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HDR Lightmap Presets for HDR preset lighting Light Studio the latest version 2018

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  • Update: 2018-11-09
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 HDR Lightmap Presets for HDR preset lighting Light Studio the latest version 2018
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Lightmap Presets for HDR Light Studio to provide users with powerful HDR default lights, HDR Light Studio 3D is the perfect image of lighting software, so that users can quickly complete Construction of the existing 3D software and render using lighting. By adding HDR Light Studio 3D, the artist can improve work efficiency and improve the quality of the image, but also in the Add and adjust the lighting, dynamic HDRI environment map will be updated in real time, by rendering a view is so light it. You can also create and control 3D source / transmitter in 3D software. But this small series brings the 3D rendering software of HDR lighting products is presupposition. Applicable to HDR Light Studio 5.12 GB design, use more convenient, no longer need to set their own adjustment, the time needed to can be directly used, and the type of diversity, basically can meet most of the demand, there is love do not miss a friend!

Installation method

1, we will start the HDR Light Studio, "default" panel is empty, then we could download the site default, then decompress, they contain, mixed XML files and TX files. In HDR Light Studio, go to the "Edit > Preferences", as shown

2, as shown in the figure, then Preferences panel, we find the default directory beside the open click the open button

3, we will open the search on the computer HDR Light Studio to find the default directory. The default path: C:\Users\< user name >\AppData\Local\lightmap\presets, as shown in the figure, a copy of all the.Xml and.Tx files in this directory.

4, Ranh and HDR Light Studio closed closed directory, restart the HDR Light Studio, you will find all the lights preset already displayed

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