replication Title prefix and suffix.

software function

1, for all Taobao game player designed
The duckling guest can let Taobao shop assistant game player management is simpler and faster, even if you are a new Taobao game player can through software video tutorial started fast!
2, a variety of goods on the way
As a guest owner, you can choose a copy on the ordinary goods, can also be used fission way fast distribution, support the acquisition of title, manual fission combination title and other production title, if your shop no violation or deduction, you can also choose to speed breakthrough, then in the breakthrough role you can even a day tens of thousands of goods shelves!
3, get traffic, handling violations
You can have a free flow through low drainage, Ali mother baby charity marketing plan and batch window for Taobao, can also reduce the risk of illegal shops by cleaning up illegal goods and illegal goods investigation, no flow cloud cleaning goods and so on!
4, synchronization and investigation
You can reduce the inventory synchronization periodically oversold conditions, can also be repeated through the investigation of the same commodity goods, Taobao to prevent repeat distribution punishment!

Usage method

1, in the station and allow the software download software, no installation, decompression can be used directly, Taobao will link to copy the address box.
2, the first choice of packet storage path
3, click the "download" button
4, data packets after the download is complete, open Taobao assistant (latest version)
5, enter the "baby management" click into CSV, and then import, we have to download data packets
6, baby into successful, click on the "batch change" button to modify the batch template freight
7, modify the freight template, and then click "upload baby", check the "mandatory sale of property value alias migration", and click "Upload" button,
8, so far, the baby has been uploaded to Taobao copy.

Update log

2018-11-081, optimize the clean-up without flow, increase the cleaning by category
2, delete illegal optimization
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